Conan Exiles: evaluation of the island of Siptah

Probably much more crucial, the island of Siptah has lots of brand-new web content that it could almost be considered a suite rather than an expansion. Composed of numerous distinct biomes as well as on an earthly mass virtually as huge as the exiled land of the standard video game, the island of Siptah teems with points to do as well as see. Along with brand-new low and also high degree building and construction collections, there are brand-new pets to search, eliminate as well as accumulate more a lots new upper bodies, a wide variety of enemy camps to loot, servants to insist (as well as a brand-new system To record them), frameworks and a large major quest that guides the player to the center of the island with a mystical tower that causes a storm modifying the landscape and creating beasts for a number of mins each time.

It takes place on a considerable and also entirely separate map, it calls for the standard game Conan Exiles and a pack is readily available which includes both. Throughout its early access, the developers remembered of the rather unfavorable reaction of the community to the web content and also the technicians of the expansion and proceeded to make modifications resulting in the complete leave of the island of Siptah, so this final version is a beast extremely different from that in its initial in early gain access to.

It has actually been a lengthy time since I had played Conan Exiles frequently and also returning for the expansion, I kept in mind the staminas and weak points of the video game, which have actually not altered much on the island of Siptah. The early video gaming experience and also the craft system are easily accessible and also rationalized, as well as the game does well in stabilizing the challenge of survival with development. Once the game starts to open the gamer and also takes a look at his MMORPG side, the richness of the content comes to be actually noticeable. Even more than three years later, Conan Exiles still feel Janky and her battles and her movements are drifting and also simply a little offset. There are insects and graphic anomalies and also visually, the video game reveals its age.

In instance you have actually forgotten it or you do not realize that it was constantly alive, the MMORPG Conan Exiles of Funcom was (and also is always) a game of survival/crafts taking area in the legendary globe and Inspired by Frazetta de Conan Le Barbarie. Introduced in 2018, this ruthless survival game, concentrated on the celebration and mature was a loved one uniqueness for the time and also it promptly got notoriety for its definitely callous PVP gamers base, however additionally for its tools causing imagination, its adaptable approach to the video game. You could be stunned to find out that Conan Exiles has a basis of gamers of more than 7 million, and also has an average of 10s of thousands of players per day.

In spite of its online reputation as a tough PVP, Conan Exiles can be experienced in numerous various methods, including participating or strictly solo PVE and completely preventing battle with various other human players. Naturally, playing solo with Conan Exiles and particularly on Siptah Island is both an intimidating and possibly a little hollow exercise. A large part of what the video game needs to use is much more fun and even more available with at the very least a few various other players working and also dealing with each other.

For lots of, Conan Exile’s traits and faults are what makes the video game fun, and certainly, Island of Siptah offers old and also new players with numerous hours of high quality web content. The new areas, shield, monsters, quests and also weapons interest the players beyond the initial stage, and also although there are no considerable adjustments in the auto mechanics of the game, beginning on the new areas of the island is constantly fun. For much better or for worse (mostly the very first), the island of Siptah is far more Conan Exiles.

For numerous, Conan Expatriation’s quirks and mistakes are what makes the game enjoyable, and without an uncertainty, Island of Siptah provides old as well as brand-new players with many hrs of quality material. The brand-new locations, armor, monsters, weapons and also quests interest the gamers beyond the initial stages, and although there are no substantial changes in the technicians of the game, embarking on the new locations of the island is constantly fun.

Introduced in 2018, this brutal survival video game, focused on the party and also mature was a relative uniqueness for the time and it swiftly acquired prestige for its absolutely fierce PVP players base, however likewise for its devices generating imagination, its versatile approach to the video game. A big component of the new content of the island of Siptah is intended at gamers in the center and also end of game, when Conan Exiles efficiently goes from a survival/craft game to a pure MMORPG or also a robot D ‘Expedition of Dungeon Hack-And-Slash. All new shield, tools and also rhinocerous frames will certainly be made use of in the main video game once manufactured or unlocked.

