Rise of kingdoms

Three Kingdoms 2022, 500,000 applicants for advance reservations

Reality Cubed Game announced on the 4th that the number of pre-booking applicants for the mobile strategy simulation game ‘Three Kingdoms 2022’ has recently surpassed 500,000.

Reality cubes will expand the size of reward items to the next level. Even if you apply for advance reservations, 300 golden and hero selection boxes are paid, and in commemoration of achieving 500,000 preliminary reservation applicants, 300 golden, 10 golden weapons, 10 golden hourglasses A total of 50,000 won worth of rewards will be given.

In addition, various events are being held at the official game community café, and the company plans to present in-kind compensation such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, 50,000 won fuel voucher, and 10,000 won cultural gift certificate through a lottery for participating users.

This game features its own territorial war, the Golden Battle. Golden Castle can produce ‘Golden’, a symbol of huge wealth, and positionally, Korea-China, where the main hub of the Win Dynasty and ‘Jangan’, which was abundant, and the history of the Three Kingdoms history. A total of nine major strategic hubs, including Luoyang, will be produced as golden.

In addition, it is not a simple combat power competition, but a combination of famous heroes of the Three Kingdoms, a faithful implementation of the internal system that should be enriched in the jurisdiction of the user’s jurisdiction, and a diplomatic field that must work with users of adjacent countries. It is a game designed to win by solving it.

Meanwhile, more information related to the Three Kingdoms 2022 pre-booking, SNS sharing, various information related to goldenity, and TVC advertisement starring by actor Joo Sang-wook can be found through the official Cafe of the Three Kingdoms 2022.