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Call of Duty: Lead: Open door to the multiplayer and zombies

Not just the multi-player mode of Call of Duty: Vanguard can play players for totally free for a week.
The zombies setting additionally can not endure the crowds of undead and can also be played in the duration from 20 to 26.
The offer includes the full experience for both modes and permits you to submerse yourself in the new multiplayer Map Us Texas 1945, experiment with the Blueprint Gun Game, or check out the brand-new round-based card Shi No Numa in zombies.
* Call of Duty: Vanguard for Xbox Series X | S download-free of cost

  • Call of Duty: Download Lead for Xbox One-free of cost
    You can also find even more information on the open door for Call of Duty: Lead on the official blog site.

F1 22: Information on resolution and graphics & performance

F1 22-pre-order

  • F1 22 Criterion Version Xbox One-69.99 euros
  • F1 22 Requirement Version Xbox Series X | S-79.99 euros
  • F1 22 Champions Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S + Temporally limited bonus-89.99 euros

Additional information on F1 22 is offered on the summary page.

An extract from the Series interview with Leet Mather reveals all technological details for resolution.

** What are the technical data of the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series S? Frame price? Are there any type of differences contrasted to the PC version?

** What are the technological information of the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S? Mount price? Are there any differences contrasted to the PC variation?

Lee Mather: The video game will run in a similar way to the consoles such as F1 2021, in performance mode with 120 frameworks per second at 1440p or in graphic mode with 60 frames per secondly in 4K on PS5 and also Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S is run with 1080p 60 frames per second.


We at Series had the one-of-a-kind chance to ask Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters & EA for a meeting as well as to ask him a few inquiries. We likewise asked Lee exactly how it looks with the technological information on the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.


New Xiaomi Fire television currently in the sale at What benefits the 4K

The brand-new Fire TVs from Xiaomi have been around at Amazon because Monday. You can get the 4K televisions of the F2 series in sizes 43, 50 as well as 55 inches, for the beginning of sales there are all 3 versions in the special deal:

| Xiaomi F2 Fire TV 55 inches for EUR 419 (RRP: EUR 499)
| Xiaomi F2 Fire TV 50 inches for EUR 379 (RRP: EUR 449)

| Xiaomi F2 Fire television 43 inches for EUR 339 (RRP: EUR 399) **

The 4K TVs naturally draw in primarily through the reduced cost. Yet you additionally have a few various other fascinating functions. Xiaomi markets with HDMI 2.1, which is rather uncommon for such low-cost versions and which would certainly make the Televisions well suited for video gaming with PS5 and also Xbox Series X. We summarize what else as well as what essential info there is concerning the Xiaomi F2 Fire-TV: right here briefly:

What does the Xiaomi F2 Fire television offer?

By the way, it needs to not be long till the Amazon Prime Day, where there will possibly be much more cheap Fire TVs as well as obviously lots of other offers. You can discover more information here:.

The 4K Televisions normally bring in primarily through the reduced rate. Xiaomi promotes with HDMI 2.1, which is instead uncommon for such economical models and which would make the TVs well matched for gaming with PS5 as well as Xbox Series X. Video gaming with Allm: Also if Xiaomi promotes with HDMI 2.1, the Xiaomi F2 only has a 60 Hz display. Fire TV with voice control: One of the greatest plus factors of the Xiaomi F2 might be the Fire operating system. In addition, the Xiaomi F2 has a remote control with an integrated microphone that enables Alexa language control.

Xiaomi F2 Fire TV (4K, 43 to 55 inches) from EUR 339 at Amazon.

210 8.

Amazon Prime Day: When, just how as well as which uses will there be? [Ad]

PS5 & Xbox Series X-These TVs make use of the attributes of the new gaming consoles.

a lot more on the topic.

a lot more on the topic.

Gaming with Allm: Even if Xiaomi promotes with HDMI 2.1, the Xiaomi F2 just has a 60 Hz screen. You consequently do not get 4K 120 Hz with the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. Besides, the regular HDMI 2.1 features are sustained. The tv instantly switches over into the mode with the least latency while playing. Unfortunately, we can not say exactly how reduced the input was in fact. Xiaomi mentions a reaction time of 6 ms, yet lag response time and input are two different things.


Verdict: In general, the new Xiaomi F2 4K tv appears to offer really proper performance for its small cost, however you should not anticipate wonders and also do not provide way too much to a few of the marketing promises.

