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Horizon forbidden Wests 1.11 patch is now available, here are the patch notes

Blimey, Guerrilla Games is really powered by these patch numbers. A few days after deploying the last Horizon Forbidden West update, the Dutch studio has published another, bringing the game to version 1.11. Weighing 1,133 GB, it is explained that this hotfix is actually versions 1.10 and 1.11 at a time. As such, the download is a little larger than previous updates. Book about five minutes to install this on your PlayStation 5, PS4 systems.

The update notes cover a ton of equilibrium and fixes for main and secondary quests, as well as the resolution of a problem with legendary weapons. There are now subtitles for the song Title in the Flood – “It’s time for a karaoke session,” recommend the update notes.

As always, Guerrilla Games also highlights other problems that he is aware of. This includes a problem with ATEKKA that does not use the ballist in Blood Choke, the improved trophy of each pocket type is still unlocking and the new items are not displayed with the correct icon. For a complete overview of known issues, click on the link.

Horizon Forbidden West Horizon 1.11 Update Notes

Fixes and improvements

Main quests

  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “The Broken Sky” where sometimes players were not able to interact with or follow Kotallo after a quick trip and a progression in other secondary content.
  • Fixed a problem in the main quest “The Ten Wings” where, in rare occasions, the goal was not updated when returning to the base, blocking progress.

Secondary quests

  • Correction of several conditional progression problems in the “Thirst for the Hunt” secondary quest.
  • Fixed a problem in the secondary quest “Boom Gold Bust” where the replacement of one of the machines during the “kill machines” objective did not make the quest progress.
  • Correction of multiple machinery instances that were out of reach of the player during the objectives of the secondary quest, blocking conditionally the progression.

Global activities

  • Fixed a problem in Rebel Camp Devil’s Grasp where sometimes the goal “Search the Command Center” could not be reached.
  • Fixed a problem in Rebel Camp First Forge where the player could miss the arc Sun Scourge by recharging a backup after looting Asera. Note: This will not affect the backup parts of the people who have “lost” the bow due to the reloading of the backup after recovering the arc but before talking to Erend. These players can revisit the Asera corpse. The ASERA corpse will always reappear until the players looted the bow. Please, take the bow so she can stop haunting the west.
  • Fixed a problem with Keruf’s “Missing Gear” recovery contract where the contract could not be completed if the player gained multiple objects required.
  • Fixed a problem in Plainsong hunting grounds where events could not be launched or completed.
  • Fixed a problem with the progression of Melee Pits.


  • Fixed a problem where the player’s level instead of the number of victims could influence whether Apex or Evolved machines appeared in the open world instead of standard variants.
  • Fixed a problem with the BristleBack where the Apex version never appeared in the open world.
  • Fixed a problem with the Plowhorn where the Plowhorn Apex did not contain the Plowhorn Apex heart.
  • Fixed a problem with the Rockbreaker where the “mining claws” could not be recovered from a Rockbreaker apex after detaching them.
  • Fixed a problem with Slaughterspine where the looting of the Earthblaster Plasma of the Apex Slaughterspine would contain a flash of metal, instead of volatile sludge and crystal braiding.
  • Adjustment of drop rates for the booty “dispersion tanks” of the snapmaw.
  • Fixed a problem with the skydrift where the skydrift stood in the air.
  • Fixed a problem with the Thunderjaw where the regular version (non-apex) never appeared in the open world.
  • Disciplined a surprised Tideripper showing out in slippery and slipping through his designated habitat.
  • Fixed a problem with the widemaw where his throat continued to turn after being killed.


  • Fixed a problem with humanoid enemies where the application of fatal blow with a Spike Thrower could freeze the on-site enemies instead of dying and falling on the ground.

