Who did Viserys see when he said my love in House of the Dragon? Answered

Misery has been literally molding and declining throughout the House of the Dragon season, and finally meets his disappearance in episode 8. However, just before he dies, he pronounces my love and dies. If you are wondering exactly why he said my love in House of the Dragon This is what he needs to know.

Who is the love of Misery in House of the Dragon?

While Misery is on his deathbed, he seems to stare at the ceiling and says my love before death. It is very likely that he refer to his first wife Emma, whom he had opened without contemplation while she was delivered in episode 1.

Even after he married Alien, we saw in the previous episode that he mistakenly referred to her as Emma while he moved away from her, which surprised Aliment herself and the royal guard who accompanied him. It is clear that he never overcome his love for Emma, nor the fault he charged for her death during her birth. He also sometimes mentioned in the series that he had never considered the idea of getting married after her wife’s death, which shows that he still loved her even after all this time.

Just when Misery is finally about to die, he seems to be at peace because he believes that he can finally be with his first wife.

What is the dagger at the end of episode 8 of House of the Dragon?

During the Misery death scene, the camera also moves towards the dagger near his bed. This is significant, since the dagger bears the inscription of Argon’s dream about the song of ice and fire and the prince who was promised.

This prophecy predicted the coming of the promised prince, who would unite the seven kingdoms and helped to overcome any icy evil that came from the north. The camera focuses on the dagger because Misery confuses Alien with Chandra, and he tells him that he believes that Chandra is the promised prince and that she had to ascend to the iron throne.

Of course, all this is debatable since the white walkers would not really materialize as a threat for another hundred years, but Accent misinterprets him and believes that she wanted to say that Argon should be the one who ascended to the throne.

That is all you need to know about Who sees Misery when he says my love in House of the Dragon . Be sure to look for DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more news and information about the program, including who is Argon’s wife and how long it passes before episode 8.

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