Web novel and webtoon I only level up alone produced by Japanese animation

Webtoon IP, a webtoon IP, which has recorded 14.2 billion views worldwide, is produced in Japan as an animation in Japan. At the same time, the teaser image and promotional video were also released on the 4th.

Nahon Rep is a web novel written by Chun Gong in 2016 and has gained great popularity with solid storytelling. Since then, Kakao Entertainment’s Noble Comics Project, which is a webtoon of popular webtoons in 2018, has been introduced as a webtoon and accelerated.


This animation is a project that ‘Nahon Leb’ global fans have been eager. Animation production is A-1 Pictures, who hit the name of the Sword Art Online, the Seven Deads, and the name of the flowers that I saw that day, We are not only me '' and April is your lies. ” It will be released in 2023.

Meanwhile, on the 4th, ‘Nahon Level’ anime teaser image and promotional video were also released. The teaser image shows Sung Jin-woo in the animation, and the promotional video includes the signature scene of the webtoon and the introduction of major crews.

Chun Gong, who wrote the original web novel, said, If you told me that this novel would be a cartoon by the time you were hitting some of the introductions of ‘Nahonb’, I would not be funny. But now I am excited about the news that it is an animation following the cartoon. Seong Jin-woo and his friends are waiting for the day they live.