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The year of the beef arrived in Rocket League

Psyonix has officially updated Rocket League with a new event celebrating the Chinese New Year while we enter the year of the buffalo. The Lucky Lanterns event includes new challenges, new thematic objects and return game modes. The new event takes place from now until March 1, giving fans enough time to unlock the new equipment. Rocket League is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC.

The new limited -term modes brought to Rocket League with the Lucky Lantern event includes the 2V2 Heatseker game mode which is currently live and will last until February 22. Once Heatseeker is no longer in rotation, the Super Cube in 3V3 mode will reign over the perch until the end of the Lucky Lanterns event on March 1. There is also a new variant of arena for fans, known as the prohibited temple (day).

“Celebrate the year of beef in our event in play Lucky Lanterns live now! said the official Twitter account of the Rocket League. “Finish the challenges of the event, unlock thematic objects and immerse yourself in a game of Heatseker LTM. Although Heatseeker was in the rotation of the game mode in the past, it is nice to see him come back with the event The Lucky Lantern. Some of the new cosmetics RL fans in the game are already progressing towards, including the Lucky Cat and Ozzy Ox Toppers, the Lantern Lift and Cherry Blosson Boosts, the banner of the temple Guardian player.

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year with Rocket League: Lucky Lantern? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pokemon Go: Silent Schemes – All Stages of Quest and Awards

Recently in the world of Pokémon Go, The GO Rocket team took another villainarian attempt to disrupt the appearance and disappearance of Pokemon and coaches worldwide. Niantic announced that this is the last event, comprehensive rocket retreat will last from April 3, 2022 to April 7, 2022 . Players will more often see Team Go Rocket on balloons and in the beatings. During this event, CHARGED TM can be used to allow the Pokemones to learn the FRUSTATION movement.

All quests and rewards

In Chain tasks “Quiet Schemes” , the players will have the opportunity to perform six sets of research tasks. Execution of each task will open awards, and even more awards can be obtained when players will complete all three steps in the research task.

Quest 1/6:

    • Win three Team Go Rocket Grunts ** – Three Hyperzelle
    • To catch one shadow pokemon – one revival
      Win a raid battle ** – meeting with Bruul

Award : Three rare candies, 1000 XP and 15 oneakers.

Quest 2/6:

    • Post five Team Go Rocket Grunts ** – 10 Nanab berries
  • Catch five shadow pokemon – 10 pinpa berries
  • Make three beautiful rolls of a twisted ball in a row – 10 berries

Award : 1500 XP, 1000 star dust and 10 excellent balls.

Quest 3/6:

  • Win five Team Go Rocket Grunts – 1000 experience
    • Clear five shadow pokemon ** – 1000 experience
  • Earn three candies, walking with your pokemon friend. – 1000 experience

Award : Rocket Radar, 2000 XP and 15 excellent balls.

Quest 4/6:

  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Arlo. – 1500 experience
  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Cliff – 1500 experience
  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Sierra – 1500 experience

Award : Super Rocket Radar, 2500 XP and 1000 Stardust.

Quest 5/6:

  • Find the Boss Team Go Rocket Giovanni – five maximum potions
  • Start with the Boss Team Go Rocket – 20 ultrabolts
    • Win the Boss Team Go Rocket ** – five maximum revival

Award : Two golden raza berries, one happy egg and 3000 xp.

Quest 6/6:

  • Claiming award – 2500 experience
  • Claiming award – 2500 experience
  • Claiming award – 2500 experience

Award : One Fast TM, One Charged TM and Two Silver Pinap Berries.

Tips for the quest line “Quiet Schemes”

Before proceeding with the quest “Quiet Schemes”, players can take note of several tips and receptions.

  • Do not forget to fight every Counter Team Go Rocket Grunt to make sure that the task chain can be completed in a short event time.
  • Gather a reserve of PINAP berries and use them on each of the shadow pokemon to get enough candy to clean them.
  • Explore the composition of Pokemon Leaders of Team Go Rocket Arlo, Cliff and Sierra before fighting to make sure they oppose them. Select the Pokemon command, in which there are supere-efficient techniques against them, or those on which the R. command receptions do not affect

Complete Silent Schemes Special Research Playthrough (Pokemon GO Team Rocket Event)

Interested in other quest guides in Pokémon Go and want to learn more? Check out the Pokémon Go: A Ripple In Time – All Stages of Quest and Awards in Professional Guides!


