How to get a sight with a flower in ValoRant?

Like an emoticon sight, the crosshair in the form of a flower is also a creative by-product of the Valorant community. Flower crossing has become popular after it was used by several well-known streamers, such as Subroza, on Twitch. To get a flower cross in ValoRant, you will need to include both internal as well as external lines in ValoRant, while maintaining central point .

How to create a new crosshair in ValoRant

Most of you are probably known how to make a sight in ValoRant. If not, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the ValoRant and find the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner in the main menu.

FLOWER Crosshairs In Valorant!
* Press the “Settings” button and in the new window, select the Crosshair options.
* Use the profile option of the sight to create a new sight and start setting it with initial section.

Creating a flower sight

General settings sight

Internal lines

Outer lines

How good is a floral sight?

Despite all the hype, the sight of the flower is not so good from a competitive point of view, since it has too many details, and it can distract your concentration. However, you can use the sight in everyday or friendly customs.

Remember that you can always change the color of the crosshair in accordance with your preferences.

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