Riot and Ubisoft come together in project against toxicity in games

Developers Ubisoft and Riot Games announced, on Wednesday (16), a new project that seeks to reduce negative interactions in matches that need voice communication.

The Zero Harm In Comms project makes use of artificial intelligence technology to share data from both companies games with each other.

As a result, research to find players with prejudiced or negative behaviors is improved, and the titles of both developers can benefit from the ‘spreadsheet’.


Companies are part of the Fair Play Alliance initiative, which aims at a more conducive environment for safe competitive experiences for all users.

Yves Acquire, executive director of Ubisoft, commented that the union of game developers can expedite the negative behaviors’ banishment process: Through this technological partnership with Riot Games, we will explore better measures to avoid toxicity in the games, as we are The developers of these environments with a direct connection with our communities, he said.

Developers believe that, with the union, the database created with players from their titles will reach all kinds of the most competitive player to the most casual.

This project is just an example of our commitment and greater work we are doing to develop Riot systems that create healthier, safe and inclusive interactions in our games, said Wesley Kerr, Riot Games technology research leader.

The initiative is still in the early stages, and the first results of the experiment are expected to be released in 2023.

League of Legends

League of Legends, version 12.8, update notes: few nerves and lots of buffs!

Improvements ? Nerves? Here is the time of the League of Legends patch 12.8, which, even if it does not seem to upset the meta, brings some interesting changes. We explain all this to you in our League of Legends guide!


A new patch arrives on League of Legends! He changes several champions, notably Swain who will be more convincing on a solo lane! It should be noted that this patch is not the one that contains the rework of Olaf on the PBE, so it’s not yet time for the Viking to recover its letters of nobility… but in the meantime, you can always follow this very simple advice from a certain faker to stay alive…

buff, nerve and adjustments

It is a rather complete patch that Riot Games shared yesterday on its official website. It should be noted that it is the latter who will be used during the Mid-Season Invitational 2022 which begins on May 10. The purpose of this patch is to prepare the world scene. And it also contains an update which was eagerly awaited for players for Swain . Let’s see some changes together, and for the rest, you can read update notes 12.8 directly on the official website

Swain receives an adjustment of all his skills

According to Riot Games, even if Swain was rather effective on the bottom track, it is however also supposed to inspire terror on a solo lane. The objective, therefore, of this average update for him is to improve it so that it is not only placed in an botlane.

Swain therefore recovers Mana buffs from all his skills, but also some notable changes on crowd control capacities. For example, his e can no longer attract enemies subject to the crowd controls of his allies, but he now allows him to attract all those he immobilizes . Which, still according to Riot, makes him just as terrifying in the bottlenecks and narrow corridors.

Kai’sa is adjusted

Still according to Riot, these times, Kai’sa played in the AP mainly pounded his enemies from afar using his Z repeatedly. They therefore seek to keep it away from this type of gameplay, and to make it rather depend on the sporadic triggers of its passive competence, which distinguishes it from the Kai’sa Ad, which generally rest on the attack speed and the trigger * repeated * of its passive competence.

This is therefore why its passive skill goes from 15% + 2.5% every 100 power points to 15% + 5% every 100 power points . And for the Z, the damage is the same, but the power ratio taken into account for the calculation of the damage goes from 70% to 45%.

Finally, its R keeps the same attack damage ratios, however, it will take more than 100% and not 75% as before your power, which will improve its survivability a little.

FULL Patch 12.8 CHANGES: BIG BUFFS + More - League of Legends Season 12
For the entire notes patch, simply follow this link to display it on the official website

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Great cosplay by Jinx from Arcane sends you to Piltover

The HIT series Arcane was a huge success for Riot Games. After repeatedly publishing shorter animated short films to her Moba League of Legends in the past, a large-scale Netflix series in the Lol Universe was the next logical step. The first season pursues the adventures of several teenagers who all live and grew up in Piltover. The protagonists also include the Jinx Alias Powder and exactly this figure has now created a cosplay.

Jinx Cosplay sends you to Piltover

The user ravvcorn413 has posted a picture of her arcane-inspired Jinx cosplay on Reddit. In addition, a picture of the series template can be seen and the two are actually similar to confusion. This is mainly due to the big detail , so the Cosplayer not only paid attention to the Blue Mane of Jinx, but also the closed leather top penibel rebuilt. Of course, she also has the tattoos of treasures to dive completely into the role. For the Netflix series, Jinx actually has a complete new outfi T and has, for example, a closed instead of an open top, as it is in the MOBA.

