How to get a black crossroads in Valorant

Unlike other crossings, black crossroads allows players to identify enemies much better on Valorant light cards, allowing players to switch and kill goals much faster. By default, Valorant does not provide players with the opportunity to configure, which allows you to change the color of the sight to black. Nevertheless, you can configure opaque parameters of some crosses, such as the main crosshair Tenz to get a black look.

settings of black sight Valorant

Here is a complete setting of Tenza’s sights so that he seemed black in the game.

General Settings of the sight

Inner lines

External lines


code Valorant Black Crosshair

You can always alternatively copy this sight code to get the desired black sight.

* code : 0; p; c; 1; o; 1; 0t; 1; 0l; 1; 0a; 0; 0f; 0; 1t; 1; 1l; 1; 1o; 4; 1a; 0 ; 1m; 0; 1f; 0

Remember that you cannot make every crosshair black. It works only with some crossings, which include both internal and outer lines, and the central point is turned off. In addition, you can also use third-party software, for example SS Valrants to get black.

To learn more about Valorant, read the section How to get the sight heart or love in valorant or how to make a sight in the form of a square/rectangle in Valorant in the game guides for professionals.


NBA 2K23: 20 various shots evaluates, developers detail the new functions

The developers specify at the exact same time that capturing arches were utilized in NBA 2K23, in order to show if you remain in advancement (high arc), late (flat arc) or in the nick of time (perfect arc). By doing this, we can realize whether the release is unique or otherwise. It is likewise defined that if the capturing analysis function is triggered, after that the inlay of the timing/cover and also the best timing computer animations are postponed till the ball touches the basket. Visual Ideas desires to rehabilitate the suspense that often did not have the shots with perfect timing, in order to urge players to proceed player during possession as opposed to come back right into change previously.

Alone in his field, NBA 2K never ever forgets to question himself, occasionally to the shame of the faithful that should relearn certain mechanics from one year to the next, that adjustment or otherwise. For NBA 2K23, the visual concept workshops has still performed numerous advancements in the gameplay, with specifically up to 20 various capturing gauges to take care of in the video game now. In truth, there are five standard, however 15 others will be added as we progress in the seasons and also which will certainly be opened at that time. The concept behind this imposing number is to enhance the fluidness and credibility of motions around the racket. Aesthetic Concept has actually established different assesses, huge, little, some are over the head, others on the sides or listed below the shooter. Each gauge fills up entirely up until the end, which stands for the ideal point to release the sphere, after that empties a little late, at the 2K17-2K20. Once more, at the demand of the area, the purpose and also to please every person as well as with these 20 evaluates, everyone should locate a quest in their foot.

Other gameplay novelties are introduced, as well as we will undoubtedly await the release of the game on September 9 for if all this works flawlessly. Below is a checklist of modifications this year:

For NBA 2K23, the aesthetic principle studios has still lugged out several developments in the gameplay, with in specific up to 20 different shooting gauges to take care of in the video game currently. Visual Concept has actually established up different assesses, huge, small, some are over the head, others on the sides or listed below the shooter. Each scale fills up totally until the end, which represents the perfect factor to allow go of the ball, after that empties a little late, at the 2K17-2K20. As soon as once again, at the demand of the area, the goal as well as to please everybody and with these 20 gauges, every person must discover a search in their foot.

Defense: The defensive gameplay includes significant updates aimed at producing an extra sensible sphere and shooting clog, in addition to interceptions and flights of balloons. This year, the clogs were readied to a much more realistic level, causing more predictable outcomes, the great players making suitable stops when they stop their obstruction attempts. There is also a clear improvement in ball safety and security for good dunkers, as well as far more.

Improvements of the professional control system: new motion mixes have actually been provided to the pro control system. These brand-new motions allow a multitude of brand-new opportunities in regards to shots as well as handling of the sphere. In regards to dunks, new orders permit you to prolong the opportunities to permit dunker players precisely as they wish, without making motions inadvertently.

Insignia: Discussion of a new system of badges on a number of levels for players on PS5 as well as Xbox Series x | s. There will be 16 insignia per category of features: eight in level 1, 4 in degree 2, and four in degree 3. The underlying principle is that players will need to acquire a particular number of insignia reduced before getting higher levels.

Takeovers: While the primary and also second requisitions stay similar to the previous variations, the team takeover has actually been revamped. Team Takeover takes the type of a joint system, where the entire group shares a solitary scale. The new layout is far more sensible as well as represents better what it means to be heated as a group, to deal with the video game in a united way.

