The search horror Night Kuses of Soiree will be distributed on July 7th. The mysterious Western -style building of the late Meiji era drawn by GOHOME developers

On July 1st, Matsuju Song, a matsuno doll city, announced on July 1 that it will release Night Curse of Soirée on July 7. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The sale of the previous work Gohome is also scheduled for the release of Night Curse of Soirée.

Night Curse of Soirée is a 3D horror adventure game that explores the retro-modern Western-style building. The stage of this work is around the end of the Meiji era. The protagonist, Kirima, was in a strange Western-style building when she noticed. She doesn’t know why she was in the Western-style building, but she didn’t know what she was doing or where she had a Western-style building, and she had no clear memory. Aside from her, she decided to leave the Western-style building and headed to the exit. But there, she realizes that she has dropped her precious fold crane somewhere as a charm. As Kiruma Suika explores the Western-style building with her disturbing signs, she faces her past memories, sins, and her present.

The protagonist, Kaya, searches for a folded crane and explores the Western-style building wrapped in silence. There are many rooms in the Western-style building. She searched for a fold crane while searching for the key and confronting something hidden in the Western-style building. In the occasional events, her reminiscence and monologue of her own reminiscence and mystery are revealed. As an element, this work has three endings. In addition, the trailer released today allows you to check new location, such as the scene of walking in a garden and a strange city. In the trial version released in August 2021, it was set indoors, but it seems that it will also explore the outside of the Western-style building.

This work is a virtual city of Matsuto Ichiju, who is also working on music, videos and distribution in addition to games. As a past work, he released his previous work Gohome in 2020. In the same work, a unique world view, such as a mystery approaching with the loud volume of Kushikos Post. In Steam’s user reviews, 83 % of 156 out of 156 were well received at the time of writing, and the status was very popular.

In the Night Curse of Soirée, the release in September of the same year was scheduled for the release of the trial version in August 2021. However, the release is postponed. According to a video released in January 2022, the reason for the postponement is that the outlook and the lack of compromise. At that time, Ichijuzu Song was producing alone, and was aiming to complete it with the minimal quality. But ultimately, he decided to pour his full power to maintain his motivation. It seems that brushing up has been performed, such as the hero’s face is recreated from the trial version. In this work Night Curse of Soirée, I would like to expect the quality improved content in addition to the unique worldview.

Night Curse of Soirée will be released on July 7 for PC (Steam). According to the official website, the price is 2,000 yen. The previous work Gohome will be held 77 % off sale from July 7th to July 7th.