In another reddit post, Ravvcorn413 explains what she has moved to this cosplay: _ “After watching Arcane, I just fell in love with you [Jinx]! And I definitely decided that I will definitely make a cosplay to her “_, she writes in the League-of-Legends subreddit. She says that she has worked on the cosplay for several months ** and has chosen the “sweet page” by Jinx for the first photo shoot. So it is easy for us to look forward to more pictures of your great Jinx cosplay in the future.

More Cosplays from the Arcane Universe

Another cosplay shows the blue-haired assassin in its original outfit, but other figures like the ingenious inventor Viktor from Arcane has already been portrayed by the fans. Anyone who has more desire for cosplay now will definitely enjoy Dr. Robotnik cosplay from Sonic 2.

arcane jinx cosplay try on ft. rolecosplay ♡

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LOL – UDYR Rework is already ready: Only one detail separates us from its imminent launch

The Rework of UDYR has been one of the most complicated in the story of League of Legends because of their skins. The developer has already informed the community that they were the multiple forms of the champion and how they create unique instances in their aspects, which was depriving us from their relaunch. However, now the work is about to be completed and only a few latest details separate us from the arrival of your new version to the summoner’s crack.

Riot Games prepares to launch the UDYR rework

As the developers have revealed on the last Champions Road Leaf, the bulk of the team that has been part of all the relaunching work is already dedicating itself to completing its definitive aspect. Udyr guardian of spirits is one of the most special skins in the history of the game as it is a cosmetic of the most expensive category (3250 rp). A situation that has forced them to do extra work to adapt a cosmetic of these characteristics to the expectations of the community.

Udyr Rework Reveal - League of Legends
The developer has revealed that, although UDYR rework will have changes in the ways that the character can adopt, The Skin will use the same animals that have so far characterized by the champion . An exercise that, far from being an attempt to introduce fewer changes (the animations and effects also change) will try to remember the initial version of the hero. In any case, Riot Games’ literal words were: “We wanted Udyr guardian of the spirits immortalize the animal forms of him, but carrying them at a very higher level.”

As usual, the developer has not wanted to commit to a release date of the new Rework. However, it seems that the long expects of champion fans at last is about to conclude. Your development period has been particularly long, but it seems that the odyssey will have a happy ending for all . The goal is that both the usual UDYR players who expect novelties for their favorite hero as the bulk of the League of Legends community are satisfied with the results.

League of Legends

LOL: Riot reveals the key date for news about the next champions

During next April, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the next large novelties of League of Legends . The developer will publish a new one Champions Road Sheet in which the details with respect to the new characters will be published. This has been confirmed Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, head of production of Moba champions that ensures being already writing the entry for the blog that will arrive in the coming weeks.

What to expect from the next Champions Road Sheet?

Who Are The Next 3 Champions? (New Roadmap)

The Champions Road Sheet is the space that reserves Riot Games to the presentation of news in the medium term with respect to the next characters. In addition to being a definitive track about an upcoming release, it will be the opportunity to know more details about the characters we have heard from the beginning of the season 12. Both the jungle of vacuum and the new shooter as the relaunch of UDYR have Your guaranteed space.

In addition to this, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the first concept arts of the Skarner Rework and decks the possibility of speaking more of a mysterious project to which they have referred only as “I have not done so far.” A circumstance to which, to conclude, is very likely that the advancement of a future additional champion is added. In this way, it would become one of the most valuable sources of information for League of Legends fans in the coming months.

So far the concrete day of the month of April has been specified in which the publication will take place . Riot Games will take a break with respect to the news of League of Legends during almost all of March to decide the future of the game and focus on the next years of the company. However, it seems that they will return from these meetings with the batteries loaded and novelties planned for the medium and long term.


Yoru became hours after a comprehensive revision of valorant

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 has just started and Riot Games has finally released the long-awaited Yoru revision by Patch 4.04. However, if you are a Yoru captain that goes into the ranking game and show your new and improved agents, we have bad news for you. Yoru has been blocked until further notice from the competitive queue of Valorant – this only happens a few hours after the publication of its revision.

About two and a half hours after the beginning of episode 4, act 2, valorant announced that Yoru was temporarily disabled in the competitive queue, and called his dimension drift capability as the main problem. Players who are looking forward to climbing the valorant ranks with Yoru will be bitterly disappointed.

