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Heavy metal action RISING HELL and Slain: Back from Hell PC version is distributed for free for a limited time, at the Epic Games store

On October 7, the free distribution of the PC version Rising Hell and Slain: Back from Hell have started on October 7 at the Epic Games store. If you create or log in your account within the period, you can hold it after the period. The distribution period is until 0:00 on October 14th.

Rising Hell is a rogue action game designed by Tahoe Games. The regular price is 980 yen. This work adopts a vertical scroll-type gameplay that climbs up the tower-like stage upwards in the world of hell. With heavy metal sound roaring, defeating the monster that attacks, overcoming the trap, and challenging a powerful boss.

You can get soul from the defeated monsters, and you can purchase upgrade items by consuming soul when clearing the area. Climb the tower while strengthening the hero. If you die, you will start over from the beginning, and the stage configuration is randomly reconciled. As a permanent unlock element, playable characters with different abilities are available. In addition to the main story mode, this work also includes multiple challenge modes.

Slain: Back from Hell is a horizontal scrolling action game developed by Steel Mantis. The regular price is 1380 yen. The World Karl of this work was once a peaceful land, but was defined by the evil ruler, Roll. There, the main character, Berlin, fights to release Karl.

Barring can use a sword as a weapon and emit a mysterious wave as a flying tool. There are three types of weapons, and the key is to use them properly according to the enemy. On the stage, monsters attack, and instant death traps are placed. This work is one of the features of Gore expression drawn in dot paintings, and not only the enemy but also the protagonist will expose the remnant death. Also, like Rising Hell, this work also uses heavy metal as BGM, and the former member Curt Victor Bryant of Celtic Frost offers music.


Rising Hell and Slain: Back from Hell are being distributed for free at the Epic Games store until 0:00 on October 14. Next week’s free distribution is scheduled for the latest work of the action adventure game TEAM & EARL: Back in the Groove!