Jessie and James arrive

Jessie and James are notorious members of the Rocket team of the Pokémon animation show. They are constantly trying to steal the pikachu from Ash Ketchum, among all the other Pokémon who put themselves across their way. Although they have tried several times, they fail constantly and are not the worst people in the world. With the next TEAM Rocket Balloon event on Pokémon Go, could these two characters find their way to the game? New Pokéminers dataminated text suggests that this could happen.

The full text was pushed to Reddit by a member of the PokeMiners team where you can read the full text. While Jessie and James do not have a direct dialogue, some of Team Go Rocket Balloon grunts refer to asking trainers if they saw a pair of crazy, one with blue hair and the other haired magenta. Given the amount of Niantic developers who pushed the balloons for Team Rocket, it is unlikely that these dialogue indices are only references and are probably looking for these two appear as a unique meeting.

New Rocket Leader Jessie & James in Go Fest Battle Challenge, Giovanni return with Shadow Legendary

When they present themselves left a mystery. At the sound of the disclosed dialogue, Jessie and Jamies could be on the run of Team Rocket and try to engage in their own harmful activities. They could have special shadow pokemon attached to them that players can save, or they could be linked to an event that we do not know. We will know when the Grumbings of the Team Rocket Balloon will arrive on Pokémon GO and hire the players in the dialogue. None of the disclosed dialogs mentions a speaking Miaou, but the fur companion could probably make an appearance alongside these two, even if it is only a pokémon they use in combat.


Pokemon Journeys anticipates the great return of Butch and Cassidy

Pokémon less than a day is missing for your next launch, and all eyes are put in the series to celebrate. While pokémon legends: Arceus is encouraging players from all over the world, anime fanatics are attentive viajes pokémon __. After all, the program is ready to launch a great new episode this week, and will bring back to two of our favorites of Team Rocket.

CASSIDY AND BUTCH RETURN! | Pokémon Journeys Episode 95 Review
A few days ago it was announced that pokémon was ready to visit Butch and Cassidy at last. The duo will bring a new side of the Team Rocket to viajes Pokémon when his special episode leaves live. Of course, Jesse and James will have a lot to say about the return, but their rivals are living their best life with a new poster.

As you can see above, the image was released to promote the return of Team Rocket. Butch shows standing on the right with the usual attire of him while Cassidy poses to him. Her’s long hair is picked back on two tails and, as always, the slut looks a white and red boots to the thighs.

“At episode 95, fans will meet with Cassidy and Butch, who first appeared in the anime of 1998,” shared The Pokemon Company with the new poster. «Cassidy, one of the elite agents of Team Rocket. Butch, a man whose name is always confused. Please, he waits [to the Return]. »

Clearly, viajes Pokémon is a game for this return, and the fans are anxious to see how this team has g1. Butch and Cassidy were family faces in the original Pokémon seasons and had a brief cameo in _serie Pokémon: Black and white. After a few years in pause, the duo is back in action, and you do not know what your meeting will be like Jesse and James.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus Anime gives a first look at Team Rocket

Vines Pokémon has seen Ash Ketchup and his new friend Go doing everything possible in an attempt to defeat the coaches of the Gala region, capturing extremely strong Pokémon to help them achieve their goals. Although the last season of the anime has given us some strong heroes, what is a story without good villains? The next anime of Pokémon Legends: Areas has already promoted that Ash and the company will return for this new segment, but it also seems that Team Rocket has been seen in a new preview of the next delivery that will be linked to the game Nintendo Switch.

When vines Pokémon began for the first time, Jesse, James and Growth received a serious improvement, since his superiors considered them suitable to handle a new technology that allowed them to invoke some of the toughest pocket monsters in the world. However, having access to powerful Pokémon and having the ability to work with them are two completely different things, and the TEAM ROCKET trio has been routinely defeated on a regular basis. With this special, you may change things, since it has been shown to Team Rocket wearing a new aesthetic while looking to challenge Ash and company once again.