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Fire TV with voice control: Among the greatest plus factors of the Xiaomi F2 might be the Fire os. This makes sure good application support and also sustains all significant streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and also naturally Prime Video clip. This is not a matter of training course under low-budget Televisions. Furthermore, the Xiaomi F2 has a remote with an incorporated microphone that makes it possible for Alexa language control.

Image & Audio: In order to be able to assess the picture top quality exactly, we still do not have thorough examination information. The producer’s information shows that a high-contrast VA panel was used, which benefits the photo high quality, as long as you rest right in front of the television, however not so well with an angle angle. 2 loudspeakers, each with 12 watts, give the audio. This is a bit even more efficiency than you can typically anticipate at this cost.


Halo 4 joins the Master Chief Collection on PC on November 17

Halo fans may have been disappointed to learn that the last entry in the series, halo infini, will not be released with the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S tomorrow, November 10, but there are still good News for our favorite Spartan. Halo 4 finally received an release date for its addition to the PC version of Halo: the Master CHIEF collection. The main fourth entrance to the series and the last title to be included in T LA Master CHIEF collection will make its debut on PC on November 17 after a successful beta version from October 20.

HALO: The Master CHIEF collection made its debut on PC with the release of HALO REACH a little less than a year ago, on December 19. Throughout 2020, the collection saw sporadic outings of halo: combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and halo 3: Odst. The release of HALO 4 will be the last major update of the title because there was no PC output announcement of _HALO 5: Guardians.___

HALO 4 originally released on the Xbox 360 in 2012, but later came to the Xbox One as part of the original halo: the Master CHIEF collection. Each of the almost six titles in the collection can be purchased in a single epic lot or individually. I’m just looking to play halo 4? You can buy it alone on the Steam page of the collection and save additional money. PC Game Pass users can play the game for free as part of their subscription.

Halo 4 MCC ON PC, Steam, and Xbox!
While fans will have to wait until 2021 for the release of halo infinite, the Master Chief Collection is an excellent option to attach them for the next months. The Master CHIEF collection will also be optimized for Xbox Series and Series S on November 17 and will be free for people who already have the game. We expect the six games to take place at 120 frames per second at a time In the solo and online multiplayer campaign.

For all information about Halo, keep an eye on Cogconnesed!


The Metroidvania The Knight Witch announces a launch in 2022

Team 17 has announced that the shoot’em up with touches of Metroidvania The Knight Witch will reach PC and consoles this 2022. developed by the Spanish study Super Mega Team , the title has a Twist In the gameplay that comes from the hand of spells, 30 powerful very different attacks that we can launch through a deck of cards that we will grow during the game. This component of Deckbuilder will be decisive in our strategy and will allow us to customize our combat style.

The Knight Witch is starring Rayne, a witch who must explore the depths of the city of Dungeonides with the hope of ending the invasion of Golems. The more we advance and the more we help the inhabitants the more confidence and hope they will deposit in us, something fundamental to grow our magical powers and our strength.

Defined by its creators as a “Metroidvania without barriers”, The Knight Witch will incorporate different aid and accessibility options that range from the automatic pointed to “tricks” that alter the world and help us in navigation. Allowing us to face combat from both melee action and from distance thanks to magic, the title wants to be intuitive and fun for all players regardless of their experience with gender.

The Knight Witch | Announcement Trailer
The Knight Witch will arrive at Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S , Xbox One and PC in 2022.

Dragon ball Z:Dokkan Battle

Dynasty warriors 9 Empires will be released in February

Dynasty Warriors 9 continues the tradition of publishing a slightly more strategic version in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires should be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on February 15, 2022.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is about to add new features to spice up the battle a little. He will feature Storming The Castle will try to fight for control of a castle. A little in the name, there. During these assault battles of the castle, the players will be able to use the siege battles with the troops, where they can give orders to the troops while using siege weapons to enter the castle.

Once you are able to enter the enemy castle, they will enter a decisive battle. In this battle, the player will have to defeat the commander to take control of the castle, while all the enemy officers will join the fight for a last defense where you can defeat and capture them.

Secret plans are another way for players to have more strategic control over a battle. The secret plans have conditions of success and failure, and when the conditions of success are met, the allies will receive a beneficial boost. This could capture the surrounding bases or defeat messengers and more.

