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Valorant: Fusion X and Firepower show their power to advance in Game Chargers

The confrontations in VCT Game Changers del Norte continued on the day number 3 where the squads continue to fight for being able to sneak into the classification for the grand final, with the girls of the female division seeking to climb to reach the first World Cup where they face the best agents around the world to define who will be crushed as world champions.

The first duel of the day placed Akave Girls against Fusion X starting on a map of Haven where the power of Supiree was present when using a neon that managed to be very fast with the casualties to dominate with a 10-2 The score, changing the AG girls from sides managed to take the first round but it would not be enough to react because the fusion could put the closure with 13-2.

For the second map we pass to Breeze where the girls of Fusion x glued strong from the beginning with snowmely giving a lot In the second half the defense proposed by the merger was very solid to avoid letting his rivals answer the series with a 13-3.

During the second meeting we see Firepower against Skullcracker who took a map of bind where we would see the power of Ivy gave guideline to take the rapid advantage in the confrontation that would make the scorest left 7-5, changing Of roles the defense of the Krakens girls would be very good to stop the rival advance managing to send the game to Overtime thanks to Lied that gave good plays, however, the FP girls managed to finish the game with a 14-12.

For the second scenario we went to an Ascent that the cavalry began by hitting strong due to the defense that managed to consolidate as almost impenetrable and that IVY gave initiative with the new account casualties to have an 8-4 in The marker, in the second part the girls of Skulcrakens would have very good rounds but the power of fire would ignite the situation to end their favor with a 13-7.

It concludes the third day of clashes in the Northern Female Division with two series that end up tilted to a single side making clear the power of Firepower that advances to the grand final, now it remains to see what will happen in the Lower Bracket where They face Fusion x against Skullcrake r to define the second finalist squad.

World of warcraft

World of Warcraft: Dark Land, the last season update 4 season starts

-The new fate’s raid system, new myths+ dungeon attributes, and various achievements and rewards

-‘World of Warcraft> Goods Applications until 24th in the’ Integration Snowvory Active Port ‘event

The last season update of World of Warcraft: Dark Land comes to Azeroth.

In the fourth season, it will showcase a new myth+ dungeon attribute, and various new contents such as the completely new ‘Destiny of Team’ system that encompasses the previous expansion pack dungeons of World of Warcraft.


4 season new content

▲ Attack of destiny

The new ‘destiny’ system, which is newly changed every week on all dark raids, is applied. Each week of other raids (Narria Citades, Sanctuary of Domination, Store of the Initial Being) switch to the attack of destiny, and all difficulty provides rewards with a number of combat properties and item levels.

When the four seasons are held this week, the weekly change will be made every week, starting with the Nasria Citadel.

▲ New myth+ dungeon rotation

This season’s myth+ dungeon rotation focuses on presenting various dungeons in the present and past, including two dungeons selected by the community.

New myths+ season rewards include new feats and two new titles, Hidden in the tabernacle, Heroes hidden in the tabernacle, dungeon teleportation, new colors of mythology+ death wanderer.

▲ All Mega Dungeons in Separated form

Tatabash: The Street of Wonder (Dark Land)

Tasabash: Sorea’s game (dark land)

Name of Operation: Mechagon-scrap meteor (Azeroth of battle)

Name of Operation: Mechagon-Workplace (Azeroth of Workers)

Karazan found again: lower class (corps)

Karazan found again: upper layers (corps)

Draennor’s War Lord Dungeon, which was directly voted by the community: Steel dock and ruin

▲ New myth+ Dungeon Properties-Tent

The player encounters a monarch of fear disguised as a dungeon’s own enemy NPC during the myth+ dungeon. If you reveal and kill their identity, you can choose the desired auxiliary enhancement effect, and this effect can be overlapped.

▲ Battle season between new players

For more information on the schedule of fate and the details related to the attributes, and the item level reward stage, please visit the World of Warcraft blog.

Meanwhile, Korean players can apply to the prizes using the point of snowflake while purchasing or playing World of Warcraft through the Integration Snow-in-law event to commemorate the integrated camp instance.

Azeroth T-shirts, Thrall/Sylvanas Figures, Rich King’s Rage Pad, and 15th Anniversary Collection are available. have.

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Criticism of the Rust Console version – Diamond In the Rust

Immersed in a world that declines to hold your hand, you need to ask on your own the questionRu,and also lots of video games prior to him, try to address. Can there be pleasure without mission? If you approve the rule, the world is what you make with it, then maybe.

_ RUS is a developer’s survival tick game Facepunch Studios, here to bring an experience to the average player. The open world provides a mix of uncultivated charm, suspicious moments and also chances for a second life.

