[Masterpiece Indie Return] Non -language charm Kaze no Tabi Bit (JOURNEY) (2012)

In this article, we pick up the Indy games released in the past! I will take up a play repo format, entitled Return to Masterpiece Indie. If you haven’t played it, why don’t you take this opportunity, and if you’re not, why not try replay?

This time, the adventure game Windno Tabi Vito released in Japan for PS3 in March 2012. The original title is Journey . This is the name of the work in Steam, which was ported later. As a writer, I call it the Japanese title Kaze no Tabi Bit, but I also like JOURNEY. This time, I re-played on Steam, but in this article, it is called Kaze no Tabi Vito because it is looking back.

Kaze no Tabi Vito is an action adventure set in a vast desert. Everything is drunk in the sandy sea, a wandering travel bit story, but this work is based on intuitive operation. It is a work that infers a story with a non-language feeling. The charm of this work is that you can enjoy it somehow. It is a work that makes the comfort of traveling freely in the desert world.

◆ Kaze no Tabi Bit Release Year Playback [March 2012 Tips]

● Games released in 2012

Pocket Monster White/Black 2, Persona 4 The Golden, and World Tree Labyrinth IV Traditional Giant have been released.

● Topics in March 2012

Movie director James Cameron challenges Mariana Trench Challenger Sea flies on a single-seater submarine. We reached 10,898 meters, the world’s deepest part. His masterpieces are Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009). Avatar: Way of Water will be released in December 2022.

Kaze no Tabi Bit was released on March 15, 2012 (released on March 13, 2012 in the United States), more than 10 years ago. Developed by Thatgamecompany and Sie Santa Monica Studio, it is a work following Flow (2006) and Flowery (2009) of Thatgamecompany.

As of 2022, the compatible model is PS3/PS4/PC/iOS. In addition, it is possible to play on PS5, and it was released on Steam in 2020. By the way, this work was distributed with the original version in Download exclusive, but it was a little unusual form in the generation at that time.

This work was highly evaluated and won many awards. The soundtrack of Kaze no Tabi Bit is also nominated for the Grammy Award and the Best Score SoundTrack for Visual Media category.

◆ Cloth is a friend! The non-language world spun by Kaze no Tabi Bit is fun and beautiful…

By the way, from here, it will be Kaze no Tabi Vito play report. The starting point is the desert as far as you can see… If you like the desert, it is a visual that you are satisfied with. I am impressed by the artistic depiction that is still beautiful after 10 years.

The tutorial ends with only the minimum explanation. Since it is a work with the theme of non-language, it is easy to operate. However, there is almost no explanation of the game system other than the tutorial in this work. I will judge that I can start moving in this way.

However, it is the great thing about this work that it does not make you feel unkind. I intuitively understand that everything is freedom, so the fun you notice is better……. I am replay, so to be precise, I remembered it, not I noticed.

Roughly speaking of the system of this work, fly with a cloth dancing in the desert. You will get the energy to dance in the sky from the cloth, so you will inevitably walk with the clothing swimming. The travel bit is also fun as if it had become a pulse cloth dancing in the sandy sea.

It is also impressive that energy is stored in the stall of travel bit. It’s nice to get items and extend the stall (energy remaining). This item is scattered everywhere, so you can enjoy searching and collection elements.

After that, please play with a good feeling in the flow of the place. …… I made a playful story, but the biggest feature of this work is the game that is kneaded. Where to go and what to do… The next purpose is intuitively easy to understand, so you can move with your own flow. The construction of a flow line, which shows the next destination, is very excellent. The feeling of understanding somehow is irresistible.

In this work, a civilization sinking in the desert and its descendants (thought to be) protagonists will be developed. In a world without a language, the former glory that floats blurred is revealed. However, the story itself is not attractive in this work. With the story as a backbone, I am in the world itself is beautiful and approaching as a valuable experience.

In addition, this work also includes online elements. In fact, it is a system that is actually on immediately after the start, and you can meet another travel bit somewhere during the game play. However, it is a very yuru connection, and the only way to interact is to sound the sound effect. You are free to break up in an appropriate place or to act together.

I re-played the Steam version released in 2020. Even though it was relatively recently, it was originally a game 10 years ago, so I thought I wouldn’t meet any1. In this article, I was going to deliver the joy of traveling alone, but I encountered other players early. Indeed, the joy of meeting people in the middle of the desert…

With this unknown travel bit, I decided to work together for a while. However, at the right time, he went to the other side of the dunes. It’s a goodbye. This is the real pleasure of this sadness and the degree of freedom of each person. If so, is it an online element as an evolution of solo play?

Since the communication method is minimal, there is no word, but the exchange is born. I also remembered a similar feeling in Death Stranding. It seems that there are various forms of cozy online environment in various forms, but this work and Desst have a mechanism that allows you to feel the warmth of people while connecting.

As expected, I can’t affirm that I can still meet other players!, But even if you play now, you should be more than enough to meet people.

There are various attractions of this work, such as the exhilaration of the operation and the beauty of the masterpiece desert even now, but it will be a word of moving game experience. Of course, there are a lot of things to write, such as stories worth considering and the fun of flight, but after all, it is not possible to states… or even a game writer is impressive. 。

In 2022, I looked back again and forcibly complained, but it was difficult for this work only. It is a game that is not inferior to the graphics and is superb. If you break somewhere, the whole work will collapse.

Well, it’s a bit of a troublesome story, but letters have advanced humanity. In addition to the language, the text was born, a book was born, and civilization developed. The civilization that did not reach books is an important factor enough to make progress. But language and letters also have disadvantages. The point is that human activities become extremely complicated and complicated. Binding is born that leads to mental stress.

In Kaze no Tabi Vito, only monotonous and pure non-language communication is located. If there is a language, a contract will be born, and responsibility will be born, but this work is an intentionally eliminating game. You will be able to experience free play without language in the wind. The game is online, and the charm of Kaze no Tabi Bit is in its purity. Of course, these non-language games were seen before the same work, but in terms of high perfection, it is a masterpiece that is at the top.

There are many games that can be your own memories. This work is definitely one of them. If you haven’t played Kaze no Tabi Bit yet, why not travel this world? And if you are fascinated by playing at that time, why not taste the desert world there again?

Product name: Windney Travel Vit (Journey)

  • Compatible models: PC/PS3/PS4/iOS
    Steam Journey (1,520 yen including tax)
    PS4 version Kaze no Tabi Bit (1,320 yen including tax)
    iOS version Kaze no Tabi Bit JOURNEY (610 yen including tax)

  • Play model in the article: PC (Steam)

  • Genre: Action adventure


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