Final fantasy xiv

Where to find Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game with an open world in which there is something to do and what to collect. Many resources that you collect are used in culinary recipes. Cooking allows you to restore health, satiety or endurance. You can find some ingredients, such as lake perch, strawberries and much more, just exploring. This may make you think about where to find ingredients such as Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy.


All Prime Cuts locations in Tower of Fantasy

If you are looking for a specific resource, read the interactive card Tower of Fantasy. You can find Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy in the following places.

Northern Esperia

South Esperia

How to get Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Prime Cuts can be found by killing animals such as honey , and collecting the meat that they drop. Many animals will fight, so be prepared to defend yourself if you want to get their meat. Victory over as many of these mobs as possible is the best way to farm Prime Cuts.

What to do with Prime Cuts in Tower of Fantasy

Prime Cuts is ingredient used in culinary recipes. Although you will get the best results by preparing it, you can eat this ingredient raw. The use of Prime Cuts in raw form will give 4 units. satiety. This should not be used until you used it in the recipe and have prepared food.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the sections Where to Find Fatty Cut in Tower of Fantasy and Where to Find Poulter of Fantasy in Pro Pro. Game guides.

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Quantum Knights: 1er Trailer EN 4K du Gears of War Sud

It relocates a whole lot on the side of Asia in recent years as well as South Korea is preparing Quantum Knights, an online Open World shooter reminiscent of Gears of War in specific elements. Background takes area in a medieval-fantastic globe, baptized Brisca, where weapons and magic co-exist, which offers superhuman abilities to our soldiers all set to getting rid of monsters from the bowels of the earth. Unlike Microsoft’s Gears of War, this quantum Knights wants to be extremely swying in its journeys, with a practically endless shooting capability as well as ultra vibrant air motions.


The launch of Quantum Knights is anticipated for 2023 on PC.

Ark: survival evolved

The new gameplay of the Nightingale survival game will be shown at Summer Game Fest

At the end of 2021, on The Game Awards, the survival game in the fantasy open world of Nightingale will appear at the upcoming large game exhibition Summer Game Fest. The Inflexion Games team is going to please users who follow the game, representing the new gameplay and functions.

Summer Game Fest broadcast will take place on June 9 at 21:00 Moscow time. In addition to Nightingale, several more games that will show at this exhibition are already known: Gotham Knights, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, The Callisto Protocol, the new strategy from Frost Giant Studios and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

Initially, Nightingale will be released in the fourth quarter of this year on a PC. The Inflexion Games studio plans to release a full version of the game after 9-12 months from the date of exit in the RD.

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Criticism of the Rust Console version – Diamond In the Rust

Immersed in a world that declines to hold your hand, you need to ask on your own the questionRu,and also lots of video games prior to him, try to address. Can there be pleasure without mission? If you approve the rule, the world is what you make with it, then maybe.

_ RUS is a developer’s survival tick game Facepunch Studios, here to bring an experience to the average player. The open world provides a mix of uncultivated charm, suspicious moments and also chances for a second life.

Submersed in a world that refuses to hold your hand, you have to ask on your own the concernRu,and also several video games prior to him, try to respond to. Like a page of Sid Meier’s book, your major inspiration is to switch from one time to the next, exceptRuSallows you to do it in actual time.Backprovides endless potential to create an account, a solid personality, a city… Normally, nevertheless, it is examined by fire in a dog-pantry setting.RESTEThe official objective is survival; I claim it is to take and also pick a web server origin. Survival inRuNis a lot a lot more convenient if you are with somebody.

My interest has actually reduced each time I reappeared. Another gamer, plainly better complete than me, had time to assess if I was a threat or not in the past hitting me in the face. You don’t win; You simply do a little much better every time.

In various other words, unless you are a specialist in the kind of survival, anticipate a slow begin. The beginning of the game, perhaps the initial hrs, is to beat each blood vessel, tree or rock as if you owed money. Like a web page of Sid Meier’s book, your main inspiration is to change from one time to the following, other thanRuSenables you to do it in actual time.

So, prior to making in the desert, each player needs to create their own standard to be successful. Because there is no XP, the development bar is what you make with it. This can take the type of sources. The amount of objects can you gather and exactly how can you keep everyone’s legs far from them? What is the size of a shelter can you construct? The amount of good friends can you make? If you develop it, will they come? Or the most convenient question to ask, for how long can you last? Are you mosting likely to provide on your own brownie indicate live longer? I absolutely did it.

