PlayStation Plus: Meet Your Maker for Free on April 4th

Scheduled for April 4, the next title of Behavior Interactive Offer a considerable advantage on PlayStation.
From its launch, Meet Your Maker will be integrated into the PS Plus catalog and downloadable in its full version.
Location Grander his collection of games at no additional cost, while enjoying a new experience.
In addition, Letter announces two editions for the launch of the game.
From April 4 and until May 1, it will be possible to download Meet Your Maker for free via the PS Plus.
This standard version of the game will not be removed from the players afterwards, allowing to take full advantage.
COFFEE is available for PS4 and PS5, on the sole condition of being subscribed to the PlayStation service.


In addition, in anticipation of his arrival on April 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series, Behavior Interactive unveils the two versions available.
Standard loss, €29.99, gives access to all the basic content of the game. With Edition Deluxe, players can take advantage of cosmetic delegates inspired by ancient Egypt for their goalkeeper and before, at a price of €35.99.
This collection can also know alone for those already with the game.


The English translation of Aconcagua, one of the last PSX first parties, is now available

Aconcagua was one of the last big blockbusters to come out on the first PlayStation. Developed by Sony itself, the game was published in June 2000, a few months after the launch of the PlayStation 2 in Japan and about to launch its successor worldwide. It was never published outside of Japan.

Today an unofficial translation has been released that brings the game to English, which tells the story of the survivors of a plane that crashes on top of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in Argentina. Hilltop, which recently also translated Racing Lagoon, Square Enix’s eccentric car RPG; can be found on his Patreon.

The game stands out for its cinematographic ambitions: the story of Kato, your avatar, and his descent down the mountain accompanying the activist Pachamama, is told without skimping on cinematic scenes, with up to 80 minutes of videos scattered throughout the game, an amount nothing negligible for the time. Playably, his approach to the catastrophic (an entire subgenre, perhaps not the most prestigious but one that remains active to this day, with Disaster Report as a great veteran) ends up being closer to the traditional graphic adventure, with a little more presence of action scenes.

If something defines Aconcagua, it is precisely the ambitions of all kinds: technically it is more than remarkable, especially with a new console already on the market, and voices were even recorded in English and Spanish, and although in the end it did not reach going out of Japan it seems that there were plans to release it. Hence, in the video above these lines, the patch launch trailer, there is so much dubbing; that part of the work was already done.

Although games continued to come out for the first PlayStation until 2004, Aconcagua was one of the last big first party productions that Sony worked on. It’s not the company’s most well-known project, of course, but surely a translation of this kind can help this interesting piece of PSX history reach more people.


PS4: Everyone transforms their console to see a covert detail

Easter Eggs are constantly hidden in films and computer game. It is frequently only tiny information and also Sony additionally hid a little something on PlayStation 4. Once you transform your console, you can discover this.

PlayStation 4: These feet are cute

Most of you recognize that. You purchase a console, unload it and also put them in the put place to dive right into the following best video game asap. Rarely you transform your console and check out the floor-with the PlayStation 4 you need to do that, due to the fact that possibly you have the console version with the special feet in the house.

PlayStation 4: The console is currently head

Yet PlayStation 4 is not the only console on which the signs conceal. The legendary indications also conceal on the virtual reality glasses and Additionally on the devices of PlayStation 5, you can locate out – both on the controller as well as on the electronic camera and the headset, the little key icons appear.

While numerous gamers are passionate about the brand-new exploration, some followers assert that they saw this detail years earlier.

Twitter user Liquodar obtained the stone rolling, which uncovered, that the feet of his PlayStation 4 contain the legendary indicators triangles, x, circle as well as square . It is evidently the SLIM version, but other models, such as the PS4 Pro, often have this surprise information.

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If so, which design do you have? Have you currently discovered various other unique features on your gaming consoles or tools?

It is usually just small details and Sony also concealed a little something on PlayStation 4. You can discover this when you transform your console.

Hardly ever you turn your console and also look at the floor-with the PlayStation 4 you need to do that, since maybe you have the console design with the special feet at home.