Weapons / armor / skills

  • Rebalancing involuntary change on legendary weapons.
  • Fixed a problem with the upgrade path for Death-Seeker’s Shadow: Increased impact damage for Advance Hunter Arrows with the first upgrade.
  • Fixed a problem with Death-Seeker’s Shadow and Lightning Hunter Bow where the manufacture of arrows Advanced Shock Hunter drew resources from the reserve.
  • Fixed a problem with Shredders where sometimes the reloading animation and throwing was not playing.
  • Fixed a problem with shredders where advanced shredders used the same icon as normal shredders.
  • Fixed a problem with the SHREDDER Satchel where the Workbench menu indicated that the maximum number of Advanced Shredders is increased to 12, but the real maximum number in the game was 11.
  • Fixed an incorrect declaration in the tutorial text for the Purgewater tutorial. The text said “once in this state, their elementary attacks are disabled and they become more vulnerable to frost and shock attacks.” This has been changed in “once in this state, their basic attacks are disabled and their resistance to all elementary damage and states is reduced.”
  • Fixed a problem with coils and weaves where mods intended to increase impact damage increased instead all damage.
  • Fixed a problem with coils and weavings where weaving that grant several defense increases display the Weave Plasma icon.
  • Fixed a marginal case where pressing the “launch” action for rocks carried a heavy mingle instead. Stealthy players, do not celebrate too hard, the machines will hear you!
  • Fixed a problem with Hunter Bows where the reloading animation did not play correctly when using Advanced Element or Targeting arrows. Players should now be able to shoot arrows faster.
  • Fixed a problem with Carja Wanderer armor, Nora Sentinel and Nora Tracker where resistors decreased when upgrading.


  • Enabling a new quest prompt when it appears in the HUD will now highlight this quest in the Log Quests tab.
  • Fixed a problem Where to try to access an established after selling all the weapons driven an infinite black screen.

  • Action prompts and quest markers can now be masked in the custom HUD settings.


  • Improvement of visibility in the underwater section of the San Francisco Challenge Ruin Hobart office.
  • Changing the order of sorting certain vegetation elements to improve the rendering time.
  • Adjustments to the dynamic resolution system for better scaling.

Performance and stability

  • Several crash patches.
  • Several streaming patches in the game and in cinematics.

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.11 Fixes Legendary Weapons & Way More (Horizon Forbidden West 1.11)


  • Adding subtitles for the words of the title song, “in the flood”. Let’s go for a karaoke session!
  • Added a “Toggle” option in the Settings menu for booty actions.
  • Correction of several conflicts of remapping control.
  • Fixed a default control conflict between Mount Light Attack and Select / DESELECT TRACK in Focus mode.
  • Fixed a problem where Aloy could be blocked in an animation if a VALOR Surge was activated when using a zipline.
  • Correction of a problem where to kill a stormbird in stationary flight could sometimes cause the blocking of its corpse in a floating position.
  • Fixed a problem where the parameters related to difficulty could be activated in the difficulty modes that did not allow them.
  • Correction of several cases where Aloy could remain blocked in geometry.
  • Several fixes to Aloy animations.
  • Several corrections and audio improvements.
  • Multiple lighting corrections and cinematic improvements.
  • Several corrections and improvements in body and facial animations in cinematics.
  • Many corrections and enhancements of NPC animations and NPC accessories in the colonies.
  • Several patches and location improvements.
  • Several other bug fixes.

Lol: the polemic of Faker in his last game that has pissed the Korean fans

T1 Faker Leblanc vs Diana [ MID ] Patch 11.18 Ranked Korea ✅
Faker and his team have signed a spectacular start that makes them the great references of the competition of League of Legends . The undefeated march equipment and has barely granted opportunities to their rivals so far from LCK. However, T1 fans have found on the last day a reason to be poured. Everything because of a technical failure that was not cared for in the way that many would have considered correct .

Faker’s controversy and an accident flash

During the beginning of the second map, Faker suffered a technical problem that affected the audio system of him and asked the referees to carry out a pause. However, the head of the game decided that it was a minor problem and he should continue. An option that he reconsidered after the insistence of the player who, accidentally, pulsed the flash key when he tried to write the pause command on the chat . A cluster of unfortunate circumstances that created a much greater problem.

After the pause and the solution of the technical problems, the option of rewinding the departure was placed on the table at a point before the use of the flash by the player. A possibility offered by a tool known as Chronobreak who resisted accepting the DWG KIA team, whom the referees had explained the situation. However, the series of disadicas catastrophics had not finished: No rival player had seen Faker use the flash , so now they had an information not obtained in a legitimate way.

Following all the mess, the arbitrators were forced to make the decision to retreat the game. Not only had the situation been reached by the refusal of him to carry out the pause at first, also for having revealed the information to the enemies. A situation that, despite having a final that allowed the correct celebration of the heading , was criticized by Korean fans when considered a pipeline that is not up to the League of Legends competition. Some opinions that were not positive with the trainer of Dwg Kia that he intended to take advantage of the situation.