Submersed in a world that refuses to hold your hand, you have to ask on your own the concernRu,and also several video games prior to him, try to respond to. Like a page of Sid Meier’s book, your major inspiration is to switch from one time to the next, exceptRuSallows you to do it in actual time.Backprovides endless potential to create an account, a solid personality, a city… Normally, nevertheless, it is examined by fire in a dog-pantry setting.RESTEThe official objective is survival; I claim it is to take and also pick a web server origin. Survival inRuNis a lot a lot more convenient if you are with somebody.

My interest has actually reduced each time I reappeared. Another gamer, plainly better complete than me, had time to assess if I was a threat or not in the past hitting me in the face. You don’t win; You simply do a little much better every time.

In various other words, unless you are a specialist in the kind of survival, anticipate a slow begin. The beginning of the game, perhaps the initial hrs, is to beat each blood vessel, tree or rock as if you owed money. Like a web page of Sid Meier’s book, your main inspiration is to change from one time to the following, other thanRuSenables you to do it in actual time.

So, prior to making in the desert, each player needs to create their own standard to be successful. Because there is no XP, the development bar is what you make with it. This can take the type of sources. The amount of objects can you gather and exactly how can you keep everyone’s legs far from them? What is the size of a shelter can you construct? The amount of good friends can you make? If you develop it, will they come? Or the most convenient question to ask, for how long can you last? Are you mosting likely to provide on your own brownie indicate live longer? I absolutely did it.

In basic terms, this open world replicates the pain as well as the triumph of making its means in post-apocalypse. Expect the highest possible and also least expensive. No a lot more colorful benefits for a task well done; Say goodbye to feeling of incorrect sympathy for a computer system with a family members. Facepunch eliminates the ancient tropes and also the structure, sustaining the game with totally arbitrary experiences. Frightening variables populate the world open in the form of hostile NPCs, animals, aspects as well as, certainly, other gamers. For far better and for worse, you do not constantly recognize what you are going to obtain, leaving out the rock.Rearoffers unrestricted potential to forge a profile, a strong personality, a city… Commonly, however, it is evaluated by fire in a dog-pantry atmosphere. Whatever you create, whatever your method of surviving, realization is constantly your own and you do what you want. This is where the diamond stays in corrosion.

Lots of titles share the primary gameplay loop of mining, crafts and conquest of the world. So, what does a sandbox look likeSRUS_TH COMPONENT? Practically absolutely nothing. It is a dynamic and immersive survival sandbox without the appeal of other video games like its kind. His heart as well as soul reside in its ruthless immersive atmosphere, concentrated on gamers. Because of this, the world is completely uncertain, so no server will certainly share a state of decay. That is to state that if you like not having a suggestion of what will take place, it attracts attention conveniently.

_ RESTEThe official goal is survival; I say it is to choose a server as well as take origin. Survival inRuNis much extra manageable if you are with somebody. If not for the consistent job of risk,RuNwould certainly be full of stunning minutes to release your inner transcendentalist.


After the preliminary examination of the ideal rock label, an universe of mystery awaits you.RUS RIVALISE with various other IPs in the kind of survival only many thanks to solid graphics. Beautiful sunsets drop under the player of the player. Flubs of yard are released in the howling wind, between rustic cities. In all instructions, an old landmark signals you with the guarantee of looting. Every so often, a dark soundtrack embed in to revive singular walking. Nevertheless, if you call this a sensible variation ofminecraft , you are not too much from the account. In addition, with so much time to think while blood loss, my mind has typically gone back to the initial year.Results 76 . Also in beta kind, it appears technically secure, but it might likewise seem built to consume time and also nothing else.

Star citizen

[Experience] Collapse: Is the Star Rail the Wonshin+Collapse+Turn?

From May 25th, Hoyo Bus, ‘Collapse: Star Rail’ will be the second CBT. Unlike other ‘collapse’ IP works that have been based on real-time action, we have attracted users’ attention by adopting a turn-based SRPG that has never been tried on Hoyo buses.

In addition, it was also noticeable that SRPG, which supports mobile-PC cross play, was a stage clearing method, and adopted the open world like a console package game. As Hoyo buses have already successfully built open world RPGs as ‘Wonshin’, some people speculated that it might be a type of collapse and SRPG.

Unlike the first CBT, which has been released for about a week, the second CBT has not specified the end date. Even in the previous ‘Wonshin’ global CBT, I have received feedback while testing it for some time, so it can be understood in that context. In particular, it is not a stage clear, but an open world method, this time, the stage is a huge ‘universe’, so I think it will require more feedback from users.

Aside from this and other stories, the most curious thing is whether it is similar to Wonshin or not. Whether it’s good or not, or a dislike, it’s true that Hoyo Bus’s previous work, ‘Wonshin’, has had a great influence on the genre of multi-platform open world games that are compatible with mobile. So I have no choice but to be conscious.

