Monster hunter rise

Steam sales chart remained for Steam Deck and Monster Hunter Rise

Where without Steam Deck in the Steam sales chart, but at least the list of the best games finally cleared of Elden Ring.
This week Monster Hunter Rise from Capcom was in greatest demand.
Here is the basic game and the fresh Sunbreak addition, presented, like F1 22, in several editions.
But the red cat in the world of Cyberpan from the Stray PC-Boyar so expected to be the rating did not even get in the light of a quick release.
Cat + Cyberpank = The most coveted game in Steam.
This is about Stray
1. Steam Deck

2. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
3. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
5. DNF Duel
6. F1 22
7. Monster Hunter Rise
8. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
9. Rust

  1. F1 22