Rise of kingdoms

Three Kingdoms 2022, 500,000 applicants for advance reservations

Reality Cubed Game announced on the 4th that the number of pre-booking applicants for the mobile strategy simulation game ‘Three Kingdoms 2022’ has recently surpassed 500,000.

Reality cubes will expand the size of reward items to the next level. Even if you apply for advance reservations, 300 golden and hero selection boxes are paid, and in commemoration of achieving 500,000 preliminary reservation applicants, 300 golden, 10 golden weapons, 10 golden hourglasses A total of 50,000 won worth of rewards will be given.

In addition, various events are being held at the official game community café, and the company plans to present in-kind compensation such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, 50,000 won fuel voucher, and 10,000 won cultural gift certificate through a lottery for participating users.

This game features its own territorial war, the Golden Battle. Golden Castle can produce ‘Golden’, a symbol of huge wealth, and positionally, Korea-China, where the main hub of the Win Dynasty and ‘Jangan’, which was abundant, and the history of the Three Kingdoms history. A total of nine major strategic hubs, including Luoyang, will be produced as golden.

In addition, it is not a simple combat power competition, but a combination of famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms, a faithful implementation of the internal system that should be enriched in the jurisdiction of the user’s jurisdiction, and a diplomatic field that must work with users of adjacent countries. It is a game designed to win by solving it.

Meanwhile, more information related to the Three Kingdoms 2022 pre-booking, SNS sharing, various information related to goldenity, and TVC advertisement starring by actor Joo Sang-wook can be found through the official Cafe of the Three Kingdoms 2022.


Debeak National Operating Sim Tropico 6 PS5 Version March 10 Release Determination After 20th Anniversary I finally appeared in the Next Generation Console

Ultraviolence is the 3rd workshop album of the singer and American composer woolen of the king and also the 2nd officially, launched on June 13, 2014, in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland while in The United States And Canada it was 17 of that same month a via the Polymer Records as well as Interscope Records record tag. Lana Del Rey acted as a coedecritor of all the songs, receiving help from Rick Novels — that had actually dealt with the king at the previous album of her Birthed to Pass away — along with consisting of a brand-new partner, Dan Auerbach, that cared for most of the production.
Generally terms, Ultraviolence acquired combined testimonials from contemporary music critics, when it comes to websites that compile these remarks, Metacritic got thirty-one, getting an average score of 74 out of 100, Similar AnydeCentMusic? He collected thirty-three, showing up to accumulate a score of 7.2 of 10.
For the promotion of the album, 4 songs were launched: West Coastline, TONES OF COOL, Ultraviolence, Brooklyn Infant and Black Elegance, launched specifically in Germany. The first of them had a modest performance when going into various musical checklists, getting to the 17th setting of Billboard Hot 100, with that, it obtained a normal efficiency in sales, while the various other songs had a low performance.

Clips Media Japan announced that the PlayStation 5 version of Debility National Operating Simulation Tropics 6 was released on March 10, 2012. In addition, package version reservations have been started at all over the country’s game shop and online store.

This work is a box garden simulation game that operates island countries floating in the Caribbean. The player will overcome the three different times, on the stage of the president’s El President, and rule the nation. Develop the economy by connecting the islands with bridges and tunnels, tensioning the bus, taxis and cable cars such as tropics people. It is also necessary to promote inbound, the opportunity of the employment of people who visited the island, the opportunity of education, and leviers. In addition, tasks for gripping power are also essential. After the 20th anniversary of the series, Tropics 6, which is finally entering the next generation console, can be enjoyed with 4K image quality of PS5.

PlayStation 5 version Tropics 6 recorded contents

· Game Main story
· Original Soundtrack (16 songs)

· DLC Lama of Wall Street

Additional mission Lama of Wall Street jumps into the big business world! Enhance economic power at new facilities such as Economic Laboratory, Toy Art, Smart Furniture Studio, etc.

New gameplay element: The price of the product will depend on the market movement and trade situations. You can predict trends in the Economic Laboratory and operate the market to affect the global market.

New Challenge Elements: A random event occurs and the global market, trade, and the positive effect and negative effect on production, and both effects are given.

Sandbox New Map: Cliff smoke

Other: Add customization options for El President and Palace, including new events and characteristics

· Palace Customization Option Flamingo Pond
· President’s clothes Hawaii tourists

PS5 Games Coming In 2022 (4K 60 FPS Gameplay) Release Dates & Release Windows
PS5 version Tropics 6 will be released on March 10, 2022, for 7,450 yen. If he has already had a PS4 version Tropics 6 (package / digital), you can upgrade to PS5 version at 1,490 yen (His PlayStation with a disk drive for upgrades from the package version 5 Requires main unit).


Pleasure Goty Edition released Thank you for your fans

Gotye (pronounced Gautier, [ɡo.tje]), of his birth name Wouter de Backer, born on May 21, 1980 in Bruges, is a songwriter-songwriter, singer and Belgian musician.

Microsoft Flight Simulation Game (hereinafter referred to as ).

MS announced on October 19 (local time) MS announced the news through the official homepage. Microsoft said, It is an edition that commemorates positive feedback and reviews, and award history. The launch date of the Goty version is November 18th.

The Goty version adds a variety of contents. First, five new aircraft sees a line. Volocity, Volocity, Pilatus PC-6 Pilatus PC-6 Pilatus PC-6 Porter (Pilatus PC-6 Porter), etc. In addition to this game I turn off eyes.

All of the airports are added to eight. Three in Germany and Switzerland, and two in the United States will be implemented in the game. Meanwhile, the details of the 545 airports, which were missing from the existing version, will also be added in the Goty version.

There are a few new features that have been requested frequently in the user community. DX12 support (proximity), weather system updates, and developer mode replay systems will be added.

Existing fans are also the best news. According to MS, the is available to free updates to existing game buyers in both PCs and Xbox series X / s. The default version will be discontinued, and the Goty edition will replace it.

Microsoft said that the Goty Edition said, Thank you, which conveys existing fans and new fans. In fact, the is popular through excellent graphics and improved accessibility.

Open-Cryptic Base Rating 92 points, 98% of critical recommendation rate, also receive a good evaluation. From 2020 to 2021, I have been awarded at the awards ceremony, including game awards and Dice Awards.