League of Legends

Pakors troll pointed out that Pakka pointed out the discipline

The Chinese League of Legend (Roll), who pointed out the troll of ‘Pakers’, was disciplined from the local regular league LPL side.

HIKII pointed to the robust troll problem of overseas professional gamers on a personal broadcast that conducted at dawn 10 days. He was in solo rank, but the friendly player who chose Art Rox continued to kill the opponent team. In particular, when this user is a Chinese professional team Top e-Sports Athlete, “I do not know why Chinese professional players receive a Korean super account. I have been going since 15 years, but I do not think it’s not this. “It is said that if this happens once more.

Thereafter, the Top e sports and the LPL side said they would be disciplined by the ‘Qingtian’ Wiz, who judged that he had improperly conducted as a pro, respectively. First, Top e sports were educated about this through its official Wei Bo, “Qing Titi was a negative play. “We will” cut the incident to cooperate with the league, and cut the benefits of a month according to the discipline, “” Professional must comply with the E-sports rule, and to control the behavior, and maintain a good economic environment. The team will continue to strengthen education and supervision in the future. “

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LPL also announced the discipline for Wiz, on 10 days. In accordance with LPL competition regulations and penalty regulations, we impose a two-game business trip to Wiz, and 50,000 yuan (Hanwha approximately 974 million won), and Korea Roll Super account is stopped by December 31 this year.

I am also acknowledging the fault of Wish, and it is said that it is said that it should maintain a good economic environment as a professional player, and will accept the league and team’s discipline. I want to apologize to all players and gamers like the game. I will be serious in all games in the future. “

Progamers’ super account abuse is not the first time, and many domestic and foreign players have pointed out a problem with this problem, and have urged practical solutions. A more thorough management supervision of Riot Games and each regional league organizer, local e-sports teams for use of super accounts that are available to help you to help athletes.