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Steam sales chart remained for Steam Deck and Monster Hunter Rise

Where without Steam Deck in the Steam sales chart, but at least the list of the best games finally cleared of Elden Ring.
This week Monster Hunter Rise from Capcom was in greatest demand.
Here is the basic game and the fresh Sunbreak addition, presented, like F1 22, in several editions.
But the red cat in the world of Cyberpan from the Stray PC-Boyar so expected to be the rating did not even get in the light of a quick release.
Cat + Cyberpank = The most coveted game in Steam.
This is about Stray
1. Steam Deck

2. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
3. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
5. DNF Duel
6. F1 22
7. Monster Hunter Rise
8. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
9. Rust

  1. F1 22

Steam surprise: 2 years old insider tip suddenly storms the charts

In the topsellers of Steam are mostly hotly awaited or freshly published top games. But again and again the sales charts are whirled by small hit games or attractive offers. Currently, surprisingly, an insider tip mixes among the bestsellers, who has actually appeared almost two years ago. What’s going on there?

Does Steam have a new darling?

The top of the Steam Topseller is still going to Elden Ring (if we leave the steam deck as hardware outside), but apparently the PC players just seem like have found a real insider tip from 2020 : Ring of Pain (Source: Steam).

The gloomy and slightly wound game is a Dungeon crawler with a card game system . You have to put various monsters and challenges in the word-oriented ring dungeon, because you will set the different creatures in the form of a card in front of the nose.

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You have to meet strategic decisions to survive – fight, sneak, flee – it’s up to you. Look at the lap-based Rogue-Lite here in the trailer:

Why is Ring of Pain now a top seller?

Since the end of March 2022, the Dungeon Crawler has been supplied with a fresh update since the end of March 2022. Ring of Pain certainly belongs to the real insider tips, because the game can 92 percent positive reviews write to the flag. Recent reviews are even 100 percent positive.

Why is it so successful right now? Ring of Pain is currently equipped with a strong discount of 50 percent on Steam and can thus be acquired for narrow 9.99 euros. That should surely stimulate for some purchases.

In addition, the game is just part of the Humble bundle “Stand with Ukraine” , which once again led to the popularity and discovery of the PC games. Incidentally, the bundle includes 124 games, does not even cost 40 euros and revenue will be 100 percent donated (at Humbere Games).

Also on YouTube Ring of Pain is played straight from some large content creators – all ahead of Handofblood. Not infrequently, the buy button glows on Steam when popular streamers and Youtuber gamble less well-known games on their channels.


Elden Ring: Where to use the discarded palace wrench

Departure into the world of Eldenring, you will encounter a wide selection of weapons and objects that you can support on your trip. However, it may happen that you will receive an object from which you have no idea where he should go next, as you are given a touch of information that will give you only the general direction where it should be used.

The throttled palace wrench is an object that can help you unlock a necessary item that is required to get one of the best weapons in the game. Together with our guide we help you to get there where you have to go, and let you know where and how to use the discarded palace wrench in Elden Ring!

ELDEN RING – Use of discarded palace keys

While continuing your journey in Elden Ring, you will encounter a beautiful witch with the name Ranni , which will give you a quest where you have to go far and wide for you. If you follow your search and decide to serve you in the end, you will receive some great items, but none is as great as the moonlight large sword .

To make sure that you know at any point of this trip where you go, is great, so you should make sure you have visited the place of grace near the * large library of the Raya Lucaraia Academy * To arrive faster there.

Once you’ve done it into the big library, you have to went forward until you find a chest that can only enclose the discarded palace wrench, as it gives you access to it Dark Moon Ring which allows you to to complete this quest series.

After you open the chest inside, which gives you the Dark Moon Ring, you can make yourself on the way to finish line and get your well-deserved item. You will also receive the ability serves Ranni that offers some great incentives to keep up, so it is strongly recommended to do so at this point.

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There are many more things to do and see places, Oh stained. When this search comes to an end, you will soon find yourself in another again, and we will be here to guide you through every step of your trip.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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Is it worth it to upgrade the finger seal in Elden Ring?

While on the levels of travel ELDENRING , you will find that you are experimenting with different weapons, objects, armor types and more. Those who are approached earlier games Soulful Genre with a melee-aligned build could be interested in this time to try Magic as all the rules have changed.

One of these magical objects, the finger seal , is a great starting weapon for those who are new in the series, and for those who want to experiment with the combat mechanics of the game. But is it worth it, upgrading, or do you quickly find something bigger and better? Follow our guide if the finger seal is worth, or if you leave it!

