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God of War animation director talks about the approach to PS4

To the surprise of many, God of War: Ragnarök arrived at PlayStation 4. Two years after the PS5 launch, much of the fans believe that launching a game on the last generation platform causes performance that performance of the new hardware piece is not optimal. This was something that we asked Bruno Velázquez, Animation Director of God of War Ragnarök, in an interview.

Not long ago we could talk with Velázquez about the development of god of War: Ragnarök, and we asked if he could clarify a previous statement, where he pointed out that this delivery was built with the PS4 in mind . This was what he commented:

All the goals we had with God of War: Ragnarök, we could do them. We wanted to finish the story, make sure that all players could visit the nine kingdoms, as we had promised, expand the number of enemies, weapons, combat options, and more. Everything we wanted to do, we could do it at the PlayStation 4 without problem. That is why it is important that people know that we did not have to sacrifice something to make the game. It doesn’t matter if I was in the PS4.

In the PS5 it looks much better, we had the opportunity to do things that cannot They have a PS5. That is why we wanted to make the best possible game in the PS4 too, and take advantage of the progress of the PS5.

Yes, we could meet all the goals we gave ourselves. For me, there was no problem that this game came out in both systems.

In the case of Sony First Party developments, The goal is to offer the best experience on all possible platforms , and that means optimizing the game for PS4, and offering a series of improvements in PS5. In related issues, this was what Velázquez told us about the decision to only make two deliveries in this saga. Similarly, the animation director tells us about an important decision for the end of the game.