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Mobile sales decrease by 100 billion, Craftton 3Q operating profit 28% ↓


Craft Tone announced on the 10th and 3rd quarter of 2022.

Crampon’s 3Q sales amounted to W433.8bn and operating profit fell 16.9% and 28.2% YoY, respectively. The mobile sector, which accounts for more than 50% of the total sales, recorded 26% (about 100 billion won) from 26% to 282.4 billion won from the previous year. Net profit rose 27% year-on-year to W226.4bn, thanks to the increase in non-operating profit due to the strong dollar.

By sector, sales in the PC sector rose 1% year-on-year to W131.1bn, and the console rose to 11.7 billion won, up 134% year-on-year. In particular, PCs have recorded the largest quarterly sales ever in the past three years thanks to the advancement of players’ Battleground (Battleground) PC version. The console is also small, but it was a good performance thanks to the stable sales of the Subnautica series. For reference, about 50%of the total sales of Craft Tone console are occurring from Subnautica.

However, as mentioned earlier, sales in the mobile sector decreased 26% year-on-year. One of the causes of the rapid decline, Battleground Mobile’s suspension of service in India, is believed to have had a significant impact. Battleground Mobile has been blocked in the Indian government’s request in July, and sales were blocked in India’s Google Play and the Apple App Store. This happened in 2020, producing a separate Indian version, but the same situation occurred again. However, New State Mobile was not blocked.

Craft Tone is aiming to rebound in 4Q, launching Callisto Protocol, a survival horror game of Striking Distance Studio. In addition, the project Windows, a game that utilizes birds (snow birds) IP, which drink fantasy novels, is also being developed. Craft ton will establish a new studio in Canada for this purpose.

In addition, Kraft ton said it is developing more than 20 new works. The company is developing new works of various genres such as Hardcore Lutheran Shooter Genre, Project Black Budget, Multi-Shooter Project ROM, and Adventure Genre Subnautica 2.