What is the problem with Yoru and Dimensional Drift? Well, it’s hard to say. Riot Games did not specify what exactly causes a problem. However, Valorant players already use social media to share their experiences and exploits they found in the game.

Bryan, Merc ‘Wrzek, a professional siege player for TSM, who deals with valorant, has shared a clip in which he places the bomb as he uses Yorus dimension crack. With this ability Yoru is invincible and it is clear why this exploit would make the defense to a nightmare. There is no way to interrupt Yorus planting.

This is definitely real…. You can plant while you are in your Ult

  • TSM FTX Merc (@TSM_MERC) 1. March 2022

Players assume that this is the exploit that led to Riot deactivated him in the competition, and it is expected to be resolved quickly. However, this is just one of several other errors and exploits shared.

With a player who finds themselves cutting through the map while they use Yoru’s dimensions drift and another one exploit finds you skip yorus animation when you leave it, it is clear that there are some mistakes that need to be crushed.

Since Yoru is set out of battle for a while, fans of the agent will need an alternative. If you are looking for someone else you can get in the competition, see our valorant stage lists here.


Riot Games reduces Valorant Deathmatch to Spawn

At the beginning of this week, Riot Games has made several important changes in the Deathmatch mode of Valorant by Patch 4.03 to tackle “some of the main points of frustration around the spawning system”. On the paper, these changes looked as if they were working – the reality looked something different. Since players claim that the changes have aggravated the situation, Riot Games has taken greater steps to fix things. The changes to the Spawns of Valorant Deathmatch remain, but now the overall player number of 14 to 12 was reduced.

In the latest valorant patch notes, Riot Games explained that it improved the spawn placement and changed the logic of Valorant Deathmatch Spawns to eliminate the frustration of the players about poor spawn placement in mode. Some “dangerous” spawn places were even completely removed.

In conjunction with a shortening of the resrawn time – from 3.0 s to 1.5 s – these changes, however, proved to be ineffective. A number of players complains that the Valorant Deathmatch spawns are even worse than before. Riot Games thus takes more drastic measures to “mitigate” the problems by reducing the number of players to 12.

This change is now in Valorant Live, so you can expect two agents less in your next Deathmatch game.

Riot Games has not confirmed whether these changes are temporarily or a permanent change in game mode.

We have heard you about the harsh Deathmatch experience in Patch 4.03 (like the spawn in the direct line of sight).

So we reduce the number of players in the Deathmatch immediately from 14 to 12. This should defuse these problems – and we will keep an eye on the situation.

  • Valorant (@playValorant) 18. February 2022

Broken Deathmatch Spawns in Patch 4.03 | VALORANT
Although many players are glad that Riot Games actively tried to repair things, there are still two pages of the argument when it comes to the Deathmatch mode of Valorant. Players who want to use this mode to warm up do not want the pace of the game to be changed by a smaller number of players. On the other hand, there are players who want to see the spawning issues fixed.

Anyway, it looks like these changes could be a permanent change for the Deathmatch mode of Valorant. We will keep you updated with the latest information about further changes as soon as they are available.

League of Legends

LOL: The dangerous casino-shaped skin with which Riot could ruin his reputation

The sale of Skins and other cosmetics has always been the operating motor of League of Legends . Riot Games was able to create an interesting system that did not squeeze the players or tried to blackmail them with increases of power in exchange for money. However, the latest decision of developers with one of TFT minilegenda has put the entire community defensively. It is Jinx Chibi Artificiera , only available through a LOOT box system and whose obtaining can cost hundreds of euros.

The most expensive and dangerous skin of League of Legends

Under the intention of being one of the most exclusive cosmetics of the game, Riot Games has included the aforementioned Jinx Chibi article only as obtainable through the hextech craft system in some chests called firecrackers. Bought separately, each of them has a cost of 490 RP and a possibility of 2% to include the minileende. In this way, there are some high probabilities that we do not obtain cosmetic by buying the most expensive pack (12740 rp) . Speaking in euros, this is translated into which 100 € might not be enough.

This is not the first time Riot Games uses a Loot Box System for Exclusive Cosmetics, but one of the few occasions in which a predatory system has introduced in League of Legends . Even the most exclusive hextech craft skins can be achieved with some patience enjoying the events or free drops, being the only marketing trick the feeling of players to need it as soon as possible. However, this time we are facing an alternative that we have already seen in other titles and that attentive against the consumer.

