Relaxing rotary puzzle THE SHAPE OF THINGS announced. A relaxing time to return to the shape of the thing that has become apart

Publisher Maple Whispering announced The Shape of Things on July 22. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). According to the store page, it is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2023 and supports Japanese display.

The Shape of Things is a puzzle game. Various objects that have been divided into different parts are returned to the original shape while operating the parts. Parts can be rotated like a Rubic Cube, and it seems that it can be operated such as enlargement and reduction. Each puzzle is discharged with a gachapon machine in the game. If you return it to the shape of the object and clear it, you will get a coin to draw the next gachapon.


There are no time limit or penalty during the game, so you can play calmly at your own pace. The weather and time in the game can be set by the player. In addition, it is said that a pleasant sound effect and BGM are prepared, so it seems to be characterized by a spacious game play. In addition, it is said that the operation can be performed only with one hand. He wants you to enjoy warm drinks with empty hands.

Hyper Three Studio is based in Barcelona, Spain. In the past, he has developed a diorama mistake search game Tiny Lands. There is no time limit or penalty in the same work, and it has a relaxed element, such as comfortable BGM and environmental sound. In the Steam User Review, 94 % of the 521 cases have won the very popular status. The game play that can be played while relaxing seems to be well received by users. On the other hand, it is also evaluated that searching for mistakes, which is a puzzle element, has a good response. In this work THE SHAPE OF THINGS, such essence will be inherited.

The Shape of Things will be released for PC (Steam) in the first quarter of 2023.


The CEO of Bungie talks about what will follow destiny 2

We all know that Bungie brought a ton of changes to destin 2 – Facilitating the grinding of the Sleeper node, reorganizing the new player’s experience in the new extension, remove the random booty boxes from the shop, all these good things. But sooner or later, each developer must move on new and different things. Except for Capcom. But we are not talking about Capcom, we are talking about Bungie, and the CEO and President of Bungie Pete Parsons has just given a long interview where he mentioned the future projects of the studio. We will take a look.

We already knew that Bungie worked on a game similar to destin. We also knew they were currently hiring for said match. However, it will be a new IP address, not another slice of destin (and this sentence is not weird when you say it aloud). _ “We started about three years ago, Jason and Jonny Ebbert and Zach Russell and some of us started working on new incubations,” says Parsons. _ “… They certainly work to create games, but their goal is really to create teams. How to build teams that know how to work together and, above all, can create magic things? ยป_

It’s a good question. We do not really have an answer, but we are delighted to hear that these new projects have been going on for a while – before Bungie receives $ 100 from Neetase to develop “new experiences”. This is auspicious for quality control, assuming we do not enter an DUKE NUKEM forever scenario. Crusse with the fingers we do not enter in an duke nukem forever scenario.

Another good news with one aspect of the pandemic reality of Parsons: _ “I think, I do not know if I am allowed to say it, but we probably hire at a faster pace than we thought. Now, I will give you a crazy statistic. There is something like nearly a quarter of all those who work now at Bungie have never set foot inside the studio._

It is good to know that Bungie is still booming although 2020 is 2020. We look forward to seeing what they reserve us next.

How Bungie Plans to Address Destiny 2 PVP, Inventory, and Future Stories

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