Half-Life 2 Public Beta of VR MOD is held in September! Experience Gordon Freemans adventure in a new form

Source VR MOD TEAM features a public beta of the Half-Life 2: VR MOD Half-Life 2: VR to VR of the masterpiece adventure FPS released in 2004. We announced that we will do. The latest video that shows the game play scene is also available.


A large and ambitious project is not true completion, he said, and although he still wants to do the best VR experience and wants to improve, he has a lot of things to improve, but he has been a private beta tester that has been conducted in the past few weeks. It seems that the public beta has been decided because the overwhelming favorable feedback has been received.

At this stage, the game can play from the beginning to the end, and I am confident that it is very fun. The MOD is scheduled to be distributed on Steam, but it is waiting for Valve to approve it, and if the approval is not obtained, it will be released in another way. The price is free (Steam version Half-Life 2 is required).

Half-Life 2 was very highly evaluated in overseas reviews. Playing Gordon Freeman’s magnificent adventure in VR may be a fresh experience. In the future, we plan to support Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two.


Valorant: The Closer Qualifier of the North begins with Victoria de Xolos and Infinity

After several weeks after the Valorant Masters and the Open now is time to give way to the tournament that will define the representatives of the northern region to find the quota in the next international phase, the Teams looking for glory to make clear who are the best in the north.

The Xolos were more cruel

The first series began with the premiere of a team inside the tournament that comes from winning in the Open Tournament, Team Cruelty that faces the current E-Xolos Lazer champion, starting on a map of Haven that turned very home Where Darker did an interesting job with OMEN to leave the most favorable situation for the cruelty team, however, the first half of the map would end 6-6, to the change of sides Santiago ”Daveeys” Galvis with a chamber Very precise would do a cleaning job on the attacker getting casualties that would give the advantage of rounds to the xolos to take the map 13-6.

In the second map of bind we repeated a very similar story but the brim used by Michael “Bandicoot” Mancipe who would make the Xolos take the advantage with a 7-5 that would help them a lot but the team of Cruelty would not keep the arms crossed since it would be able to support his team to send the game where they would end up winning the map with a 14-12 managing to tie the series.

For the tiebreaker we will move to Ascent where we would see that cruelty’s style would work with Baez as the protagonist using Jett but the tie would not arrive in the first part due to That the Xolos would put the 7-5, in the second half of the map the aggressive defense proposed by the Tijuana team would be led by the K/I of Santiago “Feniz” Galvis who would do a very clean job leaving badly stopped the players of the players of the Cruel team and that would help close the series with a 13-8 to take the victory.

The infinity takes the reins

100 Thieves vs The Guard - HIGHLIGHTS | Champions Tour North America Stage 2: Challengers

Starting the second series we saw the Infinity team against Border Monsters to see which team accompanies Xolos at the tip of the table, the first map would be Ascent where the monsters would work the first half led by Nolan “Nolan” Martinez with a jett that tormented the infinity to leave 7-5 Javier “Rainmaker” Cruz arrows to get information and the advantage of the rounds that would let them go around to finish the map 13-9 in their favor.

In the second scenario of have we began to see a clear advantage of the infinity team that dominated the early rounds but the reactions of the border monster team would make things match leaving the 6-6 in the first instance, to the change of roles Daniel “Theory” Albadan together with Rainmaker would make the infinity team take the advantage within the map and with the execution of precise rounds would get the victory with a 13-9 ** that would give them the series.

Thus ends the first day of competition in the north showing a great level of all teams hoping to advance to the international.


The Metroidvania The Knight Witch announces a launch in 2022

Team 17 has announced that the shoot’em up with touches of Metroidvania The Knight Witch will reach PC and consoles this 2022. developed by the Spanish study Super Mega Team , the title has a Twist In the gameplay that comes from the hand of spells, 30 powerful very different attacks that we can launch through a deck of cards that we will grow during the game. This component of Deckbuilder will be decisive in our strategy and will allow us to customize our combat style.

The Knight Witch is starring Rayne, a witch who must explore the depths of the city of Dungeonides with the hope of ending the invasion of Golems. The more we advance and the more we help the inhabitants the more confidence and hope they will deposit in us, something fundamental to grow our magical powers and our strength.

Defined by its creators as a “Metroidvania without barriers”, The Knight Witch will incorporate different aid and accessibility options that range from the automatic pointed to “tricks” that alter the world and help us in navigation. Allowing us to face combat from both melee action and from distance thanks to magic, the title wants to be intuitive and fun for all players regardless of their experience with gender.

The Knight Witch | Announcement Trailer
The Knight Witch will arrive at Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S , Xbox One and PC in 2022.