Final fantasy xiv

PlayStation will close a popular PS4 game this year

PlayStation is closing the servers of one of its popular exclusive PS4 this September. The last generation of consoles, many of the best games were exclusive to PS4 or exclusive PS4 consoles. Among the tastes of Transmitted by blood, dios de la war, The last of us part II, inexplain 4, Persona 5, The Marvel Spiderman, fantasma of tsushima and remake Final Fantasy VII, PlayStation was firing at full machine. Most of these attractive PS4 exclusive were narrative games for a single player, but ran into multiplayer mode here and there. An example of the latter, which also turns out to be one of the most outstanding examples, is golf of all, which was not a mega success but he certainly had and has his fans. Unfortunately, your servers are closing.

Very quietly, and using the Japanese Branch of PlayStation, Sony has announced that on September 30, 2022, the servers of all_ will stop existing, leaving the owners of the game without another option to enjoy the game off connection, which is a option, but it is not attractive for many.

«Thank you for continuing to enjoy the PlayStation4 golf software of all«, you read a brief statement that accompanies the news. «As of September 30, 2022, we have decided to end the online service of Golf of all. We would like to thank all management teams for enjoying the online game for a long time since starting the service on August 31, 2017. You can continue enjoying the game without a connection even after finishing online service ».

Now, this translation comes through Google Translate, so it is not clear how precise is, but the dates are accurate. That said, in addition to the previous propaganda, Sony also provides the following list of functions that will no longer be available after this date.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) April 2022 (PS+)
* Selection «open course»
* Participation in «National Competition»
* Game of «Battle of room»
* Using «Competition Room»
* Explore the last “daily classification”
* Explore the last «Copy Ranking»
* Partial navigation of «Notice box»
* Explore some of the “items of the month”
* Explore some of the «items last month»
* Buy and use «Medal Warp»
* Acquisition of some articles related to “fishing”
* «Report» to the player
* See the last “profile card” and the last “number of copies”
* Explore a part of «Library»
* Acquiring platinum trophy «The teacher of all»
* Acquisition of the Gold Trophy «Collector of Fish Illustrated Books»
* Acquired the Bronze Trophy «Debut online ☆»

As you can see, the closure of the servers will make the platinum trophy it is impossible to obtain, so if you are interested in getting this achievement, do it.

At the time of publication, PlayStation has not offered any idea of why the servers of the PS4 game are closing, but presumably because the costs of keeping them now exceed the benefits.


Sony recruits Japanese retailers for the PS5 scalping prevention program

Image: Push the square

As you probably already know, the PlayStation 5 is not an easy-to-find console – and it’s about as true in Japan than here in the West. Naturally, Sony does everything he can to sell as many consoles of the current generation as possible – but because of the shortages of current chips and other persistent manufacturing problems (largely caused by the pandemic), he It will take time before Sony can not match consumer demand.

A new incentive could, however, help to appease the situation. As reported by Yahoo! A few weeks ago in Japan (sorry, we missed it!), Sony is currently working with retailers to fight the scalping of PS5 in Japan. A quick explanation in case: a “scalper” is a person who buys a limited stock to resell at a higher price – and the PS5 is a key target for scalpers since its launch in 2020.

Retailer BANS PS5 Sales To Scalpers After Chaos Breaks Out
Anyway, Sony provides the retailers of the official seals, which are applied to PS5 packaging. The idea is that when a PS5 is sold, the retailer breaks the seal so that the PS5 can be identified as sold and “open”. The seal itself is apparently difficult to remove, so a box psp that has been sold by scalpers should be easy to spot because of the seal or the damaged package that a withdrawal seal has left behind.

It is a bit difficult to know how far this incentive is going to Japan, but it looks like a fairly decent plan. Hope this has had some impact on the scalping market, and more PS5 find their way to regular customers.


Speculation on Knack 3 grows after the new registered trademark of PlayStation

It seems that PlayStation could be working on Ability 3 if a new trademark is something to happen. When PlayStation 4 was launched for the first time in 2013, one of the titles that were launched along with the platform was that of maña, which was a new action franchise and Sony platforms. In 2017, a sequel entitled Afability 2 ended up arising, but since then, PlayStation has not announced any new Knack project. However, it seems that the launch of a new trademark registered in Japan could be causing the return of the character soon.

