The Twisted Metal series finds a diffuser

Second Stamped Series PlayStation Productions after The Last of Us, the adaptation of Twisted Metal is accurate. The specialized press takes stock of the people involved in the project and unveils that the series will be broadcast on Peacock, the NBcCiversal dissemination platform.

Twisted Metal (PS1) Gameplay

If the multiplicity of dissemination platforms probably makes Sony’s business, who has the opportunity to play competition and accept the best offer on a case by case (The Last of US on HBO Max, Twisted Metal at Peacock), The European public remains in the expectation as to its chances of being able to look at these series since a platform like Peacock exists only in North America. On the other hand, nothing seems urgent for Twisted Metal, which has no release date yet and whose team composition seems complete only recently.

As we already knew, the story of the series will revolve around an incarnated character by Anthony Mackie, star of the MCU which embodies Sam Wilson, aka the hawk, in the films captain america and avengers. Now described as a comedy to the 30-minute episodes, the Twisted Metal series can also count on the executive producer and author Michael Jonathan Smith, who we owe COBRA Kai, wholesale success of Sony Pictures Television on Netflix. Known for deadpool and zombieand movies, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will also carry the project as executive producers and screenwriters.

“_Twisted Metal is a surveillance comedy, based on an original idea of ​​Michael Jonathan Smith, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Cobra Kai, Deadpool, Zombieland). The story of a marginal talkative who is offered the chance of ‘A better life, but only if he manages to deliver a mysterious package in a post-apocalyptic desert. With the help of a car robbery to the easy trigger, he will have to deal with wild marauders leading vehicles from Destruction and other dangers of the road, including a disturbed clown that leads an iced ice cream truck too familiar “, can we read.

Clearly not as popular as Charted or The Last of Us, the adaptation of a series like Twisted Metal represents another kind of challenge for PlayStation Productions. At rest since 2012, the conveyed franchise used by David Jaffe should return to Playstation 5 under the direction of Firesprit, according to the rumor. Released last month at the cinema, the Uncharted film exceeded Sony’s expectations and has already reported more than $ 226 million at the box office.