Andor Seon 2 will take us to the planet Yavin, former home of the Rebel Alliance

Ardor w one of the most anticipated Star Wars series of this year, The first seon is already in the Disney+ catalog and h been very well received by both the spectators and fans of the franchise, and for critics. Of course, seon 2 is already well-marked on the agenda, although it does not have a specific date, because there is a long wait ahead (the filming began just a few days ago and its relee date is scheduled for some time of 2024).

Now, thanks to an exclusive of the Collider media, we have one more reon to excite ourselves, since the Tony Gilroy showrunner-is also the director of Rogue One: a story of Star Wars-h confirmed that we will visit a very important place in the universe of The saga such Gavin, the planet that one day w the home of the Rebel Alliance and in which the intergalactic civil war w fought . He h also revealed that Janus Metz (True Detective) , Ariel Learn (Young Love) and Alonso Ruizpalacios (Marcos) The address to direct several episodes each.

next video games, movies and Star Wars series

Thanks to the diversity of products, Star Wars is going through a great moment and looks towards the future with illusion . far video games are concerned, fans have pointed out projects such Star Wars Motor Remake, Star Wars Eclipse (Quantico Dream) and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Fallen Order sequel). In this link you can know them all. for series and movies, the list is even bigger, with almost half a dozen on the table, among which highlights the expected seon 3 of The Mandalorian, among others.

We remind you that you can see Ardor seon 1 in Disney+ and that, we said, the second seon will have to wait until 2024.