The Twitter Adipose Fandom user shared the captured image that sees Team Rockets wearing a new aesthetic, as they are ready to cause problems to Ash, Go and the other coaches that are ready to be part of the special episode that will be launched to sound in the Arrival of the Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon legends: Areas:

Pokémon Legends: Areas is scheduled to get to the Nintendo console at the end of this month, providing the coaches a completely new method to capture pocket monsters that is very different from what players often use. Scheduled to officially launch on January 28, coaches will be brought to the past of the Pokémon Universe, specifically within the forgotten area known as the Singh region. While it is unlikely that Team Rocket has a presence considering the era in which the game takes place, we would certainly not be surprised if any previous incarnation of the organization appeared.

What do you think of the new look of Team Rocket in this special? Feel free to let us know in the comments or contact me directly on Twitter comedy to talk about comics, anime and the world of Pokémon.


Dark Lugia returns to Pok mon Go Date and how to capture it

Pokémon Apocalypse is a 2010 fan-made brief movie directed by Kill Natalie radar well radar created by Dylan Inner radar well radar Lee Major. Bradared upon the Pokémon franchise business, the storyline takes place numerous years after the events of the initial anime collection. Meant radar a fan-response to the typical pattern of dark radar well radar gritty reboots of preferred franchises, the movie wradar indicated to provide a fully grown spin on Pokémon and also remain in the same capillary radar work seen on apology internet site CollegeHumor. The designers at first meant to reveal the film at the Vancouver Anime Advancement convention, it wradar not shown radar a result of technological troubles. Instead, on September 14, 2010, it revealed online using a teradarer segment dispersed with e-mails sent to various media outlets, which offered itself radar a recording of a secret flick trailer screening for a movie in advancement. The complete film complied with soon after that, uploaded online on September 20.
The result of nearly 2 years of work, the movie follows radarh Ketchup and also his buddies years after the events of the initial anime series, and also their battle versus criminal company Rocket Industries. Selecting using the subject of Pokémon after considering several opportunities such radar Grand Burglary Vehicle and Dragon Round Z, the producers were surprised by follower reaction to the material. Regardless of commends for the web content, they have actually specified they have no purpose to produce a full-fledged film.
The initial leaked sneak peek wradar met with hesitation and also criticism, with Crave Online in particular recalling the pattern of previous video clip game-inspired movies being mediocre. Kodak and Topless Robotic in specific noting that the sneak peek did it an injustice by concealing the appeal of the finished job, which by contrradart wradar consulted with really favorable reception. GamesRadar called it incredible, and also mentioned that the web content wradar sufficient for grown-ups ; in a further conversation, they added they were impressed by the quality of the work, and also how it resolved the similarity between the games radar well radar pet fighting. Various other resources such radar The Escapist and also Video game Informer additionally greatly commended the manufacturing, with the previous regretting that such a principle would certainly never ever formally appear from Nintendo.

Dark Lucia is back in Pokémon Go. The Shadow version of Photo s legendary Pokémon returns for limited time from the hand of Team Go Rocket, which also returns to the load after long wait. But the hiatus of the team led by Giovanni comes to an end and, radar you can imagine, this creature of a psychic and flying type will be the final companion of the leader of this Villeins team. We tell you How to capture it.

How to capture dark Lucia in Pokémon Go (November 2021)

The first thing to say is that this event in which your return is covered coincides with the Festival of Lights. The Team Go Rocket will return to Pokémon Go this Tuesday, November 9 at 12:00 (local time). From that moment, the Cliff, Sierra and Carlo leaders will be using again dark Pokémon, while Giovanni will do the same with his fearsome dark Lucia.

  1. To capture dark Lucia, it will be necessary, first, get a super radar rocket (we got it by defeating the three leaders of Team Go Rocket in phradares 15 and 16 of a misinterpreted mischief, of the seradaron of mischief). We explain it here below.
  2. To create the Super Radar Rocket it is necessary that we have before manufactured a Rocket Radar with 6 mysterious components of the recruits.
  3. Now, look for Giovanni with the Super Radar Rocket equipped and challenge it.
  4. If you defeat Giovanni will have a guaranteed meeting with dark Lucia.