In basic terms, this open world replicates the pain as well as the triumph of making its means in post-apocalypse. Expect the highest possible and also least expensive. No a lot more colorful benefits for a task well done; Say goodbye to feeling of incorrect sympathy for a computer system with a family members. Facepunch eliminates the ancient tropes and also the structure, sustaining the game with totally arbitrary experiences. Frightening variables populate the world open in the form of hostile NPCs, animals, aspects as well as, certainly, other gamers. For far better and for worse, you do not constantly recognize what you are going to obtain, leaving out the rock.Rearoffers unrestricted potential to forge a profile, a strong personality, a city… Commonly, however, it is evaluated by fire in a dog-pantry atmosphere. Whatever you create, whatever your method of surviving, realization is constantly your own and you do what you want. This is where the diamond stays in corrosion.

Lots of titles share the primary gameplay loop of mining, crafts and conquest of the world. So, what does a sandbox look likeSRUS_TH COMPONENT? Practically absolutely nothing. It is a dynamic and immersive survival sandbox without the appeal of other video games like its kind. His heart as well as soul reside in its ruthless immersive atmosphere, concentrated on gamers. Because of this, the world is completely uncertain, so no server will certainly share a state of decay. That is to state that if you like not having a suggestion of what will take place, it attracts attention conveniently.

_ RESTEThe official goal is survival; I say it is to choose a server as well as take origin. Survival inRuNis much extra manageable if you are with somebody. If not for the consistent job of risk,RuNwould certainly be full of stunning minutes to release your inner transcendentalist.


After the preliminary examination of the ideal rock label, an universe of mystery awaits you.RUS RIVALISE with various other IPs in the kind of survival only many thanks to solid graphics. Beautiful sunsets drop under the player of the player. Flubs of yard are released in the howling wind, between rustic cities. In all instructions, an old landmark signals you with the guarantee of looting. Every so often, a dark soundtrack embed in to revive singular walking. Nevertheless, if you call this a sensible variation ofminecraft , you are not too much from the account. In addition, with so much time to think while blood loss, my mind has typically gone back to the initial year.Results 76 . Also in beta kind, it appears technically secure, but it might likewise seem built to consume time and also nothing else.

Star citizen

[Experience] Collapse: Is the Star Rail the Wonshin+Collapse+Turn?

From May 25th, Hoyo Bus, ‘Collapse: Star Rail’ will be the second CBT. Unlike other ‘collapse’ IP works that have been based on real-time action, we have attracted users’ attention by adopting a turn-based SRPG that has never been tried on Hoyo buses.

In addition, it was also noticeable that SRPG, which supports mobile-PC cross play, was a stage clearing method, and adopted the open world like a console package game. As Hoyo buses have already successfully built open world RPGs as ‘Wonshin’, some people speculated that it might be a type of collapse and SRPG.

Unlike the first CBT, which has been released for about a week, the second CBT has not specified the end date. Even in the previous ‘Wonshin’ global CBT, I have received feedback while testing it for some time, so it can be understood in that context. In particular, it is not a stage clear, but an open world method, this time, the stage is a huge ‘universe’, so I think it will require more feedback from users.

Aside from this and other stories, the most curious thing is whether it is similar to Wonshin or not. Whether it’s good or not, or a dislike, it’s true that Hoyo Bus’s previous work, ‘Wonshin’, has had a great influence on the genre of multi-platform open world games that are compatible with mobile. So I have no choice but to be conscious.

In conclusion, it is still in the test stage, but the BM and level design design are familiar if they have been ‘original’. However, the rest is close to the feeling of transforming the classic JRPG with the open world combat. In the meantime, I would like to solve the ‘collapse: starrail’, which is gradually disclosing the information from the second CBT, but the official information is gradually released.

※ This experience is a PC version

JRPG SRPG, how to put a huge universe in a limited space
Galaxy trains, space stations, and devices to add convincing to the composition of only some space of the planet

In recent years, the open world is mentioned a lot of works that go around Simron without any constraints, so they are naturally reminiscent of that kind of work. Hoyo bus’s previous work ‘Wonshin’ was also such a type. However, the collapse: Star Rail is a bit different. Open World is right, but it’s not a seamless.