The community of League of Legends has criticized this added manager by the company. Riot Games maintained one of the most friendly systems with the players who maintained it as a reference of what should be d1. However, at this point the players have understood that Inaction to an initial movement is the passport to repetition by developers . A situation that everyone wants to avoid at all costs to preserve the safety of the game.


Valorant reveals a new neon character

In the computer game sector, 2022 is anticipated to see the launch of many brand-new computer game.

Valorant The developer Riot Games has presented a new playable character called Neon. The newest agent debuted along with a completely new video entitled Spark. As indicated by the name of the video, Neon has powers based on electricity and a great approach to speed. The video presents a mixture of animation and gameplay sequences along with the Entertain Me musical track of Ilona García & 88rising. According to Riot, the character was born in Manila, but at this moment there have been a few details about the background story of him. Unfortunately, the character will not be launched until January 10, so Valorant Fans will have to wait a few more days before I could play like Neon!


The new video with Neon can be found embedded below.

Neon is agent number 19 in the game so far and will be a duelist. For Valorant as a newer character, it seems that Riot Games worked hard to make sure that the background of him had an authentic feeling. The character has the voice of the Filipino Dubbing Actor Vanilla Velasquez, while Ilona García is a Filipino singer of Australia. On Twitter, Velásquez seemed quite excited by the opportunity to give life to the character.

This has been a dream come true. I’m a little lost at this time. This does not feel real. I can not believe he’s saying this at this moment, Velásquez said. He wrote on Twitter.

Valorant Fans seem to be equally fascinated with Neon so far! In social networks, fans have expressed their approval by the design of the character and what they have been able to see him about him. There have also been praise for Riot’s efforts to have representation in Valorant. It remains to be seen if the character can stay firm with the current agents, but with luck Riot Games will give the players a new balanced addition when he makes his official debut at the end of this month.

Valorant is now available for PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

What do you think of the last agent in Valorant ? Are you excited to play like neon in the game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


Valorant Champions Calendar equipment results and all the information of the tournament

Between the next few days 1 and 12 December will take place the celebration of the Valorant Champions. The first competitive season of the Tactical Shooter of Riot Games will end with the celebration of an early tournament that will make history when dealing with the first great world championship. The best teams in each of the regions that participated in VCT will compete for the glory would pose. Although this time without Spanish representation, the tournament is still the great appointment that all the fans of the competitive scene of the title were waiting.

Next, we will tell you all the details about the great competition: from the teams involved in it to the format, the results of all the parties or the prizes to which the participants aspire.

Classified equipment to Valorant Champions

This time there will be no absences, and we can see in operation the format prepared by Riot Games for its big tournaments. The 16 teams summoned to the tournament will be presented in Berlin after having achieved the visas and the right of participation.

Format and prizes of Valorant Champions

Riot Games remodeled the format of the VCT Masters stops after criticism of the first tournaments of its competitive circuit. Those responsible for Esports of the developer seem to have been satisfied with this iteration and repeat the format of GSL groups with matches at the best of 3 in this Valorant Champions.

The GSL format works as follows:

Round 1 : two initial clashes are determined by draw
Round 2 : The teams that win the first match face to qualify for quarters, the losers for not being eliminated
Round 3 : The two teams with a victory and a defeat face in the decisive party. The winner advances and the loser is eliminated.


In addition to fighting for the world championship, the teams will also be distributed an economic sum of one million dollars. This amount will increase based on the income derived from the sale of the Skins of the Valorant Champions.

Schedules and calendar

Riot Games has already revealed the schedules foreseen for all the evolution of the tournament and this is the distribution of dates…:

Group phase : From 1 to 7 December. Three games will be played, starting retransmission every day at 3:00 p.m.
Final quarts : December 8 and 9 days. Two games will be played starting the broadcast both days at 6:00 p.m.
Semifinals : Saturday, December 11. Two games will be played, starting the broadcast at 6:00 p.m.
Final : Sunday, December 12 at 6:00 p.m.

Next day:

These are the parties that will be played in the next day of the competition. It will take place next December 1 and will correspond to day one of the group stage of the Valorant Champions

How to see

The organizer of LAP tournaments that has retransmitted the official circuit of Valorant throughout the season has been the one who has managed to get the rights of Valorant Champions. We can enjoy all the open games in its second Twitch channel (where the shooter is normally retransmitted).

VALORANT Champions 2021: Format Explained

For those who prefer, we will also have the official channel of Riot Games and its relay in English.