A big part of the new web content of the island of Siptah is focused on gamers between and also end of game, when Conan Exiles properly goes from a survival/craft game to a pure MMORPG or also a robotic D ‘Expedition of Dungeon Hack-And-Slash. At the launch, the personalities of the ousted land were not transferable to the new extension (which was soon assured), so that everybody will need to release a brand-new character. All brand-new armor, tools and rhino frames will be utilized in the primary video game once manufactured or unlocked.

Knockout city

Shadow of the Tomb Raider and other games are set for free on PC

Something that has accustomed us, at least on the official Epic Games page, are the gifts that are offered as users in a weekly way, even when it was only done at the end of the year. And now, the store is for long tablecloths, because this week they are not only giving us independent cut releases, but also an AAA size game.

Among all free content are objects for the free to play, Knockout City, We also have Submerged: Hidden Depts , indie game that will allow us to travel in water with nice characters. Finally, there is Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Video game that would end the reboot trilogy of Lara Croft that started by the hand of Crystal Dynamics.

Knockout City, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depts are free this week! Go to Epic Games Store to acquire them.

To be able to get the games, you just have to follow these simple steps: First you have to enter the Epic Games Store page, Then search each of the games and click on the get the button. As the last step there is following the process as if it were a purchase, only that they will charge us $ 0 of the local currency, depending on the country.

Remember that it is advisable to redeem the acquisition as soon as possible, because next week the games will change, so they will return to the normal price. It doesn’t hurt to recommend that they will only run on the PC platform.

Red dead redemption 2

Dead Island 2: Horror

Amazon desires to obtain entailed a lot more in the video game area and introduced Alexa Game Control as part of Gamescom 2022. It will be utilized for the initial time in Dead Island 2.

If you desire to ultimately play the long-awaited sequel, you can enjoy the brand-new feature. The Alexa Game Control allows voice commands that can be installed directly right into the video game.


Dead Island 2: Hey Zombie

In Dead Island 2, every person can make use of the feature for in-game functions such as navigation. Whoever wants can simply murmur the concern Where’s the next workbench?.

In general, players with Amazon’s Alexa Game Control must have the ability to engage with NCPS with the assistance of their language or execute commands such as altering weapons. You do not have to attend to the voice assistant particularly with names, as is generally typical. Nevertheless, players obtain access to various other features in terms of wise residence, weather forecast or time settings-in these instances the commands start with Alexa.

Alexa Game Control quickly in many games?

Alexa Game Control Unreal Engine 4, Unity as well as C ++ is currently sustaining. In the future, Amazon wishes to take higher factor to consider for the game designers to include the innovation right into their titles. The Unreal Engine 5 has actually not yet been mentioned, yet it can be presumed that a matching upgrade will happen in the long-term.

Meanwhile, everyone can wait excitedly for Dead Island 2. The follow up is set up to show up in February 2022 and we were able to take an appearance for an in-depth sneak peek.

The Alexa Game Control allows voice commands that can be installed straight right into the game. In basic, players with’s Alexa Game Control ought to be able to engage with NCPS with the help of their language or lug out commands such as transforming weapons. Alexa Game Control Unreal Engine 4, Unity as well as C ++ is presently supporting. In the future, really hopes to take higher factor to consider on the part of the game designers to integrate the technology into their titles.


NBA 2K23: 20 various shots evaluates, developers detail the new functions

The developers specify at the exact same time that capturing arches were utilized in NBA 2K23, in order to show if you remain in advancement (high arc), late (flat arc) or in the nick of time (perfect arc). By doing this, we can realize whether the release is unique or otherwise. It is likewise defined that if the capturing analysis function is triggered, after that the inlay of the timing/cover and also the best timing computer animations are postponed till the ball touches the basket. Visual Ideas desires to rehabilitate the suspense that often did not have the shots with perfect timing, in order to urge players to proceed player during possession as opposed to come back right into change previously.

Alone in his field, NBA 2K never ever forgets to question himself, occasionally to the shame of the faithful that should relearn certain mechanics from one year to the next, that adjustment or otherwise. For NBA 2K23, the visual concept workshops has still performed numerous advancements in the gameplay, with specifically up to 20 various capturing gauges to take care of in the video game now. In truth, there are five standard, however 15 others will be added as we progress in the seasons and also which will certainly be opened at that time. The concept behind this imposing number is to enhance the fluidness and credibility of motions around the racket. Aesthetic Concept has actually established different assesses, huge, little, some are over the head, others on the sides or listed below the shooter. Each gauge fills up entirely up until the end, which stands for the ideal point to release the sphere, after that empties a little late, at the 2K17-2K20. Once more, at the demand of the area, the purpose and also to please every person as well as with these 20 evaluates, everyone should locate a quest in their foot.

