The new Fire Emblem Warriors trailer: Three Hopes shows the Blue Lions

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have released a new trailer of the next video game fire emblem Warriors: three hopes. The new video game, which will be released for Nintendo Switch on June 24, is a derived title that takes place in the world of fire of fire: three houses_. As such, it is not surprising that it presents a series of characters from Mblema de Fuego: three houses and the last advance specifically stands out to the characters of the Blue Lions house in that title.

More specifically, the new trailer offers the best view of Dimitri, Dedue, Mercedes, Ashe, Felix, Annette, Sylvain and Ingrid. Each of them has a different method to fight the enemies in the style of Musou game of the Fire Emblem Warriors franchise that is based on the previous appearance and the iconic class of the character. It seems likely that in addition to the new trailer that stands out to the characters of the Sacred Kingdom of Faerghus, there will be two more trailers that highlight the characters of the Golden deer and Black Eagles houses in the near future. You can see the new fire emblem warriors trailer: three hopes for you embedded below:

It is not clear exactly how fire emblem warriors: three hopes will take into account the events of fire of fire: three houses_. It is known that the protagonist is a new character, Shez, and an anterior trailer seemed to indicate that Shez is with some reason to fight Byleth, the protagonist of Mblema de Fuego: three houses next to one of the three houses of the original video game.

All New Blue Lions Designs Revealed! (Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes)

As noted above, fire emblem warriors: three hopes will be launched for Nintendo Switch on June 24. The video game follows a different version of the history of Mblema de Fuego: three houses. You can consult all our previous coverage of the next Nintendo Switch video game here.

What do you think of the new fire emblem warriors trailer: three hopes highlighting the characters of the kingdom of Faerghus? Are you waiting for the new Fire Emblem game in June? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter at @Rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!

Dragon ball Z:Dokkan Battle

Dynasty warriors 9 Empires will be released in February

Dynasty Warriors 9 continues the tradition of publishing a slightly more strategic version in Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires should be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on February 15, 2022.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is about to add new features to spice up the battle a little. He will feature Storming The Castle will try to fight for control of a castle. A little in the name, there. During these assault battles of the castle, the players will be able to use the siege battles with the troops, where they can give orders to the troops while using siege weapons to enter the castle.

Once you are able to enter the enemy castle, they will enter a decisive battle. In this battle, the player will have to defeat the commander to take control of the castle, while all the enemy officers will join the fight for a last defense where you can defeat and capture them.

Secret plans are another way for players to have more strategic control over a battle. The secret plans have conditions of success and failure, and when the conditions of success are met, the allies will receive a beneficial boost. This could capture the surrounding bases or defeat messengers and more.

Commanders will also have strengths and weaknesses that affect the troops they face. A chef can be strong against infantry, cavalry or archery. If you are strong in infantry, you will do more damage and receive less damage against cavalry units. The order is infantry <archer <cavalry <infantry.

Dynasty warriors 9 Empires appointed grand general Achievement/Trophy

Of course, the political intrigue and the domestic system will return to Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires. The goal is to unify China under a single leader, and as a manager, you have to find out how to get to it by getting their supplies and beating or becoming allies with other leaders.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires is more dynasty warriors but with a more strategic element. When I choose a game in the series, I prefer the Empire spin-offs. I will keep an eye on it and see if they solve some of the problems of the Warriors 9 dynast.