GAMEPLAY IA: Players on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S will certainly note enhancements in the control of the balloon by AI, the implementation of the choice as well as roll, defensive patterns and also training choices.

Team Requisition takes the kind of a collaborative system, where the whole group shares a solitary scale.

New information on the next best-selling NBA Simulation Video clip variation will be released in the coming weeks.


Resolve the basket with precision & adrenaline increases: brand-new gestural combos offer players also extra alternatives for adjustment of the round as well as capturing for their offensive toolbox. In enhancement, another new feature made to prevent extreme choice to dribbles is the idea of adrenaline boosts.

Swords of legends online

PS-Plus disappointment: Players rain for free

Actually, the new PS-Plus free games for subscribers of Sony’s online service are always a reason to joy, but this time many players complain about the yield of the current month. Above all, a game is in focus of criticism.

PS-Plus players complain about Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Since April 5, 2022, PlayStation-Plus players may enjoy three new free games: a SpongeBob Remake, Slay The Spire and Hood: Outlaws and Legends. But especially the latter seems to have saux in many fans, showing a look into a current reddit post:

Many players are very disturbing that Sony gives them a multiplayer game, but barely active players on the PlayStation has and is quasi dead. While it is easy for the player numbers to rise again by the PS-Plus free action, but at the latest next month, many players Hood: Outlaws and Legends will probably return their back again.

PS Plus and Xbox Live Should Be Free | Paying for Multiplayer is Anticonsumer
_In Hood: Outlaws and Legends is your task to steal treasures from well-guarded facilities together with your team before they do the opponents: _

Even the SpongeBob remake skin does not skin many subscribers from the stool, only Slay the Spire manages to smooth the waves.

Is PS Plus always worse?

In the reddit thread, many voices are also loud, which questions, why they even pay for Sony’s subscription service for the PlayStation. The offer of free games is always worse in your opinion in recent months .

A player also mentions that in recent months he did not even bother to turn on his console and secure the free games in the PlayStation Store (Source: Reddit). Many only subscribe to the service, So that they do not lose access to their complete collection of free games , which they have sacked over the last few years.

_ In the search for new games food? These games should be on the screen in April: _

Only recently Sony announced that in June you will revise PlayStation Plus and merge with PS now. Whether from this point on the range of free games is improved again, remains to be seen. For sure, however, the majority of the gaming is more than dissatisfied with the current selection and expects Sony into the following months a large shoep.


All episode tests I for LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

LEGO STAR WARS: The Skywalker Saga fans are given the opportunity to go through all nine episodes of star wars film franchises. Each episode has its own set of collectibles, game characters and tests. There are five comprehensive missions in each episode, each of which contains three-level tests . Here is a list of all levels corresponding to the tasks of the level in Episode I and how to fill them.

Large Fish – Level Test Guides

Calling Level 1 – Dis – This is nan

To accomplish this task, players must dodge from opi maritime killer Attacks three times in a row. This can be done by pressing the prompt button that appears on the screen.

Level number 2: To dodge each fin

In pursuit of the sea killer, the players will need to defeat massive fish without receiving any damage. Be sure to do it slowly and a lot to evaporate between attacks.

Level 3: Kolo Snoring Fish

In the last test, players will meet with another large fish, called Kolo Claw Fish . As in the previous tests, players should dodge the attacks of cakes three times in a row.

The Boonta Eve Classic – Level Test Guides

Level number 1: Eat my exhaust

During the race at this level, the players will need to finish faster than the Ultimate Lap record. Players can achieve this, avoiding obstacles on the track and pressing as much boosters as possible.

Quest level number 2 is Skywalker!

At the third round, pay attention to the service ramp on the right side of the track. To unlock the test of this level, climb the service ramp on which there is a playground for acceleration. This can be used to get ahead of Enakin’s competitors.

Level Test No. 3 – Capture

In this task, players must use three booster pads in one circle. In the race there are many of them, and players can find them scattered along the highway. Watch out for their green luminescence.

Better Call Maul – Level Test Guides

Calling Level 1 – Complete Raptation

In the first test, players must defeat Darth Mall for ten minutes. This should be quite achievable, if all attention will be focused on battle, and not on obtaining collectibles or carnations.

Test Level # 2 – Forced Out

Players can fulfill the second task using the force of jog to move five droids along the track.

