1. FC Cologne – Baumgart via Modeste

Trainer Steffen Baumgart and 1. FC Cologne do not want to race in the contract poker with Anthony modestests. “Tony is a very important player for us and a big factor. And he should stay too,” said Baumgart of the kölnische Rundschau: “I want Tony stays. Nevertheless, I think that the club has the club saying and that Provide tempo. “

In the past, the club “drift from consultants, players and certain situations. That’s the worst thing that can happen to you”. In addition, Baumgart referred to the development of the top starter in recent months, “that’s great. However, if we had the same conversation ahead of a three-year months ago, I do not know how the answer would have failed. Now all do so as if the FC are doing without Tony can not anymore. But he can. “

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Modests had a difficult phase in Cologne and was not an important part of the team anymore, only under coach Baumgart he blooms since the summer. Modest’s contract runs 2023, last he had explained not to go to the coming season with a run-out contract. However, it is “not so that Tony goes bad,” said Baumgart: “Tony in Cologne has a connection contract as a coach over a long period of time. I know many who would like this contract.”