FIFA 22 Totw 30: Ultimate Team Week Equipment with Mbappe, Lucas Vázquez and more cracks

One more week, EA Sports publishes the Ultimate Team Week Team for FIFA 22 with special letters from some of the players more in the form of the world. Wednesdays are a must for FUT lovers and the new letters available.

We refresh your operation. These special players will appear on envelopes from now and during the period of one week you can get them for your teams. Based on the actions they have had in the real world, receive a special card for FUT that improves the numbers of the base menu of that same footballer. In addition, you can measure them against them in Squad Battles matches to get succulent rewards, or use them in SBC challenges to exchange for other highest-level players.

This week we have Mbappé, who after scoring a Hat-Trick, was forced presence in the team. There are also other Laliga representatives, such as Lucas Vázquez, David Silva or Diego López .

Totw 30.


  • Pickford.
  • De ligt.
  • Lucas Vázquez.
  • Gerhardt.
  • Bareella.
  • David Silva
  • Szoboszlai.
  • Mbappé.
  • Immobile.
  • Bourigeud.


  • Diego López.
  • Saliba
  • Núñez.
  • González.
  • Healey.
  • ROOFE.
  • Tissoudali.
  • Le Fondre.
  • Campaign

Do not forget that in our FIFA content section 22 you will find all the current football game at EA Sports. From tutorials to guides and advice, going through SBC challenges solutions, as well as all the news that comes every week to the different events of Ultimate Team.


FIFA 22: TOTW 29 The new team of the week available in packages from 19:00

EA Sports today will announce the TOTW 29 of the popular mode FIFA 22 Ultimate Team . The new team of the week will be available in packages starting at 7:00 pm tonight at 7:00 pm next Wednesday 13 April 2022.

The Team of the Week is a team composed of players who have distinguished themselves for level performance. The newspapers around the world vote them, highlight them, and even FIFA Ultimate Team is no less.

Every Wednesday a new team of the week drops in the field, and is even saddle. In fact, not only can you find in packages each of this players, but you will also have the opportunity to challenge the entire TOTW directly.

According to what has been reported by some insiders we can reveal the names of some players who will be in the new Totw. We remind you that the list that we report below must be considered as a simple indiscretion and not as an official list.

  • Neymar
  • Sterling
  • Sommer
  • Skriniar
  • Mkhitaryan
  • Morales
  • Delort
  • Laimer
  • Juanmi
  • Guenderui
  • Lazzari
  • Iago
  • Onuachu
  • Jonny
  • Hernandez
  • Hanley
  • Djiku
  • Beto
  • Janelt
  • JeremeJeff
  • Amdouni


FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.


Pokemon Go: Silent Schemes – All Stages of Quest and Awards

Recently in the world of Pokémon Go, The GO Rocket team took another villainarian attempt to disrupt the appearance and disappearance of Pokemon and coaches worldwide. Niantic announced that this is the last event, comprehensive rocket retreat will last from April 3, 2022 to April 7, 2022 . Players will more often see Team Go Rocket on balloons and in the beatings. During this event, CHARGED TM can be used to allow the Pokemones to learn the FRUSTATION movement.

All quests and rewards

In Chain tasks “Quiet Schemes” , the players will have the opportunity to perform six sets of research tasks. Execution of each task will open awards, and even more awards can be obtained when players will complete all three steps in the research task.

Quest 1/6:

    • Win three Team Go Rocket Grunts ** – Three Hyperzelle
    • To catch one shadow pokemon – one revival
      Win a raid battle ** – meeting with Bruul

Award : Three rare candies, 1000 XP and 15 oneakers.

Quest 2/6:

    • Post five Team Go Rocket Grunts ** – 10 Nanab berries
  • Catch five shadow pokemon – 10 pinpa berries
  • Make three beautiful rolls of a twisted ball in a row – 10 berries

Award : 1500 XP, 1000 star dust and 10 excellent balls.

Quest 3/6:

  • Win five Team Go Rocket Grunts – 1000 experience
    • Clear five shadow pokemon ** – 1000 experience
  • Earn three candies, walking with your pokemon friend. – 1000 experience

Award : Rocket Radar, 2000 XP and 15 excellent balls.

Quest 4/6:

  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Arlo. – 1500 experience
  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Cliff – 1500 experience
  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Sierra – 1500 experience

Award : Super Rocket Radar, 2500 XP and 1000 Stardust.

Quest 5/6:

  • Find the Boss Team Go Rocket Giovanni – five maximum potions
  • Start with the Boss Team Go Rocket – 20 ultrabolts
    • Win the Boss Team Go Rocket ** – five maximum revival

Award : Two golden raza berries, one happy egg and 3000 xp.

Quest 6/6:

  • Claiming award – 2500 experience
  • Claiming award – 2500 experience
  • Claiming award – 2500 experience

Award : One Fast TM, One Charged TM and Two Silver Pinap Berries.