Unlike the previous work, the reason why the Simry Open World is not adopted is because it is a huge space that is difficult to contain if the stage of the collapse: Star Rail is as set. ‘Collapse: Star Rail’ is guessed in the title, the main material is the galaxy train between the stars.

In detail about the worldview, the collapse: The universe in the worldview of the Star Rail has a transcendent being called ‘Aans’. Those who traveled freely throughout the world had various influences in various places. Among them, ‘Aans of Dummy’, which turned out that the current universe is an error, sows the cause of the disaster of Stellaron. As a result, several planets arise, and many of the galaxies of the galaxies come to collect the Stellaron and prevent him.

Of course, the forces of the ruin with Stellaron are not still, so they often distract the collected Stellaron or not to collect Stellaron. Some of them come to regain Stellaron, which is stored in Herta’s space station, but Stellaron Hunters ‘Kafka’ and ‘Eunrang’ use their hands in advance to raise the forces of ruin. I can. The carrier is a pioneer who will be the user’s alter ego.

▲ The forces of ruin are in the space station where Stellaron is stored.

The pioneer, who opened his eyes, meets tourists who pioneer while investigating the planet on the galaxy train, including Mar. 7th, and Dancheong, who have been supported to prevent the ruin. The main content of the collapse: Star Rail is that the pioneer who lost his memory accompanies the secrets of Stellaron in his body and their journey to pioneer the galaxy to dig into the secrets of his past and galaxy.. In other words, it’s not about one continent scale, but the main background of the game is the galaxy, various planets and space stops.

In the current CBT, the planet has not yet come out, but anyway, it would have been difficult to implement all the backgrounds as a psychological as the planet is not the continent. So this time, we showed a limited world that clearly drawn the boundaries for each field, and proceeded with optimization to illuminate only the central section in the story. And it was a storytelling that it would be persuasive, rather than traveling freely and leaving for the next destination.

This trend comes to mind, using extremely limited resources, and JRPG, a model case that contains the maximum story and the world. In recent years, it has been a bit different, but since the time of its time, JRPG has been a struggle to contain as many stories and elements as possible in limited space. JRPG has pursued a turn-based turn-based turn system that reduces real-time elements and exchanges workshops in order to squeeze the maximum strategy in limited fields and combat resources, and add complex rules to it. It’s the beauty of. Instead, in the field, as much as possible to reduce variables, errors, and leaks as much as possible, it is impossible to move or access. The many puzzles in the field are not hidden everywhere, but just at least as much as they need.

So if you approached ‘Collapse: Star Rail’ from the point of view of the collapse of Wonshin+Turn-in, it’s probably a bit embarrassing. First, press the space bar and say “What?” And unlike the original god, which was able to walk around with a seamless, except for the laminated cancer or Yeonhagung Palace, it is inevitable to see the composition of the other area every time through the warp and loading. However, if you have done a package JRPG several times, I wondered if it would be a familiar sense.

The skill configuration is similar to the original god, but when you dig into the battle, you will be faithful to the JRPG play that selects actions in consideration of debuffs, buffs and enemies. Especially in some elite monsters and bosses, those elements are noticeable. In the midst of behavioral pharmaceuticals and other patterns, it was necessary to connect between characters to avoid the pattern, or to destroy other enemies to connect patterns or the part to activate the pattern first. And in order to efficiently destroy the weaknesses, I had to go into a party for each property. In addition to the start of the battle, we also added the strategy of starting the battle more advantageously by using ‘secrets’ for each character.

In addition, the combat skill is not a mana for each character, but a battle skill gauge is shared by the party. If you use the combat skill gauge, you can only attack unless the gauge is full, because in the boss battle, it is divided whether you are easily cleared or difficult depending on how you use the combat skills according to the boss’s pattern.

Of course, compared to a classic JRPG 1: 1, the current collapse: Starail’s combat style, pattern, and debuff and buff connection are not so complicated and dense. If you do a preemptive attack, you can grab the Sunton and take a surprise factor, but it is also equipped with another basic, but unless you sell some bosses, you are still the second CBT, and if you look at the overall shape, you can see the overall shape Rather than adding a turn-based, it was a feeling that it was designed in that direction, which is a strategy and a different feature of the Hoyo Bus, like a classic JRPG.