New missions of a misinterpreted mischief (seradaron of mischief)

Phradare 15 of 16:

Defeat 5 recruits from Team Go Rocket: A ROCKET RADAR.
Defeat 3 Leaders of Team Go Rocket: 1 Super Radar Rocket.
Defeat Giovanni: 1 lucky egg.

Rewards: Meeting with all, 40 mega energy Outdoor; 2 Berry Gold Frame.

Giovanni RETURNS With Shadow Lugia In Pokémon GO! | A Looming Shadow Returns Event Breakdown (2021)

Phradare 16 of 16:

Claim your reward: 2000 PX.
Claim your reward: 2000 PX.
Claim your reward: 2000 PX.

Rewards: Meeting with Duskier, 20 Caramels Hoop, 1-star piece.


Pok mon Cosplay is prepared for problems with Jessie

Electronic sporting activities, also called CiberDeportes or Esports, are video game competitors that have become occasions of wonderful popularity. Normally, digital sporting activities are multiplayer video clip game competitors, specifically in between professional players. One of the most typical categories in videogames related to ESPORS are: real-time method, first-person capturing and on-line battle sands (best understood for its acronym in English MOBA, multiplayer online battle sand). Tournaments such as The International Series of tournaments of the different titles of the company Snowstorm Enjoyment), the Evolution Championship series (yearly occasion that concentrates solely on the fighting video games), the Intel Extreme Masters (series of global electronic sports events celebrated in different countries around the Globe by the Intel Business) and also the World Champion Smite (Globe Championship of the video game), to name a few, provide the target market of live programs of their competitions, along with financial prizes and wages to rivals.
Although competitions have always belonged to the society of videogames, these competitors have experienced a great boost in appeal, both in participation and at hearing, considering that completion of the 2000s. This increase has been linked to the growth of video games, which He is currently concentrated on promoting competition in between players.

In 2015, one of the most successful titles in expert competitors were Dota 2, Organization of Legends (both belonging to the Moba category) and also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a first-person capturing computer game.
It ought to be noted that there is a predominance of men between players as well as spectators of this sort of sport. Roughly 85% of those who see electronic sports are guys, as well as 15% remaining, ladies. 60% of every one of these are concentrated in between the ages of 18 and also 34. [Appointment needed]

An amazing pokemon The cosplay is preparing for problems and doubles with Jessie of Team Rocket! The Anime Franchise has experienced a series of different iterations over the years, since Ash Ketchum has gone through several regions introduced through the Games, and although Ash s list of colleagues had changed, there was an important element that It was still the same, Team Rocket. Jessie and James have been part of the series for as long as Ash, and although its impact on several seasons has changed over the years, they have always added energy to the series.

Like Ash, Jessie and James have had several appearances over the years and have evolved significantly as they have passed very different goals and aspirations than those with at the beginning of the series. But fans are so excited to see the duo until today because it is very difficult to replace the type of Villanyan that the duo is capable of doing. It is especially because the duo looks so good in each new season, and it is that kind of greatness that has gained life through an incredible cosplay of Jessie by @atlaseuu on Instagram! Check it below:

Chaotic Cosplay Making Of: Jessie (Team Rocket)

If you wanted to see more jessie and James mischief at the Pokémon anime, now you can find the most recent version of the serial transmitted with Netflix. Nicknamen Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series, Netflix and The Pokemon Company officially describe the series as such: It s a big, big world, but you know where to find Ash and Goh, fighting and catching Pokémon from Kanto to Galar! With Pikachu, Cinderce and his other Pokémon next to them, our heroes continue traveling around the world to investigate Pokémon for Cerise Laboratory.

On the way, Ash ascends higher in the classification of the World Coronation Series, and GOH adds more Pokémon to the Pokédex of him in his search to catch me. Meanwhile, Chloe takes her first steps as a Pokémon trainer when she knows a mysterious EEVEE. You expect new friends, rivals that return and exciting adventures, while the trip continues! «But what have you thought about the team rocket over the years?

