How to unlock vindicator in Saints Row

Reboot Saints Row includes many vehicles that the player can unlock and stylishly wander along the streets of Santo-Iles. One of the fastest and most vile methods of movement is Vindicator, which players can unlock by collecting certain parts in the Badlands region. If simple nitrogen oxide is too slow for you, this reactive car with endless boost can be what you are looking for. In this guide, we will tell you how to unlock the vindicator in rebooting Saints Row.

How to get a vindicator in rebooting Saints Row

Players can unlock the retirement by completing forgotten prototype , which includes the collection of five parts of the car. These details of the car can be found in the kinetic sculptures resembling windmills that can be found around barren lands region, edge. After the successful collection of all five parts, you will unlock the vindicator, which can be accessed from Garage Jim Rob or your operating base.

How to Pass the Test Forgotten Prototype in rebooting Saints Row


In total, there are five parts of the missile machine which you can assemble to complete the Forgotten Prototype task. These parts of the vehicles can be found in the northern part of the Badlands card, and they are located under large kinetic structures that look like small windmills. To find these structures, just open the map application and find lost wheels icon. It is worth noting that not all these locations can be reached by car. Thus, the fastest way to solve this problem is to use helicopter fly to each location.

Having found and interacting with all five structures, you will complete the test Forgotten Prototype and unlock Return means of transportation. Along with this, you will also receive wings of the shark fin and also 50 experience as a reward for completing the task.

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