Test Level 3. Chances are addressed in your favor

In the battle with Darth, the boss will eventually destroy the path. Players can use power on some boxes nearby to build a bridge. This will complete the task of this level.

Outmanned But Not Out-Gungan-ED – Level Test Guides

Calling Level 1 – Board Shakalaka!

At the level with a large herbaceous battlefield, players must defeat all the soaring AAT-1 tanks scattered over the field to unlock this test.

Calling Level 2 – Do not lose your head!

This test requires three heads of combat droids to be torn off. However, the task may be a bit deceptive, since the players will want to aim in the neck of the droids so that the head breaks away.

Test level №3 – Oh, it’s time!

EXCLUSIVE Unlock Codes! Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Guide

The last test of this level is performed by killing 300 combat droids per attack when controlling a slingshot. Bombs have a large radius of action, so that there are between large groups of enemies.

Now these are racing on the submission – Level Test Guides

Level Test No. 1 – Wunderkind

Players can perform the first test at this level using attack tips on the screen to bring down three droids of vultures within five seconds.

Quest level number 2 – rotation… good trick!

While in the Naboo Starfighter spacecraft, Anakin must make three rotations to dodge the blocked attacks of enemies.

Calling Level 3 – Hooray!

The last test of this episode requires the players to destroy the droid control ship without killing them.

Want to know more about LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGA? Find out how Kyber Brick comets work in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, in the game manuals for professionals!

Red dead redemption 2

Skyrim, Horizon & Co: 8 games that have changed sustainably

20 Best Open World Games like Skyrim
With their impressive pictures and rousing stories, video games can now move a lot in the players. So strong that the games are even dealing with the console or the PC. The following pictures shows 8 games that have changed you as a gamer sustainably. ## Video games shape you Some video games are not just video games. Some of them impress you and can even offer you experiences that change you. We asked you on Facebook, which games have done with you – in the lower picture line you can see her. From Red Dead Redemption 2 to Nier: Automata – some games have some something to stay deeply and maybe even change your views of certain things. That makes Gaming so special.


Elden Ring: How to escape the submission of the kidnapper

Elden Ring: How to Escape the Abductor Virgins (Step By Step guide)
From the gambler of the kidnapper to escape, no mild task is. Although it is considered how players are even in such circumstances, one does not come to believe that the stained are sometimes too trusting. The player can hit a NPC called patch several times during ELDENRING , a back-containing dealer with a preference for bringing the player to do something that could bring him to dangerous places. If the players were followed by the Council of patches to look for the virgin of the kidnappers below the Raya Lucaria Academy, then they would have been abducted and deposed on the bottom of a volcano without where they could go. This guide will hopefully relieve this emergency.

How to escape the submission of the kidnapper

The players must reach the Underground Inquisition Chamber website of Grace at least, or they must beat the beat the virgins of the kidnappers Bossfight at the end of the area. Players who are kidnapped in the Raya Lucaria Academy watches in a lava-filled area, they must go south-eastern over the magma compositions scattered across the area. The players will know that they go in the right direction when they came across a group of bats.

In the end, a cave should be, which leads the player further into a cave. Go through the lava snails contaminated cave and let yourself fall down a few rocks, pay attention to your stand, as you do not want to land in Lava or fall into death.

After a few caves that are worth falling from rock projections, however, the player should find themselves in a building structure with humanoid enemies, dispose of them accordingly and the players will find themselves on the performance Underground Inquisition Chamber website of Grace. Some players report that they can teleport themselves from the region if they activate and rest at the location of Grace. In the case where this is not the case, the players need to continue to go to the boss fight of the kidnapper’s virgins. The players must travel south and navigate through lava using the above surface columns.

Players will soon find themselves in another cave, go in and there will be a hole, let themselves fall down and be prepared to stand on a duo of kidnappers virgin, of which a chain bikes and other sickles swing. Keep a distance and stay over the rock projections in a limited area if you are a range or magic user, or take care of the cycling kidney first, if you prefer the melee, because this is the more aggressive kidnappers of the two.

If the players prove successful in their challenge attempt, they will be rewarded for their efforts with 10,000 runes and the Girandole of the Inquisitor. But maybe even more important is the ability to teleport out of the area and looking for answers patch .

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

Attack of the fanboys / play guide / elden ring: How to escape the submission of the kidnapper


Golz and Reck in Double

Mr. Golz, in Germany the spring has broken out. For whom seems the sun on Saturday after the game?