ELDEN RING – Worth the upgrade of the finger seal?

For those who trust the world for the first time, they have the opportunity to select a variety of different classes at the beginning of the game. Those who either choose the battlefather or prophet class have immediate access to the finger seal as it is your standard weapon.

The finger seal equals at the beginning of some great statistics 25 physical, 100 CRIT and 114 evocation damage , so you can deal with it immediately. They will fall back on the defensive end, as it only protects them 25 physical and 15 magic / elemental but they can compensate for their losses in other ways.

Elden Ring | How to Get the Clawmark Seal Early to Use Incantations
However, if you continue your way in Elden Ring, you have the opportunity to improve your finger seal, and here comes the true value of this weapon into the game. Since this weapon next to its scaled faith statistics you can not only give your character additional value by improving these statistics, but also add additional incantation damage to your weapon.

While physically damage that this item causes, not much if you forget the stones When you upgrade it, you will find a significant increase in the damage you * summons * Create what this is a great weapon to invest some time and love for those who are more on magic than for those who want to meet some of the villains in this game near and personally.

You will find a lot of love for the Finger Seal, and it is very worth taking an upgrade, as it can lead you through a significant part of the game without having to replace it against something else.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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Where to find a meteoric staff in Elden Ring

Elden Ring contains a lot of weapons and secrets, including Sources. With such a large number of proposals it may be difficult to find the best or even know where they are. Here you can find one of the meteoric staff at the beginning of the game.

Location of meteorite staff

It is located in the south-east r. Ruins of the streets of the wise men in Kalid . Calid is far in the east of Limgrave, and you can go to it at the beginning of the game. However, this area is filled with high-level enemies, so you better run on your horse and avoid the battle as possible.

The staff was found hanging out of the window on the edge of the ruins.

Characteristics of meteorite staff

The staff has rank s in intelligence scaling and passive bonus for gravitational spells , like Gravity Well and Rock Sling. It also boasts Magic scaling 161 And also does not need to be updated So you can save these blacksmith stones. This makes the staff very useful for all the assemblies of the magician at the beginning of the game and does not fail up to the middle of the game.

Elden Ring - GET S TIER Staff Early (Meteorite Staff) !
To learn more about the leaders of Elden Ring, check out all types of weapons in Elden Ring and where to get a ring sword of the night and the flame in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring: Should one open Evergaol and liberate Blaidd or not?

Blaidd The half-wolf is one of the coolest characters in Elden Ring, and the players have to decide to free him or caught him at a point of his quest series. Schmied Iji, who is apparently an ally of you and Blaidd, has caught Blaidd in Forlorn Hound Evergaol. This is the same place where you and Blaidd Darrwil have defeated, which is pretty ironically, now where Blaidd is trapped there. Blaidd has helped you rather on your trip, so you should open the Evergaol and liberate Blaidd, or not?

Touch Blaidd free in Elden Ring?

If you can find Blaidd in Forlorn Hound Evergaol, you have the option of either opening Evergaol or not. When you open the Evergaol, Blaidd appears and thanks you for your help. He will tell you that he will visit Ranni and will see if they are still safe. He also says he does not know why exactly Iji has caught him in Evergaol, but there are really no evil feelings about it. He will then break to Ranni’s Rise, but they can not follow him.

What happens if you do not liberate Blaidd?

If you decide to free Blaidd and leave it back in Evergaol, nothing will happen. You can continue your adventure, in Nokron, eternal city, dipping or elsewhere on a journey of discovery. Blaidd will escape the Evergaol anyway and its quest series will continue here regardless of your choice.

Your decision does not matter here. Nothing will change at the story, and Blaidd’s full quest series will still be available to you no matter what happens. Most players do not even meet Blaidd anyway in Evergaol, but instead choose to explore Nokron and ask him why he is not there.

Elden Ring - Blaidd trapped in the Evergaol

Before you can see Blaidd again, you must complete Rannis entire quest row. At this time, there is not much left, but you have to look for some rare objects in Nokron and return to Ranni to get their last instructions. After you have completed Ranni’s storyline, you can find Blaidd in Ranni’s Rise to complete his quest.

ELDENRING is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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Wow-Streamer Asmongold locates brand-new Raid also hefty, prefer to play Elden Ring

In Globe of Warcraft, the first part of the RAIDs “Mausoleum of the First” has actually been easily accessible for several days. Many players flow right into the raid of heroic and regular difficulty, which in the long run compensates with a controversial cinematic. Yet several a group is not really far – since the RAID is extremely tough.