Tips for the quest line “Quiet Schemes”

Before proceeding with the quest “Quiet Schemes”, players can take note of several tips and receptions.

  • Do not forget to fight every Counter Team Go Rocket Grunt to make sure that the task chain can be completed in a short event time.
  • Gather a reserve of PINAP berries and use them on each of the shadow pokemon to get enough candy to clean them.
  • Explore the composition of Pokemon Leaders of Team Go Rocket Arlo, Cliff and Sierra before fighting to make sure they oppose them. Select the Pokemon command, in which there are supere-efficient techniques against them, or those on which the R. command receptions do not affect

Complete Silent Schemes Special Research Playthrough (Pokemon GO Team Rocket Event)

Interested in other quest guides in Pokémon Go and want to learn more? Check out the Pokémon Go: A Ripple In Time – All Stages of Quest and Awards in Professional Guides!

League of Legends

LOL: Thus I lived the final of Superliga de Seville from within

When in 2020 the final of the Champions League was played, many people did not feel that ending like that of the past years. Without audience or people cheering, the party did not seem very entertaining and few people remember what happened. The sport without a public is still fine, but if there is no one there, encouraging you every time you make a good play, it is not as exciting as normal.

Something similar happens with League of Legends. The final of superliga this year was finally carried out with the public and the truth that was a true pressure cooker. While in the Iberian Cup you could see that public so delivered, it is true that it was a tournament with less importance as the superliga this year, remembered by many as the most expected of all history despite Of the result as unbalanced for the winner.

Final unbalanced but with a lot of passion in the stand

The end facing two fully opposite poles: on the one hand we had Fnatic Team Cheese , with a very methodical philosophy and being extremely dominant throughout the entire championship with huge players and with travel as Baca , Bean or Rhuckz .

On the other hand we were bisons , the team that appeared from nowhere and fell in love with everyone as the league advanced thanks in its extravagant way to play and the enormous individual level of each of the players with myrwn As a great star of the team, even being its first year in an important ERL.

And it is that The people of Seville wanted to want League of Legends , since we remember that the last time the final was played there was in 2019 and with a result that would be marked by the rest of the story: 3- 2 for VIPERS at a fifth infarction map.

The Besoneta was present

2022 LCK Spring Finals Interview & Award | 2022 LCK Spring Split FINALS

From the beginning it was seen that most fell in love with the bilbai team through a term that is already history as it is “lol champagne” . Although it is not the only thing Bisons had, since came to the enclosure mounted on the “Besoneta” , another much more widespread definition in many sports to refer to the support of the team throughout the season.

Because yes, Bisons knew that he had the love of the spectators and further increased this relationship with handkerchiefs to the purest style San Fermín at the doors of the Cartuja Center so that the red color and the shield predominates above anything else.

And so it was, only with the presentation looked who was the favorite of the public. While there were people supporting Fnatic, it is true that the fervor of all those who supported Bisons overshadowed everything else. However, it is possible to emphasize the great love of viewers in general by players who have sought into superliga such as Oscarinin or Rhuckz.

Victoria for both teams

If we put ourselves talk about the game, we must say that it has not been said; FNATIC Team Cheese broke the dreams of bisons into three clear and forceful maps for the organization commanded by Dart. However, although the public did not look at all motivated, every murder of bison was a golgory among attendees, so it was not a bad time for everyone.

As soon as the series ended, the public rightly applauded Fnatic, but the real ovation took Bisons and his wave of fans who set the difference from the first minute of the final. The victory in the loyalty crack was for Fnatic, but in the heart of all the fans won the bison.


Eintracht-Starter Knauf: So far, it has run optimally

About a month ago, the use times of the Dortmund Winterleihendung Ansgar Knauf in his new club made for amazement. Two joker inserts in three Bundesliga pairs – Eintracht-Coach Oliver Glasner initially had little use for the fast outer railway player.

Perfect TRANSFER For EINTRACHT? LIVERPOOL To Win PL? - Fifa 22 Career Mode #4

Four and a half weeks later, Knauf says in the context of a DFB media customer about his workplace change on January 20, 2022: “So far, it has run optimally, just as we all introduced us. I’m getting better in the team, I’m fine in the team, in the game flow and hopes that it goes on the same way. It’s great guys, it’s just fun with the whole troupe and the team of drummerum. This is still the beautiful stadium with great fans with every home game – that’s just cool. “

In the first round Knauf was even more in the third league at BVB than in the first division team. Now he is a typical example of the often quoted fast loyalty in professional football. In the past six mandatory matches, KnaufF is always in the Eintracht-Startelf, achieved his premier hit at Hertha BSC at the 4: 1 away win and elevated the right-wing house of Hesse. There, the trained offensive force usually acts as a rail player in front of a triple chain, so must do defensive task.