The reason why Wonshin has no choice but to see the star rail
It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s a skill configuration that looks similar, level design, routine, BM

Nevertheless, the opinion that ‘collapse: Star Rail’ is similar to the original god has no choice but to come out at this time. The combat method is different and the field is not a seamless, but if you look around the composition, the traces are seen everywhere. Although I explained before, I was familiar with the user who had already been in the skill of the skill. There are three types of regular attacks, combat skills, and gauge, and the combat UI window is similar in the current CBT stage.

And the design of content and level design that gradually unlocked while playing was similar. In terms of fostering characters, the details are different in detail, but the details of the weapons, destiny, and relics were clearly seen. In order to break through a certain level or more, it is similar to increasing the difficulty of the world first, and then going around the field to farm the breakthrough or going to a specific dungeon.

Abyss In Star Rail is Just a Pain | HONKAI STAR RAIL GAMEPLAY

Strictly speaking, these factors are not just ‘Wonshin’. Mobile collection type RPG is a routine that is adopted by default. However, the case of solving it in the open world is not so much except for ‘Wonshin’, so it naturally came to mind. Moreover, rather than getting finished products from field exploration, it is more likely to be a structure that is used and used after obtaining ingredients.

Another reason is probably BM. It’s hard to talk about BM because the store is not completely open yet, and it’s a CBT stage. However, if you look at BM’s convenience, it’s natural to be conscious. This is because the material is accumulated by the goods that are accumulated by repeating the drawing and drawing of the mixture of light chu and the characters several times.

Of course, it’s still a CBT stage, so it’s unknown how it will change in the future. Although CBT has been accepted as a preliminary inspection to see the market reaction just before its launch, the original CBT was originally a process of checking the limited users in advance, receiving feedback and checking the development direction.

And if you think that ‘tracks’, which are likely to be substituted for ‘characteristics’ in the original, are not a level up after farming, but the nodes are combined, but it is a process of finding the suit that suits you while changing the previously proven framework. Unlike other works of Hoyo Bus, which had no automatic battles and repetitive battles, this time I put automatic and repeated battles.

Attempts to change the experiments from the previous works and to inspire personality
Secondary CBT experimenting with various elements such as logite, puzzles, and reinterpretation of’Turn ‘

Anyway, as well as ‘collapse’, ‘Wonshin’ is based on real-time action, so this work, which suddenly introduced a turn system, seems unfamiliar to fans. It’s more likely than real-time action, and it’s somewhat different from what fans expect on Hoyo buses. It’s nice to challenge a completely new area, but I’m worried that I will be hastily challenged without the accumulated know-how.

However, as I played the second CBT, I felt that Hoyo Bus is incorporating the know-how accumulated in various events in various events in accordance with new forms. The most representative case is the simulation universe, one of the main contents. It is a hard-to-challenge content such as a spiral scripture, and it is a content that goes to clear the boss of the highest floor by obtaining buff cards or bizarre objects every time you go to each floor or when you get loot.

It is said that it is similar to the spiral, and of course it is not available, and it is necessary to overcome the difficulties by using only the buffs or bizarre effects or the characters of the character. Moreover, the buff that appears is randomly comes out every time, and the number of exchanges is limited, so you have to choose carefully. In addition, some high-grade buffs may be synergistic depending on what kind of card you choose before, so you need to count the capital.

The content that causes random, buffs and debuff situations is the content that Hoyo buses were presented several times in Wonshin. So I saw a well-designed design according to the new framework called In Counter-turn-type RPG. In addition, in order to prevent the clear clearing with the commonly referred to as the reputation, the factor that stimulates the need for challenge is also added, such as the difficulty of difficulty in connecting to the player level.

On the other hand, for users who are not used to turn-based games, the special kills have been supplemented by the friend’s turn even when the turn of the character is not the turn of the character. So, in a tic fight or a decisive moment, the turn calculation is twisted, reducing the impossible situation as much as possible, and when you get used to it, it collects the special moves and gauges, and creates a strategy and strategy that clearly clears the main pattern of the boss in advance and easily clears the main pattern of the boss at once. It became.

Another ambitious work of Hoyo Bus, ‘Collapse: Star Rail’, what will it look like this time?
It’s still in its early stages, but I can see the commitment of Hoyo buses that make up the familiar elements in high quality.

However, it is still unknown how these elements have been appealed to the existing fans and other users as the IP called ‘Collapse’ is combined. It is a pounding for fans to see the new appearance of the characters who appeared in the collapse 3rd, such as Welt, Himeko, Jerre, and Brona, but it is another story.