What has been your favorite version of Jessie and James in the anime? Let us know all your thoughts about it and everything related to Pokémon in the comments!


Rocket League BMW M240i announced

Rocket League BMW M240i Trailer
G2 Esports (typically reduced to simply G2 and also previously called Gamers2) is a European esports company headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with gamers contending in League of Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, and iRacing. The organization was started in Spain on 24 February 2014 as Gamers2 by previous League of Legends pro Carlos Ocelote Rodríguez Santiago and also financier Jens Hilgers. The organization rebranded as G2 Esports on 15 October 2015. G2 s League of Legends team completes in the League of Legends European Champion (LEC), the highest degree of affordable League of Legends in Europe. The team won the 2016 Springtime, 2016 Summer, 2017 Spring, and also 2017 Summertime EU LCS, the 2019 Springtime LEC, the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational, the 2019 Summer season LEC, the 2020 Spring LEC and the 2020 Summer season LEC. The organization s Rainbow 6 Siege group completes in the European League (EUL), the highest degree of competitive Rainbow 6 Siege in Europe. The group won the 6 Significant 2018, European Pro League Season 8, the Pro League Season 8 Finals, DreamHack Winter Season 2018, Six Invitational 2019, as well as positioned second at the 6 Significant 2019 as well as European Pro League Period 11.

Psyonix, the video game developer from San Diego, and BMW announced that the BMW M240i will be available on all platforms in Rocket League from 4 November. In addition, the cooperation implies that BMW is commercial with Rocket League Esports to sponsor a Rocket League Championship Series (RLCs) regionally and introduce the BMW Freestyle Tournament.

The sleek BMW M240i will be available in the Item Shop before it is buying in the real world, and comes with BMW M240i Rims, Thundernight Metallic Decal, United in Rivalry Animated Decal, Bavarian has supplied Topper and the BMW Player Banner. The BMW M240i will be available from 4 to 10 November for 1100 credits.

BMW is also a title sponsor of the BMW Rocket League Open, the second regional tournament of RLCs 2021-22 in Europe, which takes place from 5 to 7 November. Before the best EU RLCs teams in the BMW Rocket League Open compete against each other, 16 of the world s best Rocket League Freestyler were invited to compete against each other in a two-day BMW Freestyle tournament to win a part of the prize pool of $ 25,000. The first day of the competition will take place on 4 November and is finished after the second semi-finals of the BMW Rocket League Open on 7 November. The BMW Rocket League Open and the BMW Freestyle Tournament can be tracked live on Twitch.

To learn more about the BMW M240i, the BMW Rocket League Open and the BMW Freestyle Tournament, please read the current blog post.


Pok mon Go defeat Cliff Best Condition in October 2021

To defeat Inpokémon Go the Rocket Boss Cliff, you should use the corresponding counterpart. We from Meinmmo have considered us which Monster Cliff has in his team and how you can defeat them best.

Who is Cliff? Together with Arlo and Sierra, Cliff belongs to the Team Go Rocket Bosses in Pokémon Go. With the help of a complete Rocket radar you have the opportunity against him. Below we show which monster Cliff will put in combat and which counterparts are best suited against this Pokémon. In addition, we tell you how your Cliff can find and what rewards await you.

Rocket Boss Cliff – current teams
The best counterpart to defeat Cliff
How to find your cliff
Worth a fight against Cliff?

Rocket Boss Cliff – current teams

Which Pokémon uses Cliff? So that your cliff can defeat quickly, you should first deal with the monsters he will use in combat. As with every Rockt fight, he will use three Pokémon. He can choose from a total of 7 different monsters we have listed below:

The best counterpart to defeat Cliff

After your cliff has found, you can start fighting. But you should first think about what monsters are effective against the teams of Cliff. We have summarized the best counterattack against Cliff with the help of PokeBattler s overview (Via

Samurzel defeat – the best counterattack against the 1st Pokémon

As with Arlo and Sierra, Cliff will only be able to resort to a Pokémon in the first round. In his case, it is the plant Pokémon Samurzel. This has a special weakness against the attacks of the types of flight, fire, poison, ice and beetle.

