New Xiaomi Fire television currently in the sale at What benefits the 4K

The brand-new Fire TVs from Xiaomi have been around at Amazon because Monday. You can get the 4K televisions of the F2 series in sizes 43, 50 as well as 55 inches, for the beginning of sales there are all 3 versions in the special deal:

| Xiaomi F2 Fire TV 55 inches for EUR 419 (RRP: EUR 499)
| Xiaomi F2 Fire TV 50 inches for EUR 379 (RRP: EUR 449)

| Xiaomi F2 Fire television 43 inches for EUR 339 (RRP: EUR 399) **

The 4K TVs naturally draw in primarily through the reduced cost. Yet you additionally have a few various other fascinating functions. Xiaomi markets with HDMI 2.1, which is rather uncommon for such low-cost versions and which would certainly make the Televisions well suited for video gaming with PS5 and also Xbox Series X. We summarize what else as well as what essential info there is concerning the Xiaomi F2 Fire-TV: right here briefly:

What does the Xiaomi F2 Fire television offer?

By the way, it needs to not be long till the Amazon Prime Day, where there will possibly be much more cheap Fire TVs as well as obviously lots of other offers. You can discover more information here:.

The 4K Televisions normally bring in primarily through the reduced rate. Xiaomi promotes with HDMI 2.1, which is instead uncommon for such economical models and which would make the TVs well matched for gaming with PS5 as well as Xbox Series X. Video gaming with Allm: Also if Xiaomi promotes with HDMI 2.1, the Xiaomi F2 only has a 60 Hz display. Fire TV with voice control: One of the greatest plus factors of the Xiaomi F2 might be the Fire operating system. In addition, the Xiaomi F2 has a remote control with an integrated microphone that enables Alexa language control.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV (4K, 43 to 55 inches) from EUR 339 at Amazon.

210 8.

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PS5 & Xbox Series X-These TVs make use of the attributes of the new gaming consoles.

a lot more on the topic.

a lot more on the topic.

Gaming with Allm: Even if Xiaomi promotes with HDMI 2.1, the Xiaomi F2 just has a 60 Hz screen. You consequently do not get 4K 120 Hz with the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. Besides, the regular HDMI 2.1 features are sustained. The tv instantly switches over into the mode with the least latency while playing. Unfortunately, we can not say exactly how reduced the input was in fact. Xiaomi mentions a reaction time of 6 ms, yet lag response time and input are two different things.


Verdict: In general, the new Xiaomi F2 4K tv appears to offer really proper performance for its small cost, however you should not anticipate wonders and also do not provide way too much to a few of the marketing promises.

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Fire TV with voice control: Among the greatest plus factors of the Xiaomi F2 might be the Fire os. This makes sure good application support and also sustains all significant streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and also naturally Prime Video clip. This is not a matter of training course under low-budget Televisions. Furthermore, the Xiaomi F2 has a remote with an incorporated microphone that makes it possible for Alexa language control.

Image & Audio: In order to be able to assess the picture top quality exactly, we still do not have thorough examination information. The producer’s information shows that a high-contrast VA panel was used, which benefits the photo high quality, as long as you rest right in front of the television, however not so well with an angle angle. 2 loudspeakers, each with 12 watts, give the audio. This is a bit even more efficiency than you can typically anticipate at this cost.


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Who likes it cheap and does not need too much storage space, goes with the Redmi Note 11 . 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal memory Cover normal needs completely. If you should have to fight at some point with the storage space, you can easily expand it with an SD card up to 1 TB.

As a processor, the Snapdragon 680 Octa Core, which is fast and powerful and never waiting for you. Thanks to the battery with 5000 mah , you will not be so fast of the juice when you are on the way. And if then the time has come, Turbo is announced: With the help of the 33 watts strong fast charging function you can get the phone back to 100 percent within one hour.

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The FHD + -amoled display provides you with a great resolution and rich color representation so that your content can enjoy all kinds with pleasure. In addition, there is still the high refresh rate of 90 Hz, which ensures friction and seamless playback. At 6.4 inch screen diagonal you will definitely not complain about a too small display.

The minimalist design with a flat frame (8.09 mm) completes the whole thing in aesthetic terms. The voter people among you are not too short: you can choose between three different colors – “Graphite Gray”, “Twilight Blue”, “Star Blue” – according to your individual preferences.

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All refurbished offers on eBay

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Amazon 4K TV Xiaomi Smart TV P1 from 2021 now at the best price Display

At Amazon you get the new 4K TV Xiaomi Smart TV P1 in size 43 inches straight for 363.99 euros. According to comparison platforms, this is the cheapest price for the model published in July 2021. Theoretically, you will get it even cheaper at Alternate with 349 euros, but here are also 14.99 euros shipping costs, so that you ultimately pay as much as amazed as Amazon.

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 for 363,99 € (RRP: 499 €) at Amazon

Amazon does not currently specify how long the deal still applies. However, the offer at Alternate ends on Wednesday, unless it is sold out earlier. If Amazon is only with Alternate, the deal should then no longer be available there.

What does the Xiaomi Smart TV P1 offers?

Image: The Xiaomi Smart TV P1 from 2021 is the successor of the popular Xiaomi Smart TV 4S. It is a 4K TV that offers Android 10 and accordingly has very good app support. In the picture quality, as usual in the price range, you have to live with a few restrictions, for example in the peak brightness. In contrast to versions of 55 inches or more, the 43-inch variant also has a lower contrast IPS display, but also with a lower viewing angle dependency.

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 for 363,99 € (RRP: 499 €) at Amazon

Gaming: As a gaming TV, the Xiaomi Smart TV P1 is mediocre. According to independent measurements, the INPUT was 25 to 30 ms. Although this is satisfactory for gaming, but other current TVs of, for example, Samsung, LG or Sony react significantly faster. Correct HDMI 2.1 you do not get in this price range, as well as cheap 4K TVs offer only 60 Hz displays. After all, the Xiaomi Smart TV P1 has allm, switches automatically when using a console in the lowest latency mode.

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By the way, at Alternate, there are still a lot of other 4K televisions in the context of the Cyberweek, including high-quality models of Samsung and Sony and Philips Ambilicht TVs. The overview can be found here:

TV offers in Alternate Cyber ​​Week

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