Olympia: Frenzel from quarantine released

Combine Eric Frenzel has been dismissed after eleven days from his corona quarantine. This confirmed the German Ski Association (DSV) to the SID. Because with Frenzel three tests resulted in a CT value of over 35, the three-time Olympic champion was allowed to leave the hotel on Monday evening (local time), where he was sitting in Beijing on 3 February since his arrival.

For a use in the individual of the whore, the release comes too early, there will be used on Tuesday (from 16.00 clock oz / 9.00 mez / zdf and Eurosport) replacement man Manuel FAILS is used. But Frenzel could be a topic for the season on Thursday. There he can bring his fourth Olympic gold medal as the first combiner of the story.

“Eric is fine, he could work well. He trained in his room every day. He makes a well established impression,” DSV-Teammanager Horst Hüttel had already said in the morning.

Hüttel also explained to donate Frenzel and the Terence Weber sitting in isolation as compensation for a vacation. “We talked along with the DOSB, the two athletes, which were in quarantine for so long, to finance a vacation for these days, with their families together. Because not only the athlete was bad, including the families,” said Hüttel. The Gesture Solle Frenzel and Weber “Make courage to look forward again”.

Olympics athletes from many countries complain about conditions at quarantine hotels

For Weber, the games meanwhile ended prematurely, the 25-year-old is replaced by the post-nominated fees. Weber loses its athlete accreditation and can not be used in the single on Tuesday still in the season on Thursday.

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“Shit Coronatest”: Andreas Wellinger threatens Olympia

As the German Ski Association (DSV) confirmed, the 26-year-old from Upholding was positively tested during the journey to the World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt and went to quarantine immediately on Friday.

What should I say? The knee is better again, I was medically released and could jump. And then the shit Corona test in between, said Bellinger, who, after a work on the operated knee on Saturday, comes to one of the remaining Olympia starting places Wanted to fight, I can not do that now, and that’s bitter. I’m fine, I do not notice anything, but the CT value was just about the border.

Departure instead of qualification

Bellinger, who was last missing in Zakopane because of his sudden knee pain, would have been to qualify on Friday. After jumping on Saturday (16.15 o’clock / ARD and Eurosport), National coach Stefan Forgather wants to give his last two Beijing places, but Bellinger, Severin Friend, Pius Paste and Constantin Schmidt questioned. Already, Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler and Stephan Late are already set.

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