Other gameplay novelties are introduced, as well as we will undoubtedly await the release of the game on September 9 for if all this works flawlessly. Below is a checklist of modifications this year:

For NBA 2K23, the aesthetic principle studios has still lugged out several developments in the gameplay, with in specific up to 20 different shooting gauges to take care of in the video game currently. Visual Concept has actually established up different assesses, huge, small, some are over the head, others on the sides or listed below the shooter. Each scale fills up totally until the end, which represents the perfect factor to allow go of the ball, after that empties a little late, at the 2K17-2K20. As soon as once again, at the demand of the area, the goal as well as to please everybody and with these 20 gauges, every person must discover a search in their foot.

Defense: The defensive gameplay includes significant updates aimed at producing an extra sensible sphere and shooting clog, in addition to interceptions and flights of balloons. This year, the clogs were readied to a much more realistic level, causing more predictable outcomes, the great players making suitable stops when they stop their obstruction attempts. There is also a clear improvement in ball safety and security for good dunkers, as well as far more.

Improvements of the professional control system: new motion mixes have actually been provided to the pro control system. These brand-new motions allow a multitude of brand-new opportunities in regards to shots as well as handling of the sphere. In regards to dunks, new orders permit you to prolong the opportunities to permit dunker players precisely as they wish, without making motions inadvertently.

Insignia: Discussion of a new system of badges on a number of levels for players on PS5 as well as Xbox Series x | s. There will be 16 insignia per category of features: eight in level 1, 4 in degree 2, and four in degree 3. The underlying principle is that players will need to acquire a particular number of insignia reduced before getting higher levels.

Takeovers: While the primary and also second requisitions stay similar to the previous variations, the team takeover has actually been revamped. Team Takeover takes the type of a joint system, where the entire group shares a solitary scale. The new layout is far more sensible as well as represents better what it means to be heated as a group, to deal with the video game in a united way.

GAMEPLAY IA: Players on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S will certainly note enhancements in the control of the balloon by AI, the implementation of the choice as well as roll, defensive patterns and also training choices.

Team Requisition takes the kind of a collaborative system, where the whole group shares a solitary scale.

New information on the next best-selling NBA Simulation Video clip variation will be released in the coming weeks.


Resolve the basket with precision & adrenaline increases: brand-new gestural combos offer players also extra alternatives for adjustment of the round as well as capturing for their offensive toolbox. In enhancement, another new feature made to prevent extreme choice to dribbles is the idea of adrenaline boosts.

Wild rift

Shadow Warrior 3: Fresh upgrade with New Game Plus and also even more is ready

Additionally, there are brand-new obstacles and the long-awaited New Video game And also mode.

As the accountable programmers of Flying Wild Hog announced, a new upgrade is now offered that enhances the Shadow Warrior 3 via various renovations and innovations. On the one hand, numerous mistake fixes, gameplay optimizations and also quality-of-life enhancements are offered, which will certainly be taken care of in the official changelog .


After the neighborhood has actually consistently campaigned for a New Game Plus mode for Shadow Warrior 3 in current weeks, the wishes of the gamers were ultimately heard.

This web content and progress are adopted

And further: You can likewise maintain all your upgrades and development for difficulties that you have actually not yet activated. In addition to that! There are new unique challenges that have actually been developed specifically for New Video game And also and also are added under the ‘Challenges’ tab.

Shadow Warrior 3 is offered for the PC, PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One as well as the Xbox Series X/S.

The New Video game And also setting enables you to deal with the campaign once more again and to maintain development in development like upgrades. The designers of Flying Wild Hog: Any degree of the video game begins with all your tools in the supply. The tools pick-ups are still available in predefined areas in places, much like in the normal project, however this moment they simply include ammunition to this weapon in the stock.

Resource: Heavy steam

More reports on Shadow Warrior 3.