Why People Are Quitting Elden Ring

A comparable fate additionally endures the streamer Asmongold. He was clearly too tough and not relevant sufficient to the RAID, he liked Elden Ring.

** Appropriate to begin the RAID’s “Mausoleum of the First” has additionally attempted asmongold in the raid, on typical problem. The RAID evening instead bumped.

Who is Asmongold? Asmongold was for a very long time the biggest Wow streamer ever, yet constantly a terrific critic of the video game. In recent months, he has actually devoted himself to several other games, including Final Dream XIV, Lost Ark or simply Elden Ring.

Asmongold has actually attempted right into the most recent WoW raid – yet he was also tough for him. He then plays Elden Ring, which is apparently pleasurable.

He described:

_ I believe that WoW raids have become simple for the typical gamer, it’s just also much. _.

_ […] Again, I can do that, that’s penalty. I made all the mythological fights to Fight for Azeroth. Really, it’s not that I can not do this stuff, it’s a lot more so that I do not want it. _.

Remains the raid so hard? Snowstorm has actually currently made a few Nerfs in the last couple of days and also more will certainly follow.

On the day, Asmongold understood in an additional video clip that he does not affect the problem of RAIDs.

Aspent Asmongold finished the WoW session for the evening as well as instead played Elden Ring, a game where he evidently has more pleasurable.

Did you already understand the Raid? Or do you see it like ASMONDOLD, do not really feel like it or does the mausoleum discover as well tough?

_ If you wish to listen to the sincere fact: I dislike Raiden. I truly despise Raiden. I dislike to leave me to other individuals and I hate that these individuals need to depend on me. I like to play for myself or in a tiny team. I dislike it when a ‘Longshot’ [a random player name in his group] passes away, and […] it’s simply over. Okay, terrific. I did refrain from doing anything wrong, but I still need to do it once more. And after that you run back right to in charge, all need to buffer. .
I just lose perseverance promptly.

Asmongold has actually risked right into the latest WoW raid – yet he was also tough for him. In World of Warcraft, the first component of the RAIDs “Mausoleum of the First” has actually been obtainable for numerous days. Many gamers flow right into the raid of normal as well as heroic trouble, which in the end rewards with a questionable motion picture. Ideal to start the RAID’s “Mausoleum of the First” has additionally dared asmongold in the raid, on regular trouble. ** Stays the raid so hard?

_ I think that is truly another problem with the video game that it does not fascinate me if I get new devices since I know that it will be replaced by anything in the following patch anyhow I find in the open world. _.

For Asmongold, nevertheless, one more issue is the absence of motivation. The equipment can not crinkle him anymore, because he currently understands that he will certainly lose them quickly:.

Hence, Asmongold refers to that, most of all, he does not want to invest the time that the RAIDS calls for high problem. For in Globe of Warcraft, a lot of employers require a great deal of workout up until strategies have been internalized and refined, and also each participant of the group can play the fights without error – in enhancement to the essential efficiency that you have to offer for DPS or recovery.


Elden Ring New trailer for background history

What is it really in Elder Ring? That should explain the most recent trailer. The emphasis is on should.

Souls-like fans are already the days it still takes until Elder Ring appears. On February 25, 2022, the time has come. So since the release is not too far away and the gameplay premiere took place at the Summer Game firmly by Geoff Kafka, it was clear that the title would also emerge again with the Game Awards. And so it happened: FromSoftware has released a new trailer, which could also be the intro of action role playing.

It is therefore a pure render trailer without game scenes, but a) we have already seen enough of such anyway (and sometimes it has already been able to play even thanks to the closed network test in November) and b) so a video The cryptic story of the game illuminates easily to a fromSoftware title.

In the trailer, a character, which is also just referred to as a storyteller, told what had happened in the gloomy world of Elder Ring. There is talk of that the Rune of Death was stolen, the semi-gods have fallen and the eponymous Elder Ring is broken. We see a huge bustling battle and the fight between two mighty warriors. If you are sitting there after the trailer and think of you, Ok, I still have no idea what concretely the story of Elder Ring is… Well, do not worry, we are the same.

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal

Elder Ring is the first Open World Game of FromSoftware and thus the most ambitious project of the Japanese studio. For work on the Lore, Mastermind Hideaway Miyazaki has secured the support of the song of ice and fire author George R. R. Martin.

Pre-order Elder Ring now!