Pokemon GO: Stufful, Estrella del Día de la Community of April; Date and details

Stufful , the normal type tantrum Pokémon / seventh generation (ALOLA), will be the protagonist of the day of the 200822 community. Niantic hcommunity day confirmed the date , schedule , bonus and features ** from this fourth community day of this course, which against the interest of some users will not contemplate six hours of duration, but will be reversed the mecommunity dayure applied during the pandemic to lcommunity dayt again three hours. We know all the details.

Date, time and features of the day of the April community – Stufful

On the day of the 200822 community will be held on April 23 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at local time with Stufful community day Pokémon Star. The Pokémon tantralls will deduct in the Niantic game for iOS and Android in a wild and, community day confirmed by the study, too we can find it in its variable form if we are lucky.

Thus, during those 180 minutes that will lcommunity dayt on April community day of Pokémon Go we will be able to find Stufful in a wild form with a really high frequency. In addition, for a dollar (or the equivalent price), we can access the exclusive Special Research History of Stufful Community Day: _ A very hard stuffed animal _ . These are the Bonus of the event and the exclusive movement that Bewear will learn, its evolution.

Bewear will learn the exclusive movement fist drainage

If we evolve our Stuffil during the event or up to two hours after I finish (7:00 p.m. local time), Bewear will learn the attack loaded Fist drainage , with 20 damage points in coach combats and defense increcommunity daye of the guaranteed user. In gyms and incursions, fist drainage hcommunity day 50 damage points.

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* Stufful Evolve to Bewear with 400 candies Stufful.

Bonus of the day of the community day of April 2022

  • Triple of px per capture.
  • Twin of candies by capture.
  • Double probability of receiving candy ++ when catching Stufful.
  • The incense activated during the event will lcommunity dayt three hours.
  • The bait modules activated during the event will lcommunity dayt three hours.
  • An additional special exchange can be made during the event and two hours after this ends (maximum 2 per day).
  • Exchanges performed during the event or two hours after finishing will require 50% less stellar dust.

We will also have a Special Community Day Pack that in the store by 850 Pokémoncommunity day that will include 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Berries Pinia, 1 mt fcommunity dayt attack elite and 1 remote incursion pcommunity days. In the store we will also have a batch of 30 ultra balls for free .