At the heart of the dispute, the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World maintains the hope around S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

The Xbox Games Showcase Extended ended this night on an austere note, at the demand of GSC Game World. At the end of the broadcast, the Ukrainian workshop wished to account for the fact of the conflict which complies with the Russian invasion in Ukraine, and also the day-to-day live that the advancement group is undergoing the service S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl because February 24. The hope of a return to normal animates them more than ever if their lives have actually altered.


The Summer Video game Feast took an additional tone this night when, after one as well as a half time significant on the majority of the titles already went across during the Xbox Display, Sarah Bond as well as Microsoft introduced a video clip depicting the day-to-day live of the growth groups in Ukraine. Like other studios in the country, GSC Game World saw its presence turned upside down by the introduction of Russian soldiers on the border last February. This paper provides the means in which part of the teams, a minimum of that which has been able to testify, attempts to get over the current dilemma while continuing to add to the project.

In spite of the circumstance and the stagnation of the fighting which required GSC Game World to disrupt the growth, the positive outlook remains in order. At the very least that is, as we analyze on 2023 which comes to conclude the initial series broadcast in stride, to advise you that behind the game, there is a united team that wishes to see it hatch.

To review also | in Ukraine, Frogware is once again on the front

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Heart of Chornobyl-Bande-Annon Go Into The Zone



The developers of Rick & Morty announce High on Life at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

No question, a squanch game (alias the workshop created by Justin Roiland, also known as Mr. Rick and Morty ) is identified by his dubbing (we have listened to stars from the collection) and also his humor as parodic as it is ridiculous. Just the pitch is a rhyme: in the skin of an apprentice bonus offer hunter who must dispel the land of an extraterrestrial cartel coming to invade him, we will need to fragrate with our talking insurance claims, each with his personality (and a wit) and also its own features. By taking a trip from one biome to one more, we will encounter the lots of outlaws of the Garminguing gang, while cutting the bib with our arsenal in order to understand it much better. It might additionally be that we will have to make crucial options to particular circumstance tree frameworks, adhering to (or otherwise) their opinions. In between each mission, it will also be possible to go back to our hideout in order to make various purchasing amongst myriad of alien innovations to boost our devices.

As well as if the aesthetic design of High on life is not the one who overthrew us one of the most throughout this meeting, let us wager that his writing depends on its writers as well as also their previous video game, Chest Saves The Universe . Because the number of financial debts debited in the 2nd in itstrailer _, there is opportunities.

And also no Microsoft exclusivity for as soon as, considering that the video game will likewise be offered on Steam and Legendary Games Shop.

Squanch Gamings (Trover Saves Deep space) reveals its brand-new game, a humorous FPS with guns that speak and also swing valves. Leave introduced on the gaming consoles as well as Cloud computer Xbox, yet additionally on Heavy steam and also Legendary, for completion of the year.

Chest Saves video clip

High up on Life-trailer ad


The new Fire Emblem Warriors trailer: Three Hopes shows the Blue Lions

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have released a new trailer of the next video game fire emblem Warriors: three hopes. The new video game, which will be released for Nintendo Switch on June 24, is a derived title that takes place in the world of fire of fire: three houses_. As such, it is not surprising that it presents a series of characters from Mblema de Fuego: three houses and the last advance specifically stands out to the characters of the Blue Lions house in that title.

More specifically, the new trailer offers the best view of Dimitri, Dedue, Mercedes, Ashe, Felix, Annette, Sylvain and Ingrid. Each of them has a different method to fight the enemies in the style of Musou game of the Fire Emblem Warriors franchise that is based on the previous appearance and the iconic class of the character. It seems likely that in addition to the new trailer that stands out to the characters of the Sacred Kingdom of Faerghus, there will be two more trailers that highlight the characters of the Golden deer and Black Eagles houses in the near future. You can see the new fire emblem warriors trailer: three hopes for you embedded below:

It is not clear exactly how fire emblem warriors: three hopes will take into account the events of fire of fire: three houses_. It is known that the protagonist is a new character, Shez, and an anterior trailer seemed to indicate that Shez is with some reason to fight Byleth, the protagonist of Mblema de Fuego: three houses next to one of the three houses of the original video game.