Golz: Maybe yes for clubs, with a draw. But that helps us only conditionally. We want to win and I have made to look at the table again when we won. Everything else does not make sense.

RECK: You can also wait a bit, Richie!

Golz: I have already expected you to say that (laughs).

You can use the three points very well, Mr. Reck. From the last three games there was only one point.

RECK: Yes, we want to win every game of course. This also helps in the table. We had a few personnel bottlenecks. I hope that we can better occupy the squad again. That would help us very much and then we will continue differently.

Are you afraid that you could still turn off the descent zone?

RECK: We never have fear. For Altona and for us it’s about staying in this league. And on Saturday we would like to be a step further.

Jeddeloh II on the side, formerly in the Bundesliga on the goal line: Oliver Reck. Imago Images / Nordphoto

Double Good Getting Started Video
With Altona you always have the impression that a descent would not be so bad. Is that correct?

Golz: Of course, a descent would be a great disappointment because we have made to stay in the regional league. In most games are and we were at eye level. We also get that confirmed every week. Our score does not fit the way we play. We miss the punch. We started to establish ourselves in the Regionalliga – and that’s still our goal. If that does not work, then we take the next start.

Is that the difference to Jeddeloh II, which have been established in the league since 2017?

RECK: Yes. We started the goal before the season that we do not want to do anything with the descent. But because of the worse goal ratio, we are pushed into the relegation round. We will be more successful again when the staff situation has relaxed. The failures of experienced players meets smaller clubs like Altona 93 or tougher than others. In the long term, we want to stay in the league anyway. The infrastructure is also improved. But that just takes.

Did the development of the last two years decisively restrict the economic opportunities with Corona?

Golz: Definitely. From last year we got out with a minus because we are also heavily dependent on the audience numbers in our revenue. That already hurt us. By supporting the city we were able to compensate reasonably. This year we can not say how it will be. We try to get wider and become more professional – even in the sponsorship area. It is difficult for everyone and we do not complain.

RECK: Fortunately, our sponsors have totally well supported us in the last two years. It is important that a good exchange takes place because we can not keep ourselves in the league through the viewers. Regionalliga football will only work through sponsors in Jeddeloh II.

How do you appreciate the quality in the Regionalliga Nord as a former Bundesliga professional?

RECK: I have a very good comparison because I have already worked in the Regionalliga Südwest at Regionalliga Nords Offenbach. There many clubs also work properly, but the quality in the north is still really good. Also, if it does not work so 100% for TSV Havelse in the 3rd league. For the north it would have been good if Havelse would have profiled there.

If one changes from the Regionalliga Nord to the Oberliga in the South, then he does not do that because there is a better university.

Richard Golz

Golz: In the West, you have top clubs like red-white food, Prussia Münster or red-white Oberhausen. There they are a little stronger. In all leagues you have 2 teams. These are charming duels for the players, makes the competition for small clubs but again more difficult. Economically, the circumstances are very different. In Baden-Württemberg there are oberligists who have a budget of one million euros.

RECK: Richie, with one million you are still located down there. There’s it clubs that have more likely available.

Golz: Yes, laughing laughing about us. We are at the interface from the amateur to professional football. Many boys live almost only from football. If one changes from the Regionalliga Nord into the Oberliga in the deepest south, then he does not do that because there is a better university there.

Are there players in their teams who could create the leap into the 2nd league or even in the Bundesliga?

Golz: This can not be ruled out. Every year, it is confirmed that you have to play as a young player every week. Top talents, which will vary in Bundesliga passeners on the bench, have it really hard. Then players who had no one on the screen before. They then made their 30 games for one or two years and roll over. As a young player you have to think about where you go. Clubs like Altona or Jeddeloh II can be just right to make a really career again later. If you are still in the regional league with 26, you will not become a Bundesliga player anymore. With 19 or 20 this can be exactly the right step.

How does it look in Jeddeloh II?

RECK: With Konstantin Engel or Chris David we have players with us, who already played in the 2nd league. Also we are looking for talented players in which we see a development. Not so long ago, Anton Stach still played here. This shows how fast it can go up. But the step down can also be just as fast.

How do you appreciate the level of goalkeepers in the Regionalliga?