In conclusion, it is still in the test stage, but the BM and level design design are familiar if they have been ‘original’. However, the rest is close to the feeling of transforming the classic JRPG with the open world combat. In the meantime, I would like to solve the ‘collapse: starrail’, which is gradually disclosing the information from the second CBT, but the official information is gradually released.

※ This experience is a PC version

JRPG SRPG, how to put a huge universe in a limited space
Galaxy trains, space stations, and devices to add convincing to the composition of only some space of the planet

In recent years, the open world is mentioned a lot of works that go around Simron without any constraints, so they are naturally reminiscent of that kind of work. Hoyo bus’s previous work ‘Wonshin’ was also such a type. However, the collapse: Star Rail is a bit different. Open World is right, but it’s not a seamless.

Unlike the previous work, the reason why the Simry Open World is not adopted is because it is a huge space that is difficult to contain if the stage of the collapse: Star Rail is as set. ‘Collapse: Star Rail’ is guessed in the title, the main material is the galaxy train between the stars.

In detail about the worldview, the collapse: The universe in the worldview of the Star Rail has a transcendent being called ‘Aans’. Those who traveled freely throughout the world had various influences in various places. Among them, ‘Aans of Dummy’, which turned out that the current universe is an error, sows the cause of the disaster of Stellaron. As a result, several planets arise, and many of the galaxies of the galaxies come to collect the Stellaron and prevent him.

Of course, the forces of the ruin with Stellaron are not still, so they often distract the collected Stellaron or not to collect Stellaron. Some of them come to regain Stellaron, which is stored in Herta’s space station, but Stellaron Hunters ‘Kafka’ and ‘Eunrang’ use their hands in advance to raise the forces of ruin. I can. The carrier is a pioneer who will be the user’s alter ego.

▲ The forces of ruin are in the space station where Stellaron is stored.

The pioneer, who opened his eyes, meets tourists who pioneer while investigating the planet on the galaxy train, including Mar. 7th, and Dancheong, who have been supported to prevent the ruin. The main content of the collapse: Star Rail is that the pioneer who lost his memory accompanies the secrets of Stellaron in his body and their journey to pioneer the galaxy to dig into the secrets of his past and galaxy.. In other words, it’s not about one continent scale, but the main background of the game is the galaxy, various planets and space stops.

In the current CBT, the planet has not yet come out, but anyway, it would have been difficult to implement all the backgrounds as a psychological as the planet is not the continent. So this time, we showed a limited world that clearly drawn the boundaries for each field, and proceeded with optimization to illuminate only the central section in the story. And it was a storytelling that it would be persuasive, rather than traveling freely and leaving for the next destination.

This trend comes to mind, using extremely limited resources, and JRPG, a model case that contains the maximum story and the world. In recent years, it has been a bit different, but since the time of its time, JRPG has been a struggle to contain as many stories and elements as possible in limited space. JRPG has pursued a turn-based turn-based turn system that reduces real-time elements and exchanges workshops in order to squeeze the maximum strategy in limited fields and combat resources, and add complex rules to it. It’s the beauty of. Instead, in the field, as much as possible to reduce variables, errors, and leaks as much as possible, it is impossible to move or access. The many puzzles in the field are not hidden everywhere, but just at least as much as they need.

So if you approached ‘Collapse: Star Rail’ from the point of view of the collapse of Wonshin+Turn-in, it’s probably a bit embarrassing. First, press the space bar and say “What?” And unlike the original god, which was able to walk around with a seamless, except for the laminated cancer or Yeonhagung Palace, it is inevitable to see the composition of the other area every time through the warp and loading. However, if you have done a package JRPG several times, I wondered if it would be a familiar sense.

The skill configuration is similar to the original god, but when you dig into the battle, you will be faithful to the JRPG play that selects actions in consideration of debuffs, buffs and enemies. Especially in some elite monsters and bosses, those elements are noticeable. In the midst of behavioral pharmaceuticals and other patterns, it was necessary to connect between characters to avoid the pattern, or to destroy other enemies to connect patterns or the part to activate the pattern first. And in order to efficiently destroy the weaknesses, I had to go into a party for each property. In addition to the start of the battle, we also added the strategy of starting the battle more advantageously by using ‘secrets’ for each character.

In addition, the combat skill is not a mana for each character, but a battle skill gauge is shared by the party. If you use the combat skill gauge, you can only attack unless the gauge is full, because in the boss battle, it is divided whether you are easily cleared or difficult depending on how you use the combat skills according to the boss’s pattern.

Of course, compared to a classic JRPG 1: 1, the current collapse: Starail’s combat style, pattern, and debuff and buff connection are not so complicated and dense. If you do a preemptive attack, you can grab the Sunton and take a surprise factor, but it is also equipped with another basic, but unless you sell some bosses, you are still the second CBT, and if you look at the overall shape, you can see the overall shape Rather than adding a turn-based, it was a feeling that it was designed in that direction, which is a strategy and a different feature of the Hoyo Bus, like a classic JRPG.