All New Blue Lions Designs Revealed! (Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes)

As noted above, fire emblem warriors: three hopes will be launched for Nintendo Switch on June 24. The video game follows a different version of the history of Mblema de Fuego: three houses. You can consult all our previous coverage of the next Nintendo Switch video game here.

What do you think of the new fire emblem warriors trailer: three hopes highlighting the characters of the kingdom of Faerghus? Are you waiting for the new Fire Emblem game in June? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter at @Rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!


The 10 Easter Ester Eggs the most original video game to celebrate Easter

Easter festival is fast approaching. If the origins of egg hunting goes up to centuries, today the tradition continues, including in video game: we are talking about Easter Eggs. The most curious players know this English term well that can be translated literally by “Easter egg”. Difficult to find out, the Easter Eggs are functions or small eyewear hidden voluntarily by developers within a video game. Whether they are in the form of simple references, jokes, tributes, quests or bonuses, they are more and more numerous to invade our games.


This year, we celebrate Easter with a selection of ten easter eggs among the most original video game, whether by its design, interest and / or rarity. Far from being a comprehensive list and for concern. subjectivity in the realization of a ranking, here is our choice given in a chronological order, by the date of exit of the games.

Intro – The first Easter EGG?

It is necessary to return a few years back to know the exact origin, because it was in 1979 that one of the first Easter Eggs was officially recognized in the Adventure game, released on Atari 2600. At the time, for the sake of Notoriety and debauchery of competitors, developers had the prohibition to “sign” their work via the credits of the game. Disagree with this lack of recognition, Warren FaCinett had the idea of slipping his name into a secret message, accessible Only players accessing a specific pixel called _ “Gray Dot” . Too expensive delete this message, it is through Steve Wright that Inari later formalizes the term “_aster egg” (here, the signature of the developer), with reference to the pleasure of finding a surprise, in Comparison with egg hunting at Easter Festival. That’s why it has become recurring on the part of the developers to integrate Easter Eggs into video games to attract players.

Donkey Kong – 1981

Let’s stay a little bit in the past with the Portage of Donkey Kong, one of the first Nintendo platform games on Atari in 1981. While Easter Eggs are still only first, Landon Developer Mr. Dyer follows The trend and decides to assert its work by concealing its initials “LMD” on the Title screen of the game . At the time, it must be said that it had become an original way to leave his trace in a video game, but… It took a few years for this Easter Egg to be flushed so much the process is complex. Indeed, no one could discover it before Landon Mr. Dyer finally reveals his own existence and without even remembering the manipulation so precise and tedious to perform. The time to search in the game code, 26 years later, a popularly curious and blindersman, Don Hodges, dart this Easter Egg thanks to an emulator. Landon Mr. Dyer: “It’s absolutely not worth it”.

GOD OF WAR – 2005

A few years later, the players meet a new hero. These are Kratos who arrives with the GOD of War license on PlayStation 2 in 2005. Inspired by Greek mythology, the game tells us the adventures of a simple mortal hoisted to the rank of God. But did you know that an Easter Egg in the American version of the game reveals the phone number of the god of war in person? Rendez-vous at the end of the game, in the Kratos throne room, where it is enough to destroy two statues: that of a large minotaur and that of Ares. After being patiently unleashed your rage on these statues They are shattered, revealing a sequence of numbers followed by a congratulatory message for finding the Easter EGG in question. These numbers make up a special phone number that actually works: 888-447-5594. At the other end of the thread: Kratos, itself, congratulating directly the players for finding this Easter Egg rather original, hidden through a recorded message. Note that by ending the game in “Divinity” mode, another number appears: 800-613-8840. If the message is identical, it is interrupted by David Jaffe, the creator of the game, teasant of Elsewhere following the game with God of War II: divine retribution that will release two years later. Note that in our European version, the message goes through a kinematics, not by the use of the phone number.

