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Add the desert area and the animation! 3.1 Special Broadcasting

Won shin, which is being serviced by Hobo Bus, has launched a special broadcast of version 3.1 through the official YouTube channel. New character Nile, Sing, and Candid are added, and you can also see new bosses. Various events and attendance check events will also be held, and you can enjoy card games in Won sin from version 3.3. In addition, a feature animation that has worked with the distribution table will also be released.

First, the development team background designer QI LE introduces a new area in version 3.1, and is closely related to the new King of the ancient desert, which has long ago.

The design team starts based on the setting of humanities, and in the process of designing the Red King’s Desert, it is to provide travelers with a stronger, magnificent, and scientific elements by fusing strong regional color elements centered on the mysterious knowledge of the enemy king civilization. Did. So in this version of this version, I met a mysterious area around the desert and envisioned a new design keyword.

‘Death’ is a word that confronts ‘life’, which is represented by the rainforest. There are also new keywords ‘Mystery’ and ‘Science’, and based on this keyword, it will be designed to travelers by designing various natural landscapes and humanities scenery in the desert, which is completely different from the rainforest. He mentioned the machines buried in deserts and canyons, ARU village with exotic atmosphere, and fresh oasis hidden in endless sand breezes.

During the initial planning period, I went to an investigation into a real desert. I expressed what I saw there, expressing it in the game, in the red king’s desert, the delicate and realistic sand footprints and the hot sun, the ruins of the magnificent and beautiful enemy, the weather in various shapes, and the sand flying over the head, You can listen to the sound of the wind as you look at the hill.

The enemy’s tomb area stage design borrowed many sandbox structures to combine the main regions of the enemy ruins and contents. In a desert certain area, transparent ruins and hourglass contents appeared, hoping that they would actually feel immersive in ancient ruins.

The structure of the athlete’s athlete, which travels around the enemy’s tomb, is a mechanical creation left by the enemy king civilization. With their attack, they can see the science and technology of the enemy king civilization, which is said to be more dangerous and the will of the tomb owner. In the desert area, there are unique creatures in the desert area, such as unusual forms of desert animals, bald eagles, and poison.

The desert is the main stage of this main story. Summer Main Mission Third Act 3 Mining and Bilks, and the King of the Fourth Actor and the three pilgrims appear in version 3.1. In other words, both strong executors and Skaramushu appear in Summer. Travelers will feel a huge trial, emphasizing the difficult feeling.

The Red King is a god who has an important relationship with the great Lukkadevata, and there is a clue related to the history of Summer in the ruins of the enemy’s civilization, and what is the reason why the enemy king’s civilization is destroyed. I explored the desert to see if there was a job, and answered the secrets hidden in the desert.

Virus is the largest desert village and has fluffy resources and information. As a solid fortress, it is a resting place to rest in a rugged environment. For some special reasons, ARU Village accepted many scholars from the Academia. Travelers will be able to get valuable information and make more friends.

The second anniversary of the voice actors continued. Jung Yo-jong, who was in charge of the Vent, Namdo-hyung voice actor in charge of Natalia, Pro Young-jae, who was in charge of Palm, Park Pinyon, who was in charge of Leiden Shogun, and Yes Fungi, who was in charge of San Goya Coco mi, and Oriya Park Shine Payson Kim Ga-ryeong, Doris Lee Byung-soo voice actor, and Park Soon in charge of me gave a congratulations and greeting.

In order to introduce three new colleagues properly, we have a combat designer of the original project. First, the four-star character Candid with ODD is the blood of the guardian who is passed down from the village, but Candid has no dream. It is just excluding the threat from the village.

Candid is fighting with a scientific shield as well as a scientific shield. Elemental Combat Skills Sacred Rituals and Blue Birds of Birds to create a shield to absorb damage. When the charge is completed, the jump attack is applied to damage the enemy in front of the enemy.