The reason why Wonshin has no choice but to see the star rail
It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s a skill configuration that looks similar, level design, routine, BM

Nevertheless, the opinion that ‘collapse: Star Rail’ is similar to the original god has no choice but to come out at this time. The combat method is different and the field is not a seamless, but if you look around the composition, the traces are seen everywhere. Although I explained before, I was familiar with the user who had already been in the skill of the skill. There are three types of regular attacks, combat skills, and gauge, and the combat UI window is similar in the current CBT stage.

And the design of content and level design that gradually unlocked while playing was similar. In terms of fostering characters, the details are different in detail, but the details of the weapons, destiny, and relics were clearly seen. In order to break through a certain level or more, it is similar to increasing the difficulty of the world first, and then going around the field to farm the breakthrough or going to a specific dungeon.

Abyss In Star Rail is Just a Pain | HONKAI STAR RAIL GAMEPLAY

Strictly speaking, these factors are not just ‘Wonshin’. Mobile collection type RPG is a routine that is adopted by default. However, the case of solving it in the open world is not so much except for ‘Wonshin’, so it naturally came to mind. Moreover, rather than getting finished products from field exploration, it is more likely to be a structure that is used and used after obtaining ingredients.

Another reason is probably BM. It’s hard to talk about BM because the store is not completely open yet, and it’s a CBT stage. However, if you look at BM’s convenience, it’s natural to be conscious. This is because the material is accumulated by the goods that are accumulated by repeating the drawing and drawing of the mixture of light chu and the characters several times.

Of course, it’s still a CBT stage, so it’s unknown how it will change in the future. Although CBT has been accepted as a preliminary inspection to see the market reaction just before its launch, the original CBT was originally a process of checking the limited users in advance, receiving feedback and checking the development direction.

And if you think that ‘tracks’, which are likely to be substituted for ‘characteristics’ in the original, are not a level up after farming, but the nodes are combined, but it is a process of finding the suit that suits you while changing the previously proven framework. Unlike other works of Hoyo Bus, which had no automatic battles and repetitive battles, this time I put automatic and repeated battles.

Attempts to change the experiments from the previous works and to inspire personality
Secondary CBT experimenting with various elements such as logite, puzzles, and reinterpretation of’Turn ‘

Anyway, as well as ‘collapse’, ‘Wonshin’ is based on real-time action, so this work, which suddenly introduced a turn system, seems unfamiliar to fans. It’s more likely than real-time action, and it’s somewhat different from what fans expect on Hoyo buses. It’s nice to challenge a completely new area, but I’m worried that I will be hastily challenged without the accumulated know-how.

However, as I played the second CBT, I felt that Hoyo Bus is incorporating the know-how accumulated in various events in various events in accordance with new forms. The most representative case is the simulation universe, one of the main contents. It is a hard-to-challenge content such as a spiral scripture, and it is a content that goes to clear the boss of the highest floor by obtaining buff cards or bizarre objects every time you go to each floor or when you get loot.

It is said that it is similar to the spiral, and of course it is not available, and it is necessary to overcome the difficulties by using only the buffs or bizarre effects or the characters of the character. Moreover, the buff that appears is randomly comes out every time, and the number of exchanges is limited, so you have to choose carefully. In addition, some high-grade buffs may be synergistic depending on what kind of card you choose before, so you need to count the capital.

The content that causes random, buffs and debuff situations is the content that Hoyo buses were presented several times in Wonshin. So I saw a well-designed design according to the new framework called In Counter-turn-type RPG. In addition, in order to prevent the clear clearing with the commonly referred to as the reputation, the factor that stimulates the need for challenge is also added, such as the difficulty of difficulty in connecting to the player level.

On the other hand, for users who are not used to turn-based games, the special kills have been supplemented by the friend’s turn even when the turn of the character is not the turn of the character. So, in a tic fight or a decisive moment, the turn calculation is twisted, reducing the impossible situation as much as possible, and when you get used to it, it collects the special moves and gauges, and creates a strategy and strategy that clearly clears the main pattern of the boss in advance and easily clears the main pattern of the boss at once. It became.

Another ambitious work of Hoyo Bus, ‘Collapse: Star Rail’, what will it look like this time?
It’s still in its early stages, but I can see the commitment of Hoyo buses that make up the familiar elements in high quality.

However, it is still unknown how these elements have been appealed to the existing fans and other users as the IP called ‘Collapse’ is combined. It is a pounding for fans to see the new appearance of the characters who appeared in the collapse 3rd, such as Welt, Himeko, Jerre, and Brona, but it is another story.

It is also good to support Korean dubbing, graphics and directing, but if you don’t follow the play pattern or speed you expect from the IP, you will have to feel unfamiliar. In addition, since the collapse of 3rd, which is one of the best and colorful actions among mobile ARPGs, it was a collapse that adopts a rather static turn system: a community response to Starail.

