Las boss chair …! Sales start at about 660,000 yen “Sasori-type gaming chair” near future

Gloture has started sales from March 2, with the NEC Site “GEESCORPION ” that is a near-futuristic scorpion gaming chair “ streamlined.”. The price is 657,800 yen (tax included).

# ◆ Near future scorpion chair, flat position to flat position comfortable reclining

Geescorpion is an innovative gaming chair built with a design that is a design like a scorpion, a game, work, relaxing and enjoying a long time in a long time.

LED / RGB Lighting is effectively placed and the display will create a soft and mysterious space without dazzling the display.

The backrest part and the screen are connected to a beautiful stream type, which is deformed. It is a comfortable texture, reclining to 128 degrees, and the user’s flat position is at least 160 degrees.

※ The monitor of various images is an image of the installed state and not included with this product.

# ◆ Novel Shape and LED Lighting Produce Neighborhood Space

Multiple LED / RGB lights are placed to create a soft and effective lighting space.

Various lighting can be operated in the control panel, so you can easily change the settings while sitting according to the scheme.

# ◆ Luxury and comfortable sitting heart

A high-quality reclining chair has a seat with high density mold shaping form and high quality PU leather.

The structure is made of robust and stylish scorpion type frames and is made of 3/16 high carbon steel. All frames have high resistance painting finish.

In addition to comfortable texture, it is reclining up to 128 degrees, which will be 160 degrees or more as a flat position.

A space that can be devoted to work by the user is enclosed in arched.

Monitor and audio works with effectively linked. Such structures are fused and are developed for the purpose of reducing the burden on the body that sit for a long time in the same attitude.

How about making a near-future office space or home game space sitting at Geescorpion?

# ◆ Easy connection to PC and monitor

Connect the input and output game station to connect Mac, PC, PS, Xbox, or other game console.

Wide monitor mounts for applications: Most monitors with international standard VESA (75×75, 100x100mm backhaul) can be adapted to most of the monitors. Up to 49 inches or 43 inch super wide-sized single monitors, or 29-inch triple monitor setups are available.

Don't Buy a

※ The monitor in the picture is not an accessory of GeesCorpion.

# ◆ Manipulating chairs and lighting in control panel

You can operate the monitor height and distance adjustment, the recliner, and the setting of various lighting can be operated in the control panel. Please operate according to the situation in the control panel while sitting on the chair.

# ◆ Specifications

· Operating voltage: 110-240V to 50/60 Hz
· Power consumption: 50-200 W
Normal work size: about 1650 x 830 x 1550 mm (lxwxh)
Expansion work size: about 2100 x 1120 x 2100 mm (lxwxh)
· Load capacity: 125 kg
Gross weight: about 200 kg
· Warranty: 2 years
Monitor compatible: Distance 70-87 cm (27 “-34”), monitor mount maximum load bearing 24kg
· Keyboard table: Approximately 87×32 cm Size, distance and height can be adjusted

※ Monitor and keyboard are not included.