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League of Legends, version 12.8, update notes: few nerves and lots of buffs!

Improvements ? Nerves? Here is the time of the League of Legends patch 12.8, which, even if it does not seem to upset the meta, brings some interesting changes. We explain all this to you in our League of Legends guide!


A new patch arrives on League of Legends! He changes several champions, notably Swain who will be more convincing on a solo lane! It should be noted that this patch is not the one that contains the rework of Olaf on the PBE, so it’s not yet time for the Viking to recover its letters of nobility… but in the meantime, you can always follow this very simple advice from a certain faker to stay alive…

buff, nerve and adjustments

It is a rather complete patch that Riot Games shared yesterday on its official website. It should be noted that it is the latter who will be used during the Mid-Season Invitational 2022 which begins on May 10. The purpose of this patch is to prepare the world scene. And it also contains an update which was eagerly awaited for players for Swain . Let’s see some changes together, and for the rest, you can read update notes 12.8 directly on the official website

Swain receives an adjustment of all his skills

According to Riot Games, even if Swain was rather effective on the bottom track, it is however also supposed to inspire terror on a solo lane. The objective, therefore, of this average update for him is to improve it so that it is not only placed in an botlane.

Swain therefore recovers Mana buffs from all his skills, but also some notable changes on crowd control capacities. For example, his e can no longer attract enemies subject to the crowd controls of his allies, but he now allows him to attract all those he immobilizes . Which, still according to Riot, makes him just as terrifying in the bottlenecks and narrow corridors.

Kai’sa is adjusted

Still according to Riot, these times, Kai’sa played in the AP mainly pounded his enemies from afar using his Z repeatedly. They therefore seek to keep it away from this type of gameplay, and to make it rather depend on the sporadic triggers of its passive competence, which distinguishes it from the Kai’sa Ad, which generally rest on the attack speed and the trigger * repeated * of its passive competence.

This is therefore why its passive skill goes from 15% + 2.5% every 100 power points to 15% + 5% every 100 power points . And for the Z, the damage is the same, but the power ratio taken into account for the calculation of the damage goes from 70% to 45%.

Finally, its R keeps the same attack damage ratios, however, it will take more than 100% and not 75% as before your power, which will improve its survivability a little.

FULL Patch 12.8 CHANGES: BIG BUFFS + More - League of Legends Season 12
For the entire notes patch, simply follow this link to display it on the official website

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Yoru became hours after a comprehensive revision of valorant

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 has just started and Riot Games has finally released the long-awaited Yoru revision by Patch 4.04. However, if you are a Yoru captain that goes into the ranking game and show your new and improved agents, we have bad news for you. Yoru has been blocked until further notice from the competitive queue of Valorant – this only happens a few hours after the publication of its revision.

About two and a half hours after the beginning of episode 4, act 2, valorant announced that Yoru was temporarily disabled in the competitive queue, and called his dimension drift capability as the main problem. Players who are looking forward to climbing the valorant ranks with Yoru will be bitterly disappointed.

What is the problem with Yoru and Dimensional Drift? Well, it’s hard to say. Riot Games did not specify what exactly causes a problem. However, Valorant players already use social media to share their experiences and exploits they found in the game.

Bryan, Merc ‘Wrzek, a professional siege player for TSM, who deals with valorant, has shared a clip in which he places the bomb as he uses Yorus dimension crack. With this ability Yoru is invincible and it is clear why this exploit would make the defense to a nightmare. There is no way to interrupt Yorus planting.

This is definitely real…. You can plant while you are in your Ult

  • TSM FTX Merc (@TSM_MERC) 1. March 2022

Players assume that this is the exploit that led to Riot deactivated him in the competition, and it is expected to be resolved quickly. However, this is just one of several other errors and exploits shared.

With a player who finds themselves cutting through the map while they use Yoru’s dimensions drift and another one exploit finds you skip yorus animation when you leave it, it is clear that there are some mistakes that need to be crushed.

Since Yoru is set out of battle for a while, fans of the agent will need an alternative. If you are looking for someone else you can get in the competition, see our valorant stage lists here.


Wow In Patch 9 2 you have to choose between Sukkubus and incubus without glyph

In Patch 9.2 byword of Warcraft you can choose between incubus and Succubus as a witch champion. But a glyph is not.

For witch champions and witch champions there is the fulfillment of a long-carved dream in patch 9.2 end of eternity. For over a decade, many dark magicians from World of Warcraft want a sexy demon to the side — an incubus. Now the final comes to the PTR and brings a little surprise. Because there is no glyph for the incubus.

The 13 NEW Unique MOUNT Models of Patch 9.2 - In-Game Preview | Shadowlands

What happens instead? From the playing data of Patch 9.2 has already been read out that there are two new objects for witch champions.

Barbed Collar of the Incubus ( pinched collar of incubus )
Barbed Collar of the Succubus ( Succubus spiked collar )

When used, the object ensures that the pact is strengthened with your incubus / your Succubus, so that you only summarize him / her.

The items act as quasi as a switch with which you can choose which daemon should be permanently accompanying you in the future. This suggests that the standard summon will be modified in the future so that you randomly summarize succubus or incubus and only encourages the items a more consistent choice.

Where are the two items? That’s not quite clear. However, the desire for more individualization and permanent choosing a succubus or an incubus is large in the community. Therefore, it is obvious that both objects are made comparatively early accessible. Presumably, you will be available in the capitals in the capitals in a twilight dealer.

As soon as there is accurate information about the procurement of the two items, we will complement the article here.

Why no glyphs? Why Blizzard has decided for two own objects and goes out of glyphs is not quite clear. But it would be obvious that Blizzard wants to make this change accessible as far as possible to all witches. Since glyphs are consumables, they would have to buy them several times in frequent change. However, such permanent objects could be used again and again. Since the items are unique, it seems obvious that they are not consumed if used.

Will you decide in patch 9.2 for an incubus as a companion? Or did you already swear the loyalty to your Succubus?