Alternatively, you can use the following mega developments:

Mega-Glurak Y with glow and Lohekanonade
Mega-Glurak X with glow and Lohekanonade
Mega dog moon with fire tooth and return
Mega-dubeoss with wind shock and wind cut

Quappo, Kingler and Hariyama defeat – the best counterattack against the 2nd Pokémon

As a second Pokémon Cliff will set Quappo, Kingler or Hariyama. Which monster meet you, however, coincidence and can not be influenced.

So you defeat Quappo: Quappo is a further development of Quapsel. It belongs to the types of water and fight. Thus, it is weak against plant, flight, electrical, psycho- and fairy attacks.

As mega developments are suitable for Quappo:

Mega-Lahmus with confusion and psychokinese
Mega-Bisaflor with Razor Blade and Flora Statue
Mega-Glurak Y with wing lift and dragon claw

Defeating 2021 Rocket leader Sierra, Cliff and Arlo

How to defeat Kingler: The water-Pokémon Kingler is the further development of Krabby. Due to its type, it is particularly sensitive to attacks of types of electro and plant.

In addition, you can also use the following mega developments:

Mega-Bisaflor with Razor Blade and Flora Statue
Mega-ampharos with voltwechen and thunderbolt
Mega-Garados with bite and wet sweep

So you defeat Hariyama: The second Pokémon is Hariyama in question. The monster of the type fight is the further development of Makuhita. In the fight best on flight, psycho- and fairy attacks, because it is weak.

For the MEGA developments you can set the following counterparts:

Mega-Lahmus with confusion and return
Mega-Glurak Y with wing lift and dragon claw
Mega Gengar with dragon claw and darkfist

Chelterrar, Tohaido and Despotar defeat – the best counterattack against the 3rd Pokémon

Even third place can choose Cliff again between three different monsters: Chelterrar, Tohaido and Despotar. The selection is again randomly.

So you defeat Chelterrar: The plants and soil Pokémon Chelterrar is the last development of Chelast and comes from the 4th generation. It is particularly weak against the attacks of the type of ice, but also flying, fire and beetle attacks make it to him.

In addition, the use of the following Mega-Pokémon is suitable:

Mega-RexBlisar with powder snow and meteorologist
Mega-Glurak Y with glow and dragon claw
Mega-Glurak X with glow and dragon claw

So you defeat tohaido: The further development of Karnivanah is one of the water and inappropriate Pokémon. It is therefore weak against the attacks of the type plant, fight, electro, beetle and fairy.

As mega developments, the following monsters are suitable for Tohaido:

Mega-Bisaflor with Razor Blade and Flora Statue
Mega-RexBlisar with razor blade and return
Mega Garadoss with Dragon rod and wet gloom

So you defeat Despotar: Atpotar is the last further development of Lavitar. It belongs to the types of rocks and inappropriately. In combat, you should therefore focus mainly on fight attacks. But it is weak against plant, water, soil, beetle and fairy attacks.

The following mega developments are also suitable for despotar:

Mega-BisaFlor with ranking and flora statue
Mega-Garados with cascade and wet sweep

How to find your cliff

To compete against Cliff, you must first look for him. So that you succeed, you need a complete Rocket Radar. This consists of the 6 mysterious parts that you receive from the Rocket Rübel. Do you have all the parts together, then you have the opportunity to activate it.

As soon as it is activated, you can see the Rocket Radar on your right edge of the game. You can recognize it at the red R in the middle. If you click on the icon, then an ambient card appears. Pokéstops where there are currently Rocket bosses are marked there with a red r.

Alternatively, you can also wait for a balloon. There, the Rocket bosses chip the Rocket Radar on the same as the Rüpel up to 4 times a day. They also come in a black balloon.

Can you find cliff targeted? No, Cliff can not be searched specifically. Through the Rocket Radar you can only see where a boss is located. Which is, you do not see them. Did you discover Cliff at a stop, then you have the whole day to defeat him there.