Furthermore, the turn-based turn-based character growth is important because it cannot avoid enemy attacks and actively respond. Naturally, the artifact farming routine becomes more important and the stress is more severe. From the point of view of the mobile RPG, it’s only natural, but it’s a bit different as the package game ‘Open World’ is added.

So in the current secondary CBT, it reduces the consumption of behavior and adds 20 more behaviors from the beginning, adding automatic and repeated battles from the beginning to reduce the annoyance of farming. In addition, we increased the amount of goods by increasing the rewards of the weekly quests and exchanging coins from the simulation universe to the item at the Herta store.

In addition, ‘homework’, main quests, and subquests alone have been previewed everywhere to fill the lack of stories. However, it is still early to evaluate the completeness at this stage because it is still implemented by talking with a character with a text message and interacting with the character through the substory.

It was still in the early days of the test, but the more the current collapse: Star Rail was in the early stages to focus on combat, playoutine and UX. The graphics of the character’s mouth are not moving, and the graphics with the know-how of the Hoyo bus are definitely excellent, but I felt that the details are still being trimmed by the background except the character. In addition, we have been developing games that exclude automatic and repetitive battles, and this time it seems to be the key to how to create a new routine unless it includes it.

The current collapse: The first impression of Starrail is not something new, but I think it is an intermediate process of reinterpreting the grammar of existing package games and mobile games in hooyo buses. In this stage, it is different from the model that the model is a classic JRPG or SRPG, not a real-time action game or adventure game that the model has been referred to.

However, do you have to believe that the familiar framework has been raised to high quality, and the quality of Hoyo buses that have been enhanced while servicing, and the basic framework itself is well equipped. Of course, there are still a lot of spaces, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the Hoyo bus will be trimmed and the potential will be fully shown after the test is over.

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Greedfall 2: Successor of the role -playing game announced

Главные новости игр | GS TIMES [GAMES] 11.04.2019 | Ancestors, Project EVE, Fantasy General 2
The developers of Spiders now announce that the role -playing game Greedfall 2: The Dying World is expected to appear in 2024 for PC and consoles.
It will be a prequel.

The story begins three years before the events of Greedfall.
You play the Teer Fradeborne, who was violently brought to the continent Gacane, while the old world is haunted by wars and the deadly Mail Choir epidemic.
The world of Greedfall 2 is threatened by a man who tries everything to take power.
Through diplomacy, cunning and various skills, the protagonist, together with allies, must oppose his enemies.


Syberia: The World Before im Test: Neues Adventure

Die Technik aus einer anderen Welt, das Böse wie bei uns! - Syberia: The World Before im Test

Test Conclusion

Test note



Adventures to judge is always tricky – especially when it comes to the quality of the puzzles: While Genre fans are always thirsting for new challenges, all the other rather lightweight food prefer to have a good story. “Syberia: The World Before” succeeds this burr hike between “not too light” and “not too heavy”, yet it would have been quieter even more demanding. The story is largely successful and a clear improvement over the failed predecessor. This is mainly due to the figure Dana Roze, whose fate is much more exciting and plausible than that of the unsteaded Kate Walker. Otherwise, it is rather small things that disturb – including the clever, but faulty hotspot control or the unnecessary puzzle finale. “Syberia: The World Before” is not a milestone, but under the line a good adventure. It lives above all from the beautiful backdrop, which radiates a lot of flair and charm. Therefore, another part would be quite welcome – if this is possible without the deceased Benoît Sokal ever.


  • Gorgeous backdrop
  • Intelligent hotspot control
  • Good puzzle design
  • Zumiger plot around Dana Roze…


  • … While the stories are coated with respect to Kate Walker and even unpigamentally sound
  • The hotspot icons are very poorly recognizable on white surfaces
  • Towards the end, the puzzles unnecessarily stretch the story

“Syberia: The World Before” is the fourth part of an Adventure series, which took its beginning 20 years ago. They again accompany the adventurous Kate Walkers, who represents research on a woman named Dana Reze this time. Although the story partially offers heavy diet because it treats about the horrors of the Second World War, the new “Syberia” is a rather tranquil adventure. Unfortunately, Benoît Sokal died, the creator of the series, 2021. The rest of the developer team continued the work at his last work fortunately and publishes “Syberia: The World Before” to his honor.

»Offer: Syberia: The World BefEfore at Amazon

In search

Kate Walker is finally at the end: It sits according to the dramatic events of “Syberia 3” in a Siberian labor camp and must spurge ivory teeth there. She dares flee together with her cells-like cast and girlfriend Katjuscha, which in the end only Kate survives. Without a concrete goal in mind, she clings to the picture of a woman named Dana Roze, which looks similar to her to confuse. Quick the question arises: is the coincidence? Or are the two somehow related to each other?