It is also good to support Korean dubbing, graphics and directing, but if you don’t follow the play pattern or speed you expect from the IP, you will have to feel unfamiliar. In addition, since the collapse of 3rd, which is one of the best and colorful actions among mobile ARPGs, it was a collapse that adopts a rather static turn system: a community response to Starail.

Furthermore, the turn-based turn-based character growth is important because it cannot avoid enemy attacks and actively respond. Naturally, the artifact farming routine becomes more important and the stress is more severe. From the point of view of the mobile RPG, it’s only natural, but it’s a bit different as the package game ‘Open World’ is added.

So in the current secondary CBT, it reduces the consumption of behavior and adds 20 more behaviors from the beginning, adding automatic and repeated battles from the beginning to reduce the annoyance of farming. In addition, we increased the amount of goods by increasing the rewards of the weekly quests and exchanging coins from the simulation universe to the item at the Herta store.

In addition, ‘homework’, main quests, and subquests alone have been previewed everywhere to fill the lack of stories. However, it is still early to evaluate the completeness at this stage because it is still implemented by talking with a character with a text message and interacting with the character through the substory.

It was still in the early days of the test, but the more the current collapse: Star Rail was in the early stages to focus on combat, playoutine and UX. The graphics of the character’s mouth are not moving, and the graphics with the know-how of the Hoyo bus are definitely excellent, but I felt that the details are still being trimmed by the background except the character. In addition, we have been developing games that exclude automatic and repetitive battles, and this time it seems to be the key to how to create a new routine unless it includes it.

The current collapse: The first impression of Starrail is not something new, but I think it is an intermediate process of reinterpreting the grammar of existing package games and mobile games in hooyo buses. In this stage, it is different from the model that the model is a classic JRPG or SRPG, not a real-time action game or adventure game that the model has been referred to.

However, do you have to believe that the familiar framework has been raised to high quality, and the quality of Hoyo buses that have been enhanced while servicing, and the basic framework itself is well equipped. Of course, there are still a lot of spaces, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the Hoyo bus will be trimmed and the potential will be fully shown after the test is over.

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Analysis of Ghostwire: Tokyo

APPEARE about GHOSTWIRE: Tokyo, as it usually appeals to talk about what Tango Gameworks does, the study that founded in 2010 Shinji Mikami, authentic basic classic of Japanese development. Mikami da for documentary: Active from the early 90s, the games that come out of their studies always seem to have something to say. From the beginning, however, Ghostwire: Tokyo has turned around other people: the most important is surely Ikumi Nakamura, creative director of the project for four years, that after an explosive appearance in E3 2019 took a step back by their own good; At the same time that she earned recognition and relevance, her health began to resent the pressures and the growing influence of the publisher of her, Bethesda (at the same time own tango Gameworks, via Zenimax), in the development of Ghostwire : Tokyo. She left it, tells himself, when the nightmares became daily: every night Nakamura dreamed that she entered the offices of Tango and none of her companions were there; In the middle of the office, however, there was a strange altar, and when she approached she discovered that in the altar there was a picture of her head.

It is a nightmare that could be part of Ghostwire: Tokyo; In one of his secondary missions, in fact, the ghost of a boss can not rest without knowing what the employees of him thought of him. It is one of the many stories that make up the game, a supernatural adventure whose costumbrism and daily remembers more than the Yakuza than the cosmic scales of Shin Megami Tensei.

Ghostwire: Tokyo begins, yes, with a massive scale event: a mysterious masked figure that seems to communicate from the beyond causes a mass disappearance in Tokyo, a massive exodus of spirits that coincides with the moment when Akito, you Avatar (deceased), is owned by the detective (deceased) KK. We are painted as a relationship of mutual benefit: the spirit of KK needs Akito’s body to continue with his investigations on the mysterious character he has made to disappear all tokyo, and Akito needs, in short, not to be a stationary corpse in the middle From the road to look for and help his sister, who has just passed through a traumatic accident that has hospitalized her. KK by, Akito is introduced into a recognizable but phantasmagoric Tokyo, freeing the city of darkness as he helps the spirits that populate her.