Knauf: “We look forward to a beautiful quarterfinal against Barcelona”

“That’s good for me, so I’ll be more variable,” explains Knauf and summarizes overlooking seven points from four league rates and the progress in the Europa League Octagonal Final against Betis Seville, where he stood on the square complete 210 minutes : “Overall, we have made a very good development with the team, have shown very good games in recent weeks, withdrawing our style of play and accordingly delivered results. All are extremely happy about the progress in the Europa League. We look forward to a look forward to Beautiful quarterfinals against Barcelona. “

It takes two weeks to measure the Eintracht professionals with the Barca stars. First, Knauf has to prove to other colleagues. For the German U-21 selection, in which the still for the U 20 to play in October in October and November has already been used once as a Joker, important EM qualifying games against Latvia (Friday, 18.15 in Aachen) and in Israel (March 29 in Petah Tikva).

Point losses should be the team of coach Antonio di Salvo, which leads to the same with Israel (15 counter) the group before Poland (13), but will be impaired by violent personnel problems.

U 21: Knauf hot starting style candidate on the right offense side

“This is annoying and a pity, for those who can not be there. For that other players have come directly. The mood is good and it is not really no topic for us because we are concentrating on the games,” says Knauf, says The now itself is a hot starting diagram on the right offensive side. Because of his recently good performances and abdominal problems of the Freiburg’s Kevin, which was previously set in the U 21, which initially did not travel to the DFB team and at most, hopes for a possibility of use in Israel.

Knauf seems ready to take responsibility and, despite the adversity, does not remove from the high demand within the DFB selection: “We want to win and are all firmly convinced if we stay with us and prepare well that we are well preparing for us successfully will.”

Soon after, the European epocal nights are against Barcelona, ​​who wants to make harmonics to magical from their point of view. But even then Knauf has contractually until summer 2023 time to leave its mark in the main metropolis.


Jessie and James arrive

Jessie and James are notorious members of the Rocket team of the Pokémon animation show. They are constantly trying to steal the pikachu from Ash Ketchum, among all the other Pokémon who put themselves across their way. Although they have tried several times, they fail constantly and are not the worst people in the world. With the next TEAM Rocket Balloon event on Pokémon Go, could these two characters find their way to the game? New Pokéminers dataminated text suggests that this could happen.

The full text was pushed to Reddit by a member of the PokeMiners team where you can read the full text. While Jessie and James do not have a direct dialogue, some of Team Go Rocket Balloon grunts refer to asking trainers if they saw a pair of crazy, one with blue hair and the other haired magenta. Given the amount of Niantic developers who pushed the balloons for Team Rocket, it is unlikely that these dialogue indices are only references and are probably looking for these two appear as a unique meeting.

New Rocket Leader Jessie & James in Go Fest Battle Challenge, Giovanni return with Shadow Legendary

When they present themselves left a mystery. At the sound of the disclosed dialogue, Jessie and Jamies could be on the run of Team Rocket and try to engage in their own harmful activities. They could have special shadow pokemon attached to them that players can save, or they could be linked to an event that we do not know. We will know when the Grumbings of the Team Rocket Balloon will arrive on Pokémon GO and hire the players in the dialogue. None of the disclosed dialogs mentions a speaking Miaou, but the fur companion could probably make an appearance alongside these two, even if it is only a pokémon they use in combat.


Attout 2022 – The Football Manager: New Publisher for the return of the management

The Developer Team of 2Ainium has found a new publisher for kick-off in 2022 – the football manager, which will take care of the publication of the famous management series in the future. For more than 15 years, fans have been waiting for a new part of the kick-off – this year the comeback but should be queuing. The creators therefore also take the feedback of the community to heart to improve the game. At the same time, one announced that one will publish an impact this year internationally – as Goal! The Club Manager.

_ “Make yourself ready for classic impetus gameplay, adapted to the increased requirements for coaches and managers as well as the developments of modern football. Attout 2022 offers playing depth as well as realism and confronts you with the complexity of the manager existence without losing in microman management, As coach, manager, sports director and club chief in Personnel Union, you take care of the team, tactics, installation, transfer market, club grounds, finance and much more “_ \ – the press release to initiated 2022 – the football manager.

What’s In FM22’s Big Update
Furthermore, fans of the former games can not only be happy about the famous humor, but also on mascot Pallino, which will provide newcomers with tips and tricks. Other highlights include a brand new heatmap that will help you with the analysis of your team, individual personalities of the players or a multiplayer mode for up to eight players, where you can compete online against other managers. You can read even more details on the product page at Steam.