Discovered by Gematsusony presented a new trademark for Knack earlier this month on March 17. The trademark itself did not refer to anything related Ability 3 or a possible sequel to another name, but the time of this movement is quite curious, especially since numerous rumors of PlayStation run unbridled at this time.

In a general sense, it is difficult to know what to do with this registered trademark. Often, companies will have to re-present trademarks as it is from time to time if they want to preserve the rights of a given name. As such, this presentation could have been done as a way that Sony continues to ensure that it has the name Knack.

In addition, Ahbility 3 does not make much sense that happens at this time because the developer of the series, Japan Studio, greatly reduced its size last year. In fact, Japan Studio ended up merging with Team Asobi in 2021, which is the developer behind the Astro Bot series. In the future, it has been said that Japan Studio is being focused to a large extent on the Astro Bot franchise, which means that other properties like Knack have been archived in the company. Even so, if Ahbility 3 would happen, it is always possible that Sony could have assigned the project to work in another study.

The Fans Who Refuse to Let PlayStation Home Die | IGN Inside Stories

Would you be excited if AlAbility 3 Is it something in what PlayStation is really working on? Or would you prefer that this franchise will continue in the past? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate on Twitter in @ mooreman12.


Hidden PS4 detail: all turn your console around

In numerous video games, countless Easter Eggs are hidden. These are small details that should draw attention to another game, a movie or the like. Something like this is also hidden on the PlayStation 4. You discover that when your console turns back once.

PlayStation 4: These feet are cute

Many of you know that. You buys a console, packs them and puts or puts them on the predictive place to put you as soon as possible in the next best game. Rarely, you turn your console and look at the floor – the PlayStation 4 you should do that, however, because maybe you have the console model with the special feet at home.

PlayStation 4: The console is now head

The stone brought Twitter users Liquodar into wheels, which discovered, that the feet of his Playstation 4 consist of the iconic sign triangles, square, circle and x . He is apparently about the Slim model, but other models, such as the PS4 Pro, often have this hidden detail.

While many players are enthusiastic about the new discovery, some fans assume that this details were already noticed years ago.

But the PlayStation 4 is not the only console on which the symbols hide. The iconic signs also hide on the VR glasses and Also on the accessories of the PlayStation 5 you can find themselves – both on the controller and on the headset and the camera dive the tiny buttons icons.

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PS5 sold about one million units in Japan during 2021

Even with the pandemic and the shortage of microcomponents, the PlayStation 5 managed to sell 942 thousand 798 units in Japan last year, this according to information collected by Fujitsu. It is not a bad number at all, but if we compare it with the Nintendo Switch, which sold 5.3 million units, then it is short.

Sony PS5 SEEMS to Have Abandoned Japan as Nintendo Switch Sales Dominate...

The constant problems that PlayStation has had at Japan are not a new thing. Maybe hardware sales are not as bad as they normally make it look, but the biggest problem for Sony is the software. Usually, switch games dominate the sale tables of Fujitsu, something that is obviously not ideal.

While the Xbox Series X | s is enjoying better performance compared to their predecessors, it only sold 95 thousand 958 units over 2021, being overcome by the PS5. In fact, the PS4, which was already practically discontinued at this point, had a better performance with 103 thousand 786 units sold in Japan last year.

Editor’s note: Certainly it will be interesting to know the future of PS5 in Japan. Surely you can never compete directly to Nintendo throughout this generation, but maybe with PSVR2 and Final Fantasy XVI, the Japanese company can recover a little terrain.


PS5 order availability and price of the console at a glance

Original text too short.

The PlayStation 5 is currently rarely available and available in highly limited quantities. After all, you can currently secure the console in a DSL tariff. Here you will find all the information about the price and availability of the PS5.

PS5 order: Here you can get the console currently

PS5 with 2nd controller in the DSL contract at 1und1 from 64.89 Euro per month
PS5 Digital from about 630 euros (eBay)
PS5 DISC from about 730 euros (eBay)

Please note that the indicated prices and availability of the PS5 can vary.

Recently, the PS5 is also offered via Songs online store PlayStation Direct — but it is currently out of print there. But it can not hurt to have an eye on the website.

Click here for PlayStation Direct!