Commanders will also have strengths and weaknesses that affect the troops they face. A chef can be strong against infantry, cavalry or archery. If you are strong in infantry, you will do more damage and receive less damage against cavalry units. The order is infantry <archer <cavalry <infantry.

Dynasty warriors 9 Empires appointed grand general Achievement/Trophy

Of course, the political intrigue and the domestic system will return to Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. The goal is to unify China under a single leader, and as a manager, you have to find out how to get to it by getting their supplies and beating or becoming allies with other leaders.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is more dynasty warriors but with a more strategic element. When I choose a game in the series, I prefer the Empire spin-offs. I will keep an eye on it and see if they solve some of the problems of the Warriors 9 dynast.


Horror Management Sim “Ravenous Devils” to Domestic Delivery on April 30. Very bad coupling management that makes the tailor customers to meat used in the restaurant

Developer’s Bad Vices Games announced on April 15th to deliver the Horror Management Simulation Games “Ravenous Devils” on April 29th in Japan (Delivery in Japan April 30). The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) / Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series x | s. The reservation acceptance of the XBOX version has already been started, and the price is 580 yen.

“Ravenous Devils” is a management simulation game that makes a couple to the protagonist. The couple moving to the city where the 19th century London is a motif, the couple moves and open the shop. My wife’s Hildread manages a restaurant. And on the second floor of the same building, her husband’s Persival runs a clothes tailor. In this work, we will earn money while working well.

The restaurant and the tailor are linked to how to work, and the main element is the procurement of “food”. I will kill customers who visited the tailor and use that person meat to make food and offer at the restaurant. The clothes that the sacrificed person was wearing can be reused as a fabric used in the tailor. It is one stone two birds.

At the tailor, you can use the “stocked” fabric and sewing machine to make clothes, and you will be able to purchase the visited customers to display at the store. There are also customers who come to order clothes to the store. Such a special customer guidance to the back room. Significant killing and wearing clothes, and throw into ducts that connect the body to the basement.

Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses: Full Audio Book

The underground room is a restaurant kitchen. If the body falls through the duct, it will be a material of cooking on a mini machine. Then, based on the recipe, it is cooked in the oven in combination with men and other ingredients. If cooking is done, it will be provided to customers at the first floor restaurant. Even in the tailor also in the restaurant, the customer will be able to work without being able to cut the product, as customers will visit one after another. In the tailor, you should not forget to clean the blood lump for each time.

In this work, the number of dishes made and the number of clothing and dishes were sold, and the number of killed people are set, and the target of the day is completed if the goal is achieved. You can upgrade the store based on the money you earned. For example, adding kitchen cooking facilities and ingredients, speed up of cooking time, sewing machine, and add mannequin to display clothes, and add restaurant table seats. It seems to be able to grow vegetables in the greenhouse on the top floor.

Such upgrade accepting more customers while maximizing profits while working efficiently. Upgrades are also connected to the improvement of customer satisfaction, and if the reputation of the shop is increased, the revenue will be bonused. On the other hand, the secret secret of this couple is said to be feeling. While managing a shop, it is a pattern that needs to pay attention to the presence of the mystery.

“Ravenous Devils” is a PC (Steam / EPIC Games Store) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. July 30 for Domestic delivery. With regard to the presence or absence of releases in Japan in Japan in Japan, this work is subject to 18 years of age or more at IARC rating, so it is not possible to deliver unless the developer is newly acquired by the developer. It is so.


Games With Gold: Free Games for Xbox in April 2022

The Games With Gold for April 2022 are fixed: Microsoft has published the list of Xbox games , which can be downloaded in the new month “free”. Subscribers of a gold membership thus gain access to a selection of “free” games in April, which you can play as often as you like within active membership. Let’s start on April 1, then Another Sight is available for Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One download. In the fantasy adventure you go to the Victorian London, which bloomed in 1899 industrially. The “free” downloads are possible until 30 April.

Inclusive games in April: These Xbox games are there

Between April 16 and May 15, again Hue is included in the Games With Gold . In the platform puzzler you use the power of colors to revive the world and explore a dangerous, gray country looking for your disappeared mother. For Xbox 360 – and thus also to Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One playable – is available in April Outpost Kaloki X – from 1 to 15 April. This is followed by the racing game MX VS ATV ALIVE : You secure the title between the 16th and 30th of April.