Golz: That’s good to very good. I had my first goalkeeper, when I was 30. There is not much to get in training (laughs). The goalkeeping education is now a different than still at our time. Many well-trained goalkeepers come from the junior power centers. Sometimes they do not land upwards because they may miss five centimeters at range and they are not 1.95 meters tall.

Which memories do you have your duels on the course?

Reck is stretching – in the duel with Gerhard Poschner from VFB Stuttgart. Links Werder colleague Raphael Wicky. imago sports photo service

RECK: OOH, some. Or, Richie?

Golz: Definitely. Of course, the somewhat more emotional goods were the games between the HSV and Werder. Did we still play against each other in Freiburg?

RECK: I believe, yes.

Golz: I remember many northern sheets. They were not quite as emotional as those in the last ten or 15 years. My perception is that there has been a bit up. But it was always fun to play against Werder, because Werder was a team that played attractive football. All the rivalry has always been a very good personal basis. Goalkeepers are always good anyway. At least that’s my feeling. But even among the teams it was never aggressive. If you had Ulli Borowka in the team, of course, there was already on the socks, but it has always fun.

RECK: I think of some interesting duels. I played with Regionalliga Nords Offenbach, Werder Bremen and Schalke 04 only for three clubs in the league and was fortunate to play mostly in very successful teams. Of course, this helps as a goalkeeper. As a young goalkeeper, Richie and I had the chance to grasp in the Bundesliga foot. This is harder today. I never played with the Bayern, but still won nine titles. At the end, you can finally say to his grandchildren: “I have also won there and took one or the other title.” That’s a story that you can tell from time to time. But today’s time is a completely different.

What has changed?

RECK: You do not get anything in life, but has to work hard. Not only on the training place, but also drum. Additional layers must be installed. Every day something has to be done for the body. That’s just like that. Without it is not anymore. That was wherever maybe a bit different. But without these additional stories, you will not do a football professional nowadays. Everyone has to know that.

Golz: Today, every lot of players come from the junior power centers every year. You have to defend your place every day and every year. We also had to do that too, but the competition was not there in width. If you are out of a violation today, it can be good that you are two years later in the Regionalliga Landest. That’s not a shame. Olli has also said that the players have in the ranks that have already played in the 2nd league. That’s no coincidence.

RECK: That’s right.

Werder, Schalke and HSV fight in the 2nd league around the climb. Who packs it in the end?

Goalkeeper Richard Golz (SC Freiburg) enters the Volksparkstadion for the first time as ex-hamburger.

Golz: The HSV is now in the pursuit roll and must win almost all of the seven games to get directly to. Maybe it’s enough for the relegation. But it is also possible to increase it. Werder has the better cards. This also applies to St. Pauli, which would be the worst case scenario for HSV. When St. Pauli rises, that would change a lot in the city. I still believe in the HSV. It would also be nice to win the DFB Cup. Olli also had one or the other somewhere in his hand.

RECK: The momentum speaks for Werder. Despite injury and corona problems, they have now won a very important game at home against Darmstadt. That was unlikely for morality. I believe that the group harmonizes well with the coaching team right now. Werder has a really good chance, but that is not a guarantee yet. Richie says it right: the last games are now crucial. I press Schalke’s thumb up to slip up there.

Was the victory of the Bremen not-eleven against Darmstadt again a big exclamation character?

RECK: That was already enormous and has shown that much is intact. A young player like Eren Dinkci has barely played the weeks before, but then delivered immediately. I like to look at what is when two or three important players fail. How does the team react? How does the environment react? How do the guys work, which come in? You can see a lot of that.

Who will be in the Regionalliga North Master?

RECK: That looks for me after the VfB Oldenburg. The games a superior round. The drawback is that the master does not rude directly. It would be just, if the master of the Regionalliga Nord goes directly.

Golz: In the promotion games, we all express their fingers crossed the representative from the north, because then a team descends less. Oldenburg has set a statement and Teutonia, which formulated high ambitions, beat 3: 0. Meeting is difficult to stay more difficult again. That’s what you can see at Havelse. It’s the same in every league: you have to have a good team. A good spirit. A good coach. Otherwise, teams like Darmstadt, Paderborn or Brunswick had never come to the Bundesliga.

Mr. RECK, her player Chris David assumes that they change at least the 3rd league in the summer. So leave the club after the season?

RECK: Currently I have an important topic. And that is to keep this club in the league. I am in this business for so long and what happens in the summer does not know a human. The club needs at some point planning security, that is normal. Currently, however, it’s all about winning games. The next step is to collapse again sometime. We will do that too.

