LOL: The strategic genius of T1 that changed the rhythm of the semis thanks to a forgotten champion

The World League of Legends championship already knows its first finalist. Faker’s T1 will be in the 2022 Worlds 2022 final after defeating JD Gaming in semifinals for the memory that, however, did not start well for the Korean team. He lost the first game and the second one that is still the most successful organization in history was complicated. However, in a moment of lucidity that is already history of the tournament, They turned the game with a strategic decision that left us all stunned.

An impossible strategic genius

JD Gaming raised a trap in the lower lane to end Zeus (One). An action that looked good for the Chinese team that ended up committing the five players. It seemed a solid idea, since even if they did not end the Korean Liner Top they could control the lower river area and get their third dragon of the game. With what the Chinese did not count was that, once they had placed so many troops in the area, the response of T1 would be to look for a Baron Nash or that seemed impossible .

We understand that it was Faker who had the idea when it is an extremely experienced Rye player, but we cannot risk confirming it until the team publishes its traditional compilations with voice talks about the game. However, the point is that someone in the template saw a hole that nobody else could see. He returned to Zeus and rotated the entire team except for Mid Later, but the ultimate goal was Baron Nash or. Thus, the team launched its two spells of teleport to the subjects that advanced through the upper lane to go for the target.

With some Faker’s kingdom distortion of visionary . The grace is that, in addition to raising a wild rhythm change that we rarely see in League of Legends, the T1 team also executed the goal perfectly. It was Beria (Name) responsible for winning the last pair of seconds that his team needed to certify the epic monster.

Baron Nash or did not allow T1 to end the game immediately, but gave the team the tools to do it later. With him, they couldplay around a top inhibitor who threw Faker, Zeus and Beria . The mismatch forced errors in JD Gaming and opened new opportunities for the Koreans, which every time they had doubts only took a couple of steps to simulate a threat to the rival basis. A check that was ratified at minute 34 and from which the team grew to reach the final of the World League of Legends championship for the fifth time in its history.

If not being able to certify the objective, the Koreans would have remained in a terrifying situation in which to take the departure forward would have been almost impossible. In addition, Faker found reasons for to select Rye again in the third map of the series and signing a great performance with the champion. A forgotten character in these Worlds 2022 that has only been played three times (two of them in this series) and that, in patch 12.18 in which the League of Legends World Cup is played, barely earned 45.8% of the games.