Bioshock Infinite – 2013

How to turn a William Shakespeare soliloque filled with love into a terrifying and scary version? The answer is on the side of one of the many Easter Eggs discovered on Bioshock Infinite. Indeed, At the beginning of the game, you buy a first tonic at the Columbia Fair: Possession. By drinking it, it allows you to take control of the machines. By improving it a little later in the game, you get an assisted version that expands the effects to humans that eventually end up suicide after dissipation. The effect is manifested with a spectrum that revolves around the enemy while whispering strangely. It is actually an excerpt from the famous tragedy of Roméo and Juliette, but pronounced upside down :

_ “Come, Gentle Night, Come, Loving, Black-Brow’d Night; Give Me My Romeo and, When He Shall die; Take Him and Cut Him out in Little Stars. »_

Once the spectrum volatilized, the enemy will give death in your eyes, such Juliet in the work of William Shakespeare. Dramatically original…

10 Video Game Easter Eggs Nobody Understands

Hearthstone – 2014

Developed by Blizzard, Hearthstone is now well well known for collecting cards games. This game is still full of as many cards as Easter Eggs. Be it illustrations, texts involved or dialogs, all means are good for sliding many references. And there is something for all the tastes between the series (South Park, Friends, Kaamelott…), the movies (Indiana Jones, the tanned skiing, James Bond, Transformers, Matrix, Harry Potter…), The song (Johnny HALLYDAY, STROMAE, Charles Trenet…) And even advertisements (Orangina, Apéricube, Krys…). But we have retained an Easter Egg a little more daring where Blizzard does not hesitate to get real reference, all being clearly turned to self-derision. For that, let’s take the card of the “cobalt guard” , taken from the first extension _Gobelins and gnomes. When he dies, in the original version of the game anyway, he pronounces the words “erreur 37“. This error refers to the one experienced by many players at the catastrophic launch of Diablo III in 2012 , and which prevented them from connecting to the completely saturated waiters of the game. Allow even the spicy and daring side of this Easter EGG on the part of Blizzard.


At the beginning of 2015, it is a tour of a survival-horror in open world to point the tip of its nose: Dying Light, a game that does not lack Easter Eggs well hidden. For example, paradoxically, it is in the middle of the hordes of zombies that the developers have had fun paying tribute to the famous Jovial plumber of Nintendo. How ? They had the original idea of integrating the first level of the Mario Brosu. Through a mission just named “world 1-1“. To access it, go to the rooftops of the old town to see and interact with the famous green pipe. This hidden level is to replay that of the Nintendo version in a five-zombified 3D version. It is even possible to recover a reward, a secret plan of the pyza follows which will allow you to plan over several meters after having crafted. And Techland does not seem to want to stop there since another Tribute, certainly of lesser extent, is returned to the world of Mario in the second opus released very recently. A story of shoes… We will not say more about this new Easter Egg that we let you know how to find out for yourself.

Read our article: Mario level in Dying Light, how to access it?


We no longer have the license of the name of The Witcher. If a new game has been officially announced developing lately, the third album of the series is still talking about it. Yet released in 2015, an Easter Egg has just been discovered by a YouTubeur. First, remember the character of the Vivienne name that you meet during the quest _ “tweah and Chivalry “_, within the second and last extension Blood and Wine. You learn when she suffers from a curse. If it is possible for the river geralt of the dissipate, his fate will definitely be sealed, Vivienne will not be able to live more than seven years. It is then enough to be curious enough to know the suite and to meditate for seven years at stake to find Vivienne, dead in the room of Yennefer. In passing, what more original than to discover this Easter Egg near Seven years after the game exit… This is an Easter Egg extremely well hidden, as Philipp Weber confirms, the chief designer of CD Projekt Red. It only remains to monitor the arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series versions with possibly other Easter Eggs to find out.

Read our article: The Witcher 3: One of the last secrets discovered seven years after the exit of the game

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Bread – 2015

Speaking of Easter Eggs, Hideo Kojima, METAL GEAR SOLID’s dad, is not left out. Fans are used to getting away from many hidden references in the Games of the series and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Bread does not escape the rule. More known to the public, It may be one of the most curable Easter Eggs of the video game. Indeed, it was necessary to think about it. How about celebrating your birthday with the play protagonists? During the prologue, if the doctor asks you for your date of birth, it is not by chance. Because if you play the day J (or if you did the date in the settings of your console), you are called urgently to the Mother Base. Once there, Big Boss expects the worst when hearing Shots of fire that are actually the rockets of a fireworks. This is actually an improvised party with a big cake in your honor. You only have to blow my candles yet!