In summer it could come in Jeddeloh II to change in the sporting direction. Does that affect your decision?

RECK: If there is something to announce, the SSV will do it. The club plans and looks, which is possible to get more professional. Here are no professionals. The only professional who is on site 24 hours, I am.

At Altona 93 will not ask questions about the coach in the summer, right?

Golz: I have at least not heard (laughs).


CALL OF DUTY: Warzone reveals the details of the season 2 recharged

Later this week, _ duty: war zone_ Players will have the opportunity to see Season 2 Reloaded, who will see a series of exciting changes. Activision says that Rebirth Island reinforced will result in the map obtains the “greater update from the original launch”. When Reloaded falls, the strength and patio of the map prison will be modified and there will be a new point of interest: the docks. In addition to changes on the map, players can expect new and recurrent modes, features and rewards. In general, it looks quite exciting and everything is ready to appear in the game as of March 23.

This season, players can wait for the following ways:

Renaissance resurgence alone – A variant of Rebirth Resurgence, players will have their rebirth meter activated at the beginning. The meter can be recharged over time.

Renaissance payload – A team-based mode in which players must escort or stop trucks on one of the three pre-established routes.

Renaissance Blood Money – A Variant of Plunder where players receive a great payment by eliminating other players, regardless of how much money they have.

In the launch, players can also participate in the Rebirth Reinforced event, which is an experience based on the community that will have an impact on the general map. By completing the challenges, players also get new cosmetics and a lot of XP. The first task will focus on that the community reaches a certain number of deaths. Once this number has been reached, the players who participated will receive 25,000 XP and will be unlocked the weapon stations of the island. By completing all the tasks of the event, the participants will obtain the legendary plane LMG «Toxic Heavy». More events will be carried out in the coming weeks, unlocking additional functions on the island.

WARZONE: The SEASON 2 RELOADED UPDATE Was FULLY REVEALED... (Rebirth Map Update, Big Changes & More)
_ Duty area: War zone is currently available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

What do you think of the new update of llious duty: war zone? Are you waiting for the recharged season 2? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!


Hogwarts Legacy: Quidditch? Koop? Housing? FAQ answers many questions

Even if the “State of Play” event has answered some questions about Hogwarts Legacy last week, there are many more who still want to be answered. We were able to delete one of these questions on Friday from our list: In the new Hogwarts adventure there will be no microtransactions. But what about other areas such as online, coop, housing or quidditch?

German FAQ supplies answers

On the official website of the game, there is now an extensive FAQ in which a lot of topics are addressed.

F: What kind of game is hogwarts legacy ?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is a captivating open-world action roleplay that plays in the world of sorcery of the 19th century and puts players at the center.

F: Can players in hogwarts legacy choose their Hogwartshaus?
A: Players can choose their Hogwartshaus at the beginning of hogwarts Legacy.

F: Can players figure their character in hogwarts legacy themselves?
A: Players can design their witch or wizard in hogwarts legacy as they wish. You can customize your character at the beginning of the adventure. If you progress in the game, you can also develop your own fight style.

F: Will players develop in hogwarts legacy friendships?
A: Some students in Hogwarts will become friends. When players cultivate these friendships, these schoolmates can be companions that accompany the players in their travels, improve their skills and entrust their stories to players.

F: Will Harry Potter, Hermione Granger or Ron Weasley be seen in the game?
A: No, hogwarts Legacy plays in the 19th century, so in front of the stories of J. K. Rowling.

F: What are the dangerous threats in hogwarts legacy ?
A: The world of sorcery is full of dangers, including creatures that are influenced by a magical power, dark witches and wizards and a potential goblin uprising.

F: Can Hogwarts be explored in hogwarts legacy?
A: Yes. Players can explore a fully realized Hogwarts where they will visit the lessons and discover dungeons, secret paths and challenging puzzles.

F: Can you fly in hogwarts legacy on broom?
A: In hogwarts Legacy you can travel on broom and participate in paste races. Players can attend flight hours to master their flight arts with the broom (editorial note: As the Sport Quidditch is not mentioned here, we should not assume to play in Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch).

F: Can players ride in hogwarts legacy on magical animals?
A: Players can tame and ride some magical animals in hogwarts legacy.

F: Which type of lessons can participate in hogwarts legacy?
A: Players will visit lessons such as magic art, defense against the dark arts, herbalism and magic potions in which they meet their professors, learn spells, breed magical plants, brew magic plants, and more.