The balloons also contain a random Rocket Boss. So too, you can not affect an encounter.

Is a fight against Cliff?

Why should you fight against Cliff? First and foremost, you have to fight against Cliff if you want to compete against the big Rocket Boss Giovanni. To find him, you need a special black super Rocket radar. This will be obtained by solving appropriate specialized research, which will be unlocked in the game at regular intervals.

To solve this task, you have to fight against Cliff, Sierra and Arlo and gets the Super Rocket Radar to the reward. But even without this special task, it is worth fighting against Cliff. You will receive interesting rewards if your Cliff defeats.

To compete against Cliff, Sierra and Arlo, you only need a complete Rocket Radar, which you can assemble from the 6 mysterious parts of the Rüpel. Giovanni, however, can not be found.

More about Pokémon Go:

Sierra defeat – best counterattack in October 2021
The best attackers by type
Defeat Arlo – Best counterattack against Arlo in October 2021

These are the rewards after a fight against Cliff

Which Crypto-Pokémon has Cliff? Crypto-Samurzel is currently waiting for you, unless you won the fight against Cliff. With a little luck, you even encounter a dazzling copy.

Further rewards: Cliff also brings you further rewards. As with other Rocket struggles, of course, you will receive different items after the fight won. In addition, a 12 km egg awaits you.

These are special eggs that can only be obtained about the Rocket Bosses, ie Cliff, Sierra, Arlo and Giovanni. In it, interesting and rare Pokémon stuck, which is why hunting is worthwhile. You should already pay attention to a free egg place in your storage before the fight. Which monsters are available at the moment in the 12 km eggs, we have summarized for you here.

What are your favorite counterattack against Cliff? And which monsters would you wish in his next team? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and reports on your experiences.


Guardians of the galaxy How to win the bet with Rocket in Chapter 1 Diego Perez

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy is finally here, and the team is indefish in the first chapter of the game. Star Lord and Rocket Close a bet in Chapter 1 of Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy to see who can destroy more alien nests in the quarantine zone. Rocket even places a scoreboard on your screen, which is admittedly quite helpful. If you defuse Rocket, you will not only receive a punched right, but also a trophy / achievement. The bet takes the largest part of the chapter, so you have to be on the hat all the time. So you beat Rocket in the bet in Chapter 1 by Guardians of the Galaxy.

How to win the bet against Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy

Winning the bet is simple: everything you need to do is more of the goals to shoot as Rocket It does. They are looking for white things that are usually hanging from the ceiling, so they should be pretty easy to recognize in the bright pink mass in the quarantine zone. It starts as a game with low score, but things are running up quickly.

First, do not worry about you to find you from Rocket. As long as you are looking for components, costumes and collectibles off the beaten paths, they will encounter a few of them. Later in the chapter, however, they have the opportunity to achieve dozens of points at once and achieve a great advantage on the annoying raccoons.

How to score points in the Guardians of the Galaxy bet

Shortly after the start of the bet, they stumble into a high, round room where dozens of goals are waiting to be shot. You will know that you are in the right place because both Star Lord and Rocket will comment. The Ki of Rocket is slow, so you can easily shoot all the goals in this room to collect more points than you will ever need.

Rocket and Groot will not pull on without you, so take your time and spaces this room completely. Check the top and bottom. You should be able to earn 20 or more points in this room alone. That does not mean that you are not quite clear, but as long as you have a decent lead, it will be fine.

After leaving the circular space, Rocket will cheat and give five points after a combat meeting. That should not be enough to put him in front of you, but it is still not fair. After being separated from Groot, they stumble over a few more goals. Shoot them from Rocket to compensate for these cheated points.

The last few goals can be found during a sliding portion at the end of the chapter. Keep the blanket in mind when you dodge slides and obstacles. However, there is only one or two in this section, so you do not rely on to take the lead. At this point, you should already be far ahead of the raccoon.

After the sliding segment you will find a last destination. Shoot on it and the bet is finally over. If you have managed to score more points than Rocket, you will get the trophy / achievement Eat It, Rodent . That is the only real reward for the victory. After the bet, the chapter is almost over and they almost left the tutorial area.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.