Pokemon Go: Silent Schemes – All Stages of Quest and Awards

Recently in the world of Pokémon Go, The GO Rocket team took another villainarian attempt to disrupt the appearance and disappearance of Pokemon and coaches worldwide. Niantic announced that this is the last event, comprehensive rocket retreat will last from April 3, 2022 to April 7, 2022 . Players will more often see Team Go Rocket on balloons and in the beatings. During this event, CHARGED TM can be used to allow the Pokemones to learn the FRUSTATION movement.

All quests and rewards

In Chain tasks “Quiet Schemes” , the players will have the opportunity to perform six sets of research tasks. Execution of each task will open awards, and even more awards can be obtained when players will complete all three steps in the research task.

Quest 1/6:

    • Win three Team Go Rocket Grunts ** – Three Hyperzelle
    • To catch one shadow pokemon – one revival
      Win a raid battle ** – meeting with Bruul

Award : Three rare candies, 1000 XP and 15 oneakers.

Quest 2/6:

    • Post five Team Go Rocket Grunts ** – 10 Nanab berries
  • Catch five shadow pokemon – 10 pinpa berries
  • Make three beautiful rolls of a twisted ball in a row – 10 berries

Award : 1500 XP, 1000 star dust and 10 excellent balls.

Quest 3/6:

  • Win five Team Go Rocket Grunts – 1000 experience
    • Clear five shadow pokemon ** – 1000 experience
  • Earn three candies, walking with your pokemon friend. – 1000 experience

Award : Rocket Radar, 2000 XP and 15 excellent balls.

Quest 4/6:

  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Arlo. – 1500 experience
  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Cliff – 1500 experience
  • Win the leader Team Go Rocket Sierra – 1500 experience

Award : Super Rocket Radar, 2500 XP and 1000 Stardust.

Quest 5/6:

  • Find the Boss Team Go Rocket Giovanni – five maximum potions
  • Start with the Boss Team Go Rocket – 20 ultrabolts
    • Win the Boss Team Go Rocket ** – five maximum revival

Award : Two golden raza berries, one happy egg and 3000 xp.

Quest 6/6:

  • Claiming award – 2500 experience
  • Claiming award – 2500 experience
  • Claiming award – 2500 experience

Award : One Fast TM, One Charged TM and Two Silver Pinap Berries.

Tips for the quest line “Quiet Schemes”

Before proceeding with the quest “Quiet Schemes”, players can take note of several tips and receptions.

  • Do not forget to fight every Counter Team Go Rocket Grunt to make sure that the task chain can be completed in a short event time.
  • Gather a reserve of PINAP berries and use them on each of the shadow pokemon to get enough candy to clean them.
  • Explore the composition of Pokemon Leaders of Team Go Rocket Arlo, Cliff and Sierra before fighting to make sure they oppose them. Select the Pokemon command, in which there are supere-efficient techniques against them, or those on which the R. command receptions do not affect

Complete Silent Schemes Special Research Playthrough (Pokemon GO Team Rocket Event)

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