“Syberia: The World Before” is a classic point-and-click adventure, in which you are traveling to place to place, talk to people and manipulate objects to solve puzzles. In contrast to the predecessors, they assume this time the role of several characters, mainly Kate and Dana. The game then changes between the past in all regularity (mainly in 1937) and the present (the year 2005).

The world of “Syberia” combines real historical events with fictitious persons and places. So there is no Nazis at the time of World War II, but the so-called brown shadows. And instead of the Jews, the Vagerans are persecuted, which in turn poses the mostly invented city of Vaghen in the midst of Osterterhal.

The quality of history fluctuates between exciting and exhausting. Most of the time they discuss the secret of Dana Roze, whose career and fate is credibly told about wide stretches. These include a few twists and phrases that you get too early. So it is not uncommon for Kate Walker to encounter a knowledge that they have put together hours ago.

In general, the plot releases around Kate, which is searched for by past events – which is not really understandable without knowledge of its predecessors. Although a video breakup of the series can be viewed in the options menu, but it is far too short and above all too harmonize.

Picturesque Osterhal

The backdrop lives primarily of beautiful mountain landscapes and of course the playful machines of Hans Voralberg, one of the central characters of the first two “Syberia” games. Due to their dark brown color, they look rustic and thanks to their anthropomorphic shape at the same time alive and play an important role in the puzzles. So some mechanics argue argely complicated, for example if you need to use multiple levers to operate a driving ticket machine. However, this also has its own charm, which makes the world of “Syberia” something special.

All in all, “Syberia: The World Before” impresses with a great graphic that is puffing only before playful details and therefore even a few technical inadequacies to laminate. Who looks more closely, who notices one or the other dirty texture wallpaper. But ultimately, the overall picture is true, which is why the adventure is already one of the most beautiful games of the year.

Innovative control with childhood diseases

Normally, it is not necessary to write about the control of a point-and-click adventure. But in the case of “Syberia: The World Before” there are several points that notice – both positive and negative. In the center is the surprisingly original hotspot option, which shows how many other adventures displays all interesting objects in the form of a small icon. The simple mechanics has been established as a genre standard years ago because they avoid annoying search engines. However, while in other games, you can easily see everything relevant to the touch of a button, you must move the mouse over the screen in “Syberia: The World Before” as in the good old times. The hotspots only appear when the cursor is nearby.

The idea turns out to be surprisingly clever because it supports the player without taking him to the hand. Finally, it is quite attractive to see a new place and to be pleased to look forward to it when you found something important. However, the developers of Microids also undergo a few Patzer, which would have been avoidable with something fine tuning. First of all, there are problems with the click of hotspots as soon as the camera moves. Often, the Adventure registers the click of the player too late and sends Kate and Dana to a completely wrong position.

Also annoying: the hotspot icons are snow white, which is why they barely see them on bright backgrounds. Here it would have been helpful if it was the icon in different colors and choosing the game depending on the situation, which ensures the best overview. Finally, a few praising words about the puzzle design: The game must always serve or repair various machines, sometimes with the help of a small manual and sometimes by stupides “Trial & Error”.

On selected places, he may even switch between the characters at the touch of a button and, for example, must find an indication in the past with Dana, which Kate needs in turn in the presence. Unfortunately, it exaggerates the game towards the end of a little with the problems that the player or the player should solve the player. They always feel artificial and rather than if the makers wanted to deliberately pull the playing time.

Release: “Syberia: The World Before” appeared on March 18, 2022 for PC. The game has an age release from 12 years and costs 40 Euro.

New World

Despite success of Lost Ark

At the end of September 2021, the release of Amazon MMO New World showed us that fans of the genre continued to lechete for new titles. Already directly to the start were over 700,000 players at the same time on Steam active , most hung in the queues.

After just half a year after release, New World has taken pretty much all MMO children’s diseases of queues, server compositions, dupes, bots and glitches and unfortunately lost a lot of players. In the last 30 days, a maximum of 36,000 players were traveling in Aeternum. For 2022, the developers have recently published a roadmap over which many other content has been announced. But can the new features still retrieve players six months after release, or ends New World soon on the MMO cemetery ?

Asmongold believes, New World can still get the curve

Of course, the greatest MMO Streamer Asmongold has also looked up in New World at the end of 2021. Although he is currently visible almost only in the latest MMO-hit Lost Ark , he believes that New World can still consolidate his place in the MMO world despite initial problems.

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Why Players Are Quitting LOST ARK
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“Lost Ark was a great success,” he said. “Lost Ark is the first big success of the Amazon Game Studios.” It has put your other game, New World, in almost every way in the shadows – but you should not forget that AGS is primarily distributors of Lost Ark in the West. However, Asmongold believes that New World can recover. “I Faith that the gaming experience with New World will become better over time” **, he claims. “New World will be similar to Guild Wars 2 insofar as to pay no subscription or something similar.”

