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How to create Zechbas in Lost Ark

Zehbas is one of the most difficult collectibles in Lost Ark. It requires good luck, the case and even killing the world boss. This is a collective object for crafting in Roendel, which requires a search for several ingredients. Before making Zechbas, players need to do sparkling elemental food .

How to cook aerated food Elements in Lost Ark

To prepare the sparkling food echoes, the players will need four ingredients:

  • Purified Water Lotus Flowers
    • Map and description below
  • First infected elementary food
    • Map and description below
  • Second infected food element
    • Murder elites in Roelande for this random drop
  • Third infected elementary food
    • Murder World Boss Magmadon in Roendel

Lost Ark - Zechbas (with Purified Lotus Flower Water and Contaminated Elemental Food)

Purified Water Lotus Flowers

On the western side of the river there will be reservoirs with lotus flowers. Glass Lake Lotus Area. All possible places are marked on the map, so check each lotus flower until you can study it. He appeared in one, which we have already checked several times, so keep checking.

first infected elementary food

You can find it only on the map above in Ruins of Zenil . Examine fruits near the gate to find this ingredient. It’s time to prepare sparkling food elementals.

Where to make sparkling food echoes

You should visit Aylara, NPC in the Rotun to cook the sparkling food echoes. Its accurate location can be found on the map above. Ask her to cook the sparkling food elemental for 2500 silver. Next you need to right-click on it in the inventory.

It will either be Zanbas or spoiled echest food . If you got the spoiled food meals, you must repeat all the steps described above. If it becomes the location, right-click and it will be added to the adventure crawler log.

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