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How to get a baked rocketus blood in Lost Ark

Baked Rakatus Blood is a collection of collectibles in Lost Ark. Although most of the collectibles can be found randomly during the game in certain areas, we found this subject in the dungeon. You will be able to find the Blood Blood Rakatus when you get to the continent of Shushir.

Where to find a baked Blood Rakatus in Shushire?

We found the blood of Rakatus blood after performing the main quest of the Akkan commander. Although it does not guarantee that he will fall out during this quest, it is there he appeared for us. The purpose of this quest is to pass the dungeon of Maze of Mirrors.

Since we saw it only after passing the dungeon, it could fall at any time, but this dungeon seems to be a safe choice for where to go.

How to get Bloody Rod Lost Ark

These collectibles are usually falling out after murdering monsters with luminous spheres over their heads. The chance is also great that the banned blood of Rakatus falls from these alpha-monsters.

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