“It will give people who just buy the game and come back regularly to play it when new content appears.” He believes that this is the biggest advantage and people could again attract. “Will it ever be big? Will it ever be a great game with the 800,000 simultaneous players who had it at the publication? I do not know. Probably not. I would not bet. But I believe that it is with the It will improve time. “

Advantage of New World: No subscriptions

The reason for this is simply simple: “It’s a game that you can just buy to play it, so there will be many people who want to play it. There is no entry-level hurdle to come back and get the game again gamble”.

As the announced content of the roadmap will arrive for 2022 at players, will probably show it soon. Then you will see if New World will find a place between MMOs like WOW, FFXIV, Guild Wars 2 and the in-house Lost Ark. Are you still playing New World regularly? Are you looking at the upcoming updates? Write us in the comments.

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World of warcraft

Wow: You have actually won – you never need to go back to Torghast

What occurred? The intrigue of the enlightened in Zereth Mortis has a brand-new product available, specifically the “Bag of Explored Souls” for 3,000 cosmic change. The bag was included by hotfix and also can now be bought from all players that have at least a good-hearted track record. Any individual who has played the deal campaign up until the existing date need to have accomplished this call stage fairly loose.

A small hotfix Inworld of Warcraft has wonderful effects. Nobody requires more to Torghast. You can now buy sources in a different way.

Because your planetary Flux additionally obtains from numerous various other tasks – such as Raids, Dungeons, Treasures and Missions in Zereth Mortis – you never have to check out Torghast once more if you do not really feel like it.

Some players report that the bag on your Realm is not yet readily available – just tolerate a few hours if you ought to not discover them yet. At the current with the next reactivate of the Realms you ought to have the ability to acquire the bag and also see.

But it’s really annoying yet only if you need to go to Torghast, as an example, to gather enough spirit radiance and heart ash to craft a brand-new fabulous. That was constantly the case – currently that mores than.

Torghast in World of Warcraft is among the web content that divides the gameship. A few of one enjoys to permeate repeatedly in the tower of the Cheer of Champ and also capture himself with awesome Anima forces with the challenger hordes. Others feel that as a tedious and also look at every browse through as “one frequently”.

The bag contains 1650 spirit radiance and 5150 spirit ash. That’s enough to totally update an epic to place 7 or to produce a brand-new one rank 7.

Unlock Torghast Questchain WoW (all quests)

Why is this essential now? For a few days, the last phase of the pact campaign has actually been available in World of Warcraft, which also releases the attribute of the dual legendarys.

Do you find this option well? Or is the price of 3,000 cosmic flux too high? Will you go to Torghast?

A small hotfix Inworld of Warcraft has great consequences. The faction of the enlightened in Zereth Mortis has a new thing on deal, namely the “Bag of Explored Spirits” for 3,000 cosmic flux. Why is this crucial now? For a couple of days, the last chapter of the pact project has actually been readily available in World of Warcraft, which additionally launches the function of the dual legendarys.

New World

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Great World

The Microsoft Flight Simulator has received the next big patch : The World Update 8 is available for download. In a current blog entry, the Asobo Studio developers share the patch Notes – and thus details of the changes and innovations. In the foreground of the New World Patches are Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. With the update, the developers play high-resolution graphics for the regions, including new height data, photogrammetry updates and ambient details.

Microsoft Flight Simulator | World Update 8 | New Aircraft & More!

World Update 8: That’s in the patch

With the World Update 8, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 also gives four new hand-made airports: La Seu d’Urgell Airport, Pico, Faro and A Coruna. In addition, there are updated data for 100 already existing airports, as shown by the patch Notes. Among the highlights of the update are also 99 sights , including the Camp Nou football stadium, the concert hall in Tenerife and the Catedral de Murcia. There are also new bush trips and four new discovering flights.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Large SIM Update 8 for download – What changes now

The developers of Asobo Studio release the Great SIM Update 8 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator as a download. That’s in the patch. PC XBO 0

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Appointment for SIM Update 8, First Sightseeing Flights in Beta Test

The developers of Asobo Studio give a roadmap update for the Microsoft Flight Simulator in a current blog entry.

Which update follows?

Your skills as a pilot also proves you for new landscapers. All other details, including the bugfixes and optimizations from the world update 8, can be found on the website of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. The patch is available for free on PC and Xbox Series X / S as a download. Just a few weeks ago, the makers had already published the SIM update 8. In the near future, a world update for Italy and Malta is at the nearby. The developers promise the largest world update so far with 18 photogramme areas, including twelve graphically upgraded cities. The publication is scheduled for May.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Quidditch? Koop? Housing? FAQ answers many questions

Even if the “State of Play” event has answered some questions about Hogwarts Legacy last week, there are many more who still want to be answered. We were able to delete one of these questions on Friday from our list: In the new Hogwarts adventure there will be no microtransactions. But what about other areas such as online, coop, housing or quidditch?