PS5 buy: Availability and price at a glance

It is still difficult to order a PlayStation 5. After all, however, well-known online stores offer again and again small quotas of the coveted console for sale.

A good news: Many traders currently offer orders via Click & Collect, say: You order the console online, but you have to pick them up on site in the respective business. This has the advantage that resellers can not be greatly strike.

The following is: You must keep the following dealer pages close by the right and be quick as soon as the PS5 is available in the shops. If necessary, the online shops of Amazon and Otto will automatically guide you on other available PS5 products, the console is currently not available.

PlayStation 5 with 4K drive for 499 Euro:

PS5 with 4K drive at Amazon
PS5 with 4K drive at Eugenics
PS5 with 4K drive at Mediamarkt
PS5 with 4K drive at OTTO
PS5 with 4K drive at Saturn
PS5 with 4K drive at PlayStation Direct

Are you also interested in topics related to Digital Edition Games?

PlayStation 5 All Digital Edition for 399 Euro:

PS5 All Digital Edition at Amazon
PS5 all digital edition at eugenics
PS5 All Digital Edition at Mediamarkt
PS5 All Digital Edition at OTTO
PS5 All Digital Edition at Saturn
PS5 All Digital Edition at PlayStation Direct

The PS5 costs 399 euros in the All Digital Edition. The price for the PlayStation 5 with 4K drive is 499 euros.

PS5 order in the mobile phone and electricity tariff

The PlayStation 5 is currently only difficult to get. However, you can currently secure the console in certain tariff bundles — including a mobile phone tariff of Mobil com debited and a stream tariff of Yellow:

PS5 in the mobile tariff at MediaMarkt — All information can be found in our article
PS5 in the mobile rate of Mobilcom-Debitel — All information can be found in our article.
PS5 in the electricity tariff of Yellow — All information can be found in our article.

PS5 bundles order: PlayStation 5 packages for gamers

The PS5 was already offered as a bundle for some dealers. So far, for example, with MediaMarkt and Saturn, there were bundles with Assassin s Creed: Valhalla or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This procedure results for the dealers meaning, as they can sell directly other articles together with the PS5.

Here you will find the previous PS5 bundles at MediaMarkt. Currently, you are sold out, but over the next few days and weeks they could be made available again:

PS5 bundles at Mediamarkt:

PS5 with 4K drive and Assassin s Creed: Valhalla at Mediamarkt for 539.99 Euro (currently sold out)
PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales at Media Market for 549.99 euros (sold to date)
PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition at Media Market for 569.99 euros (currently sold out)
PS5 with 4K drive + Dual Sense (sold to date) at Media Market for 559.99 Euro
PS5 with 4K drive + HD camera (sold to date) at Media Market for 549.99 euros
PS5 Digital (sold to date) Edition + Dual Sense Media Market for 459.99 Euro
PS5 Digital + HD camera at Media Market for 449.99 Euro (sold to date) Edition

PS5 bundles at Saturn:

PS5 with 4K drive and Assassin s Creed: Valhalla (sold to date) at Saturn for 539.99 Euro
PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales at Saturn for 549.99 euros (sold to date)
PS5 with 4K drive and Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition at Saturn for 569.99 euros (currently sold out)

Buy PlayStation 5: Accessories for the Next Gen console

To get the most out of your PS5, requires its corresponding accessories — including the Dual Sense controllers that HD camera controller charging station, remote control, the headset and a corresponding television. However, some accessories are currently also unfortunately out of stock at many retailers.

Sony HD camera at Amazon for 48.96 euros
Sony media remote control at media market for 27.99 euros
Sony Pulse 3D, Over-Ear Wireless Headset at Mediamarkt for 92.99 Euro
Sony danseuse charging station at Saturn for 34.99 Euro (Actually Sold out)

In our video we show you the best accessories for the PS5:

The best TVs for the PS5:

LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) at Amazon (currently out of stock)
Samsung LED 4K Q80T (65 inches) at Amazon (currently sold out)
Sony KD-55xH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at Mediamarkt for 829 Euro

In our review article you will find all more information about the PlayStation 5.

Click through the history of the PlayStation in our picture line:

PS5 Price only $299 is VERY CHEAP - Both PS5 console prices! (PS5 Price News)
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