Xbox - April 2022 Games with Gold

To get access to the “free” games, you need active gold membership at Xbox Live. The annual subscription costs about 60 euros. Alternatively, the gold subscription is also included in the Game Pass Ultimate. The subscription is available for 12.99 euros per month. Current game deals can be found in our daily updated bargain guide. Also a look at our price comparison.

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The new free playstation plus game is one of the most popular games of all time

PlayStation, in collaboration with Rockstar Games, has made one of the most popular games of all time free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in PS5, but only for limited time. If you do not have a PS Plus membership, you can still download the game for free through a new seven-day trial of the subscription service. As for the game, Hobby lovers will not need presentation. This week, Rockstar Games launched GTA 5 and GTA online through PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Both can be purchased individually or together. That said, if you are a PS Plus subscriber, you do not need to pay for the latter because PlayStation came forward and handed it to subscribers as a free download. The problem here is that the free download, which is available to redeem from now until June 14, is linked to its subscription. Therefore, if your subscription expires, you will lose the ability to play the game unless you renew it or buy it directly.

At your cheapest rate, you can get a subscription from PS Plus of 12 months for $ 60. So, if you are not yet subscribed, this is a high price for a free download. Of course, you can get a month for $ 10, but you will lose access to the game after this month if your subscription is not renewed.

If you do not want to disburse money for PlayStation Plus, Sony currently offers a free seven-day trial for anyone who can exchange GTA independent in PS5 without an active subscription. This does not solve the problem, although after seven days, you will lose access to the game. In addition, these free tests are configured for automatic renovations, so also runs the risk of forgetting the test and paying more than I expected. That said, at least, all PS5 users can play the free game for seven days, while PS Plus subscribers can continue to enjoy the game while they remain subscribed.

To claim the free game through PS Plus, you must load GTA Online Standalone on your PS5 and then load multiplayer mode online. From here, the game will be linked to a PlayStation Store page if you do not have an active subscription to PS Plus. At this point, you can get a free test of seven days.

Get this BIG Game FREE on PSN Right NOW, No PS Plus Required to Download! (Free PS5 Game 2022)
For more PlayStation coverage, which includes not only the latest in PS5, but also the latest in PS4, click here or examine the relevant and recent links below:

Monster hunter rise

Monster Energy Supercross 5: Available for all players on PlayStation and Xbox available

Monster Energy Supercross 5 Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized]
After the latest chapter of the most popular Supercross video game was available on 15 March for pre-orderers in the Early Access, Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 is now available for all players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC (Steam) final available.

The PlayStation version supports the free upgrade from PS4 to PS5, the Xbox version offers Smart Delivery.

The Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 Launch Trailer can be seen here:

The traditional career mode is now more realistic and more intense than ever before. Players can start their way in the 250SX Futures class while you want to achieve the heights of the glory as a professional in the 450SX class. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 also introduces the Rider Shape System, a new and exclusive feature for career mode, which influences the performance of the drivers in the event of falls or injuries. Training and fulfilling certain tasks are the key to keep your own driver in top form!

Thanks to Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5, players enjoy a new gaming experience that is perfect for hardcore gamers and newcomers. The Future Academy, moderated by the Goat Ricky Carmichael, provides all the information needed for the first steps in the Supercross world. This friendly tutorial conveys the supercross basics to climb the heads from the Newbie to the professional. In addition, many options offer in the game that make the races accessible to anyone to create a gaming experience for any kind of player.

The classic track editor is also back, along with a new function: the rhythm section editor. Players can mix and customize existing modules to design complex prefabricated track sections and then share them with the community.

  • Monster Energy Supercross 5 – 69.99 euros
  • Monster Energy Supercross 5 – Special Edition – 89,99 Euro

And after the incredible success of the last issue, the route editor competition will return and give the players the opportunity to create a route and see how their creation is reproduced in real life and is part of the official championship.

This unique feature is a unique opportunity in the video game industry: a digital route designed by players is driven by genuine drivers in the Monster Energy Ama Supercross Championship 2023.

Compound is the answer for those who want to race with friends, girlfriends or alone in a new, stunning Open World environment. It offers new routes, different cross-challenges and collective objects to unlock additional gears.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 also offers split screen mode to play with friends directly on the couch, as well as online multiplayer with cross-gene matchmaking.

After the incredible success of the last edition, the E-Sport returns to Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 and calls on the players to become a legend in the ESX championship sponsored by Yamaha!