German FAQ supplies answers

On the official website of the game, there is now an extensive FAQ in which a lot of topics are addressed.

F: What kind of game is hogwarts legacy ?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is a captivating open-world action roleplay that plays in the world of sorcery of the 19th century and puts players at the center.

F: Can players in hogwarts legacy choose their Hogwartshaus?
A: Players can choose their Hogwartshaus at the beginning of hogwarts Legacy.

F: Can players figure their character in hogwarts legacy themselves?
A: Players can design their witch or wizard in hogwarts legacy as they wish. You can customize your character at the beginning of the adventure. If you progress in the game, you can also develop your own fight style.

F: Will players develop in hogwarts legacy friendships?
A: Some students in Hogwarts will become friends. When players cultivate these friendships, these schoolmates can be companions that accompany the players in their travels, improve their skills and entrust their stories to players.

F: Will Harry Potter, Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley be seen in the game?
A: No, hogwarts Legacy plays in the 19th century, so in front of the stories of J. K. Rowling.

F: What are the dangerous threats in hogwarts legacy ?
A: The world of sorcery is full of dangers, including creatures that are influenced by a magical power, dark witches and wizards and a potential goblin uprising.

F: Can Hogwarts be explored in hogwarts legacy?
A: Yes. Players can explore a fully realized Hogwarts where they will visit the lessons and discover dungeons, secret paths and challenging puzzles.

F: Can you fly in hogwarts legacy on broom?
A: In hogwarts Legacy you can travel on broom and participate in paste races. Players can attend flight hours to master their flight arts with the broom (editorial note: As the Sport Quidditch is not mentioned here, we should not assume to play in Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch).

F: Can players ride in hogwarts legacy on magical animals?
A: Players can tame and ride some magical animals in hogwarts legacy.

F: Which type of lessons can participate in hogwarts legacy?
A: Players will visit lessons such as magic art, defense against the dark arts, herbalism and magic potions in which they meet their professors, learn spells, breed magical plants, brew magic plants, and more.

F: How are players rise in hogwarts legacy stages?
A: In addition to lessons and spells, players have access to a large collection of improvements, talents and skills that help with their progress as a witch or wizard. You can master challenges in the world to gather experience and improve your skills. Magical equipment can also be improved and specialized to increase offensive or defensive attributes in the chosen game style.

F: Can players connect in hogwarts legacy spells?
A: Players can define their fighting style in hogwarts legacy by connecting dozens to spells to become the ultimate duels.

F: What is the room of wishes?

A: The space of desires is an important secret of Hogwarts, which helps players adapt and improve their skills. Further details will be revealed later.

F: Hat hogwarts legacy online or co-op game?
A: hogwarts Legacy is a single player experience and has no online or co-op game.

F: Is it in hogwarts legacy purchases in the game or microtransactions?
A: hogwarts Legacy has no purchases in the game or microtransaktions.

F: Will Hogwarts legacy contain barrier-free functions?
A: hogwarts Legacy will contain barrier-free functions. Further details will be revealed later.

F: Will hogwarts legacy be kept to the stories of the world of sorcery?
A: Yes. Although hogwarts legacy is no direct adaptation of books and movies, the games are deeply rooted in the stories of the world of sorcery. Avalanche creates a unique gaming experience inspired by the world of sorcery of J. K. Rowling and encounter new and unexpected scenes, characters and elements of history.

F: Is Schloss Hogwarts the only scene in the game?
A: hogwarts Legacy leads the players out of Hogwarts to new and familiar places, including the forest forest and the village Hogsmeade.

F: What kind of games is developed under Portkey Games?
A: Portkey Games will enable developers to create a variety of new and immersive gaming experiences that were all inspired by the world of Sorcery of J. K. Rowling. These experiences were not written by J. K. Rowling and will not be direct adaptations of the books or movies. These games were created by game developers who have been fans themselves and inspired by the world of sorcery.

F: Are Games of Portkey Games developed with the consent of J. K. Rowling?

Hogwarts Legacy | State of Play | March 17, 2022 [ENGLISH]
A: Every EXPERIENCE OF PORTKEY GAMES will take place in the world of magic and stay faithful. J. K. Rowling supports Portkey Games and entrusted the design and game development to WB Games and the developers involved.

F: When is hogwarts legacy released?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is published in winter 2022.

F: On which platforms is hogwarts legacy be available?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is available for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

F: How does hogwarts legacy fits the world of sorcery of Harry Potter?
A: Although Portkey Games are not a direct adaptation of books and films, the games are deeply rooted in the stories of the world of sorcery. Game developer of Portkey found new terrain and stay faithful to the original work of J. K. Rowling by creating new ways on which fans can dip into the world of sorcery.

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