After opening the protection of the flowing feathers, the attack is completed immediately after being attacked during the elemental combat skill hold. Elemental explosive skills, the use of the wave of sacred rituals and gray birds, to highly weapon, summon the protection of the gods, to damage the range, and to give all the characters of the red crown. When a blessed character appears, a wave impact is triggered towards the enemy, and one-handed swords, two-handed swords, and Gang Byeong-gi characters have additional water elemental effects, and the element damage caused by the character on the field increases.

5-star character Sing is a setting that looks serious and silent, but four-dimensional high gag. Sing is a big winding system that directly executes the law and has a strong combat ability. When the element explosion skills ‘Holy Ritual and Rice Rush’ will be triggered, the spirit of the lion who opens the way to open the spirit. Sing’s general/strong attack/fall attack damage is converted into lightning elements that cannot be replaced by other element grant effects. At the same time, elemental mastery and stiffness resistance increases and immunity is caused by electric shock damage.

Elemental Combat Skills The Duration of Incarnation is extended when using a secret and famous leader. If you unlock the referee of the falling feathers, the incarnation sing enters the eye state intermittently pierced. The elemental combat skills triggered are the concept of increasing damage and firing a famine. And if you perform a 20-hour exploration mission in Summer, you will receive additional rewards.

5-star character Nile has a dancer feeling. Elemental Battle Skill Dance contains two different dances. A normal attack in the third stage dance after the skill trigger will cast the sword’s dance and damage the enemy to the enemy. In this state, the general attack is converted into a sword dance and the moon of water is triggered at the last blow. If the elemental combat skills are activated again in the third stage dance, it is converted to the dance of the turn, the water element range is damaged, and the water fog that accompanies the character on the field is generated, giving the enemy a moisture effect. Each dance has its advantages and disadvantages, so each combat environment requires appropriate choices.

Elemental explosion skill training, the sound of spring water in a distant dream, damages the range of water elements, gives a special state to the hit enemy, and after a while, the water element is damaged again. At least 1 person and water element characters in the party, and only water and pool element characters are organized, and the third stage dance of Child Station gives all the characters of the golden glass. When a full element is attacked, the element mastery increases, and when the flowering reaction is triggered, it replaces the full-prokerate to produce a fast and strong nucleus.

In the first round of the event, the probability UP of Sing and Vent will be held and Candid joins. In the second episode, Nile and Albedo are added. The new weapons are three types of five stars and red deserts, four stars, the moonlight of the 4 stars, the moonlight of the minute, the water light Mac, and the wandering evening.

Some new monsters also appear in 3.1. There is a powerful drake among the ruins drakes, and it is said that it can be easily responded by finding weaknesses.

In the fall, the wine festival of the wind is held in MOND. Participation in the event will allow you to obtain a sharp wind lets weapon and the feathers of the wind, and you can also get the crown of knowledge, gemstones, fostering materials and breakthroughs. This story is closely related to the laser with a story about family and friendship.

In addition, four contents can be opened in autumn field disaster prevention, high wind practice, quirky charity sales, and abundance. Autumn field disaster prevention work is to help hunters to expel forest wild boars, and high wind practice contents should be challenged by powerful enemies using the buff effects that are activated with exquisite wind seeds.

Neutral charity sales are content that aims to operate the store. Before the start of business, you need to sell brewing materials and complete your request to raise enough funds. Open the store, make reasonable distribution of available funds, and set up a light salt policy to achieve higher sales.

Blessing contents of abundance should be found in the clues in the gift message. The gift box contains a special ornament.

Five wind investigations are unexplored content that requires strategy. You must use multiple strange devices properly to create and stop wind fields, or to change the status of multiple devices and reach a place where it is difficult to reach beyond obstacles. It is important to collect special wind coins during the challenge to complete the challenge goal.

The journey contents to find the stars should be equipped with the event simple items and helped the girl to find the traces of the future. Trauma Challenge Events will also be open again, and attendance check events will be held to obtain intertwined X10 and other items.

The summoning of seven new content is a card game that swept the Tibet continent. It will be added in version 3.3, and now you can play card games in Won shin. You can invite multiple characters and NPCs to fight and invite a friend to continue the battle. There is no PVP reward and all cards can be obtained as content.