Roblox removed 15 free UGC items from the Avatars store, maybe soon there will be more?

On November 18, 2022, it was discovered that Roblox removed 15 free UGC items from his Avatars store, some of which were available for purchase for more than two years. So, after all this time, why Roblox decided to remove them? What does this mean for the future accessories Roblox; Will all the remaining free objects be removed? Continue to read below to learn more about possible answers to these questions.


Roblox removed tons of free items from the Avatars store, why?

It is no secret that free items are an important part of what makes Roblox work, so why so many of them were removed in such a short period of time? Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous answer to this question yet. From what we discovered during our own study, it seems that most of the remote elements were associated with celebrities, or rather with musicians. At the time of the publication of this article, none of the items on the topic of Roblox was removed from the sale, which forced many to believe that perhaps there was a problem with copyright in relation to remote items.

The list below presents all the elements that were removed.

  • Cowboy hat of the old city-Lil Na’s X (LNG)
  • TOP Industry Baby Scrubs Topsoil Na’s X (LNG)
  • ZZZ-Zara Larsson’s head
  • Zara Larsson Tour strap
  • Girl Record Poster-Zara Larsson

  • Pajama top Sleepy-Zara Larsson

  • Sleepy Pajama Pants-Zara Larsson
  • Golden headphones-ksi
  • Hat Aotp-KSI
  • Royal bloody hat
  • The sign of the hand of the fan-why not (WDW)
  • Army jacket Bandito-Twenty One Pilots

Although this is not the first time that Roblox gets into hot water due to copyright and laws of DMCA, since at the beginning of 2022 the platform will completely remove all the sounds created not in Roblox, suggesting that this particular situation is copyright. The relationship seems a little stretched. Numerous features on the platform are still offering free items created by Roblox, but thematically dedicated to musical performers, brands and much more. Our assumption is that these elements simply reached their expiration date and were deleted, since they were already several years old.

Unfortunately, they were removed from the store regardless of the reason, but there are still many free items that can be earned in experience or using promo code. If you are interested in obtaining these items and any other free items that will be released in the future, be sure to look at the Roblox section of the game manual for professionals, as we always update!

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