Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sell millions in their first weekend


Last Friday the versions of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet arrived at the market, the next main game of the franchise that bets on an open world and activities to do to the taste of the player. Of course, criticisms have been sounded by players due to performance, but it seems that this is not affecting sales.

In a new Nintendo statement, it is confirmed that these video games reached a figure of 10 million copies sold only in their first weekend, that does not include subsequent sales such as last Monday and Tuesday. This covers both the physical copies distributed in the world, and the digital ones, either in individual or double package.

This news could be something counterproductive, since not long ago it was also reported that users are looking for reimbursements of their money, this through Nintendo customer service. That implies that they already want to settle for what Game Freak delivers, many of them are fans who want to see an evolution of the saga for good.

It is good that you have reached this number of copies, but also negative because Game Freak will understand that there are no complaints and will continue to develop future games with that same quality. There has been no talk of some DLC that is launched in the following years, but as Pokémon comes out annually, it is evident that it will be launched.

Remember that the versions are available on Nintendo Switch.