F: How are players rise in hogwarts legacy stages?
A: In addition to lessons and spells, players have access to a large collection of improvements, talents and skills that help with their progress as a witch or wizard. You can master challenges in the world to gather experience and improve your skills. Magical equipment can also be improved and specialized to increase offensive or defensive attributes in the chosen game style.

F: Can players connect in hogwarts legacy spells?
A: Players can define their fighting style in hogwarts legacy by connecting dozens to spells to become the ultimate duels.

F: What is the room of wishes?

A: The space of desires is an important secret of Hogwarts, which helps players adapt and improve their skills. Further details will be revealed later.

F: Hat hogwarts legacy online or co-op game?
A: hogwarts Legacy is a single player experience and has no online or co-op game.

F: Is it in hogwarts legacy purchases in the game or microtransactions?
A: hogwarts Legacy has no purchases in the game or microtransaktions.

F: Will Hogwarts legacy contain barrier-free functions?
A: hogwarts Legacy will contain barrier-free functions. Further details will be revealed later.

F: Will hogwarts legacy be kept to the stories of the world of sorcery?
A: Yes. Although hogwarts legacy is no direct adaptation of books and movies, the games are deeply rooted in the stories of the world of sorcery. Avalanche creates a unique gaming experience inspired by the world of sorcery of J. K. Rowling and encounter new and unexpected scenes, characters and elements of history.

F: Is Schloss Hogwarts the only scene in the game?
A: hogwarts Legacy leads the players out of Hogwarts to new and familiar places, including the forest forest and the village Hogsmeade.

F: What kind of games is developed under Portkey Games?
A: Portkey Games will enable developers to create a variety of new and immersive gaming experiences that were all inspired by the world of Sorcery of J. K. Rowling. These experiences were not written by J. K. Rowling and will not be direct adaptations of the books or movies. These games were created by game developers who have been fans themselves and inspired by the world of sorcery.

F: Are Games of Portkey Games developed with the consent of J. K. Rowling?

Hogwarts Legacy | State of Play | March 17, 2022 [ENGLISH]
A: Every EXPERIENCE OF PORTKEY GAMES will take place in the world of magic and stay faithful. J. K. Rowling supports Portkey Games and entrusted the design and game development to WB Games and the developers involved.

F: When is hogwarts legacy released?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is published in winter 2022.

F: On which platforms is hogwarts legacy be available?
A: Hogwarts Legacy is available for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro, the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

F: How does hogwarts legacy fits the world of sorcery of Harry Potter?
A: Although Portkey Games are not a direct adaptation of books and films, the games are deeply rooted in the stories of the world of sorcery. Game developer of Portkey found new terrain and stay faithful to the original work of J. K. Rowling by creating new ways on which fans can dip into the world of sorcery.

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Where to find Omni chips in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Now in full swing, and players are waiting for many tests and quests. Cutters 2.0 was one of the characters presented in battle pass, and the players will need to execute the omni sword quest to earn more. Omnie chips .

These Omni chips can be used to purchase various setup options for the CUCI. Omnie Sword . Players will find them in three different places: Loggem Watrovosk Poi, Mighty monument Landmark, and Sent grove Poi. Quest Omni Chips will consist of the following tests:

  • Collect Omni chips in Mighty Monument (3)
  • Collect Omni chips on the Logjam sawmill (3)
  • Comment Omni Chips in Greasy Grove (3)

Forest warehouse Loggem

You will find three Omni chip on the Logjam sawmill in places shown in the image above. Collecting one of these Omni chips, you can see the other two on your mini card.

Mighty monument

Players will find three Omni chips around the monument of the mighty, east of the POI sanctuary. Follow the images above as a reference to find them. As soon as you find Omni chips, just enter them to complete the quest.

Song Rosch

Similarly, follow the images above to find three Omni chips in a fat grove Poi. Two of them will be near the building of the tao, and the third near the park in the southern part of POI.

reprogram the Omnie Sword

By collecting these Omni chips, players can go to a combat pass to purchase additional options on the “Reprogramming Omni Sword” tab. Options are divided into four sections: colors , security guards , blades And also Sounds . Some options are blocked and open only when players get different styles by spending Omni chips.

Want to know where to find a NPC scientist? Find out where the SynaPse station is located in Fortnite, chapter 3, season 2, in the players for the game for professionals.