Read our article: Celebrate your birthday on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Bread…


While the new free content relaunches the interest of the players for Returnal on PlayStation 5, take advantage of this opportunity to unveil an Easter EGG with reference to Resogun, the exclusive launch title of housemarket on PlayStation 4, released in 2013. Remember. You of this Shoot’em Up game whose goal was to release the last human survivors, represented by little green guyommes. Easter EGG is actually a small statuette representing one of these little green humans. It is hidden in the cockpit of the name of Helios, in the vessel of seine. No interaction being possible, it is just a simple wink, in tribute to Resogun. Where the idea is particular, it is that this Easter EGG actually shows the course made by housemarks of a generation of console to another. From a simple arcade oriented game, the ambition is Clearly revised upward with Returnal which is one of the first exclusives of the PlayStation 5 and especially the first AAA game of the development studio.

Elden Ring – 2022

2022. It’s been more than 40 years since Easter Eggs, ever more original, flourish through our latest video games and outings are no exception. Here is a first example with Elden Ring, released the latter February 25, 2022. Already present in souls type games, The game contains, not one, but several Easter Eggs with reference to the famous Berserk Manga. This time, it’s probably in the sole purpose of making a tribute, very touching, to the author, Kentara Miura, who died last year. First, early enough in the game, It is possible to find a sword _ “Greatsword” _ , in a trunk in Caelid. Whether by the visual or the description of the weapon, the resemblance with the huge sword of Guts, the _ “Dragonslayer” _, is striking. Like the Malekith armor that looks strangely like The Berserker armor of Guts. Finally, other characters of the game such as Blaidd, Malenia or the prisoner’s class would be inspired respectively of the characters of Guts, Farnese and Griffith in the manga. Given the solid influence of the manga berserk in the world of ‘Elden Ring, it is useless to specify that other lining are likely disseminated everywhere in the world of the game.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: the dawn of Ragnarök – 2022

Finally, it would be a shame to finish our list without evoking the Ubisoft games that also focus on Easter Eggs with all kinds. Since the release of the first opus in 2007, the Assassin’s Creed games illustrate this purpose. Of course, references are innumerable and we have chosen to target those related to the Lord of the Rings. Like Assassin’s Creed: Pirates, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Previously, the latest born of the series, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, has its lot of Easter Eggs dedicated to trilogy. Between the pagan-like village on the Glowecestre side, inhabited by “small people” (possibly hobbits) and a mysterious ring that does not fail to make you think of Gollum , it is the third freshly released DLC, The dawn of Ragnarök, who pulls his Easter Egg from the game. Beyond the visual, it is more distinctively integrated and especially interactive by taking the form of an event directly at stake. Named _ “Hyrrokin’s gift _, It is located in the Gullnamar region. Indeed, by strolling in the range, You will have the opportunity to meet frodri, a little character likely resembling a well-known hobbit… The latter asks you to accompany him to the top of the mountain to destroy a ring Cursed by a Jötun witch. The coincidence is troubling… except for the outcome of this quest that you are surprised to discover.

To read also: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: an Easter Egg Lord of the Rings, how to access it?

Thus ends our selection of the ten original easter eggs of the video game but it is obvious that they are so many that it is impossible to mention them. Whether Call of Duty, Fallout, Hitman, Pokémon, Halo, Grand Theft Auto… These are all known games of many players and overflowing with Easter Eggs. Which gives us the opportunity to ask you the question:

And you ? What is your most original Easter EGG?


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The range of games of 2021 succeeds so far

After 6 months with only a handful of new generation titles, many frustrated players begin to shout: “Show us games!”. We hear you and feel exactly the same thing. So join us as we look forward to what E3 could bring and explore why Xbox must impress us with content.

Why is E3 so important for XBOX? Without a doubt, Game Pass is the best video game service. Not only is the title library is large with new games added regularly, but the way the service has also adopted the upward compatibility is commendable, which makes more players flock to Microsoft. With a powerful system that offers unprecedented loading times and a quick recovery, fans are desperate for a game that really shows the power of the X-series. Join the gang as they discuss the latest news in the games Video and explore the means that Xbox could win the E3!

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Game of the Year 2021 (So Far) – GI Show
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