If you want to talk about Ghostwire: Tokyo is, to a large extent, because the game makes merit for it. The starting point is solid and is presented in a very convincing, spectacular and very well-worked way but without losing sight of the background, something like a promise of very seductive and present posa in almost every corner of the game during its first hours : In the relationship between Akito and KK, in the strangeness of a city populated by dark ghosts, in the connections that are formed between the sidequests, decidedly centered on family relationships, friendship, in love, and a main story That soon seems to look more as intimate than the epic. In the worst case, it certainly does shine more in short distances very welcome in a game like this.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Review - The Final Verdict
I explain. Ghostwire: Tokyo is an open world game; Calling it another way is almost deceptive. It is an “open world game” until the last consequences, for good and for bad. Pleasure, maybe something empty but sometimes appetizing, to opening and exploring a world formed by pieces that you already know from other times, only dressed in other costumes, is there; And this time the disguise is amazing, even when the game it is difficult for you to show the best version of yourself, something that can be said of basically all graphic modes included (quality and performance, as usual, but with two variants that unlock the Framerate, and that is what God wants; none is perfect but neither dramatic). Arc torii after arc torii, you go purifying new areas and accessing new stories and emblematic places of Tokyo, finding new items that are helping to define the kind of experience that you want to be Ghostwire: Tokyo, strongly rooted in Japanese traditions and culture, Sometimes almost exaggerated; I once remembered about Borges and the Camels of the Koran reading the numerous and fascinating descriptions of objects and enemies, or diving in the optional stories on the map, surely the most interesting part of the whole game.

But it is also open world for the bad, and the outflowing with which Tango embraces as hard as the formula makes the bad enough more evident than I would have gone well. Beyond the grid of its design, perfectly compartmentalized and measured, it surprises the speed at which all the efforts that the study does undoubtedly make a unique personality to your world vanish as the game feels the need to manage a few Icons on the map. It is a very little organic open world; Abnormally artificial and even in conflict with himself, with his less obvious ideas and his smarter moments, which are not few. What is missing here is not intelligence but ambition or audacity, or a mixture of both.

The combat does not seem like a bad example of this. Although terror and suspense are still very present, and they are the fundamental ingredient of the most striking images of the game, Ghostwire: Tokyo is committed to a more direct approach to clashes against enemies; I think it’s an exaggeration to call it shooter in the first person, but it serves to understand how the thing is going. The key is in the implementation. “We want the player to feel like a tremendous high-tech ninja exorcist who spends spells to defeat innumerable evil spirits,” he said when the game Shinichiro Hara was announced, here Combat Director; The work of it in the 2016 Doom can be seen here as a guarantee of quality of this turn towards action. “To achieve this, we use gestures of complex and reflective hands like the main weapons, instead of simple weapons. Unlike weapons, our gestures allow us to give more movement and personality to player actions, because hands are an organic extension of the character. (…) is Karate mixed with magic. (…) In Ghostwire, spears magic with martial arts movements. “

This combat system, which at first seems to have almost unlimited possibilities, touches ceiling without having managed to go far beyond the shotgun-launched pistol we have seen a thousand and one times, by very colorful and refreshing that are the gestures of the hands, They really give the clashes a very unique touch. Nor unlocking the skill trees or the types of enemies that you face manage to get too far from the tools that the game offers you; There comes a time when you do not know how many monigines with umbrella and how many decapitated schoolgirls you can eliminate before you can start doing it with your eyes closed. The subtleties that are being built around combat, such as the flow of ammunition and health when eliminated enemies or parry simple but effective, nor do they go very far by fault, mainly, of confrontations a little lazy, both for how they are grouped and the enemies are grouped and present As for the same function that they fulfill many times in the missions, scoring them or topped them almost by commitment, as if not having combat were to be less.

I already say that it wants to talk about Ghostwire: Tokyo, and maybe that’s why it is a bit frustrating that the game is actively insisted on not offering much of what to speak. The great mystery of massive disappearances loses bellows while the stories of ghosts that populate the city gain prominence without necessarily gaining weight; The result is a game through which it progresses almost floating, specically, without great dislikes or disappointments but neither with too many joys. Loses fast edge, and does not make great efforts to recover it; As if he himself knew that he does not have the so long wick, the credits arrive in less than twenty hours, less than what other more hypertrophied open world games take to finish their first act.

It is appreciated as soon as possible, but in this case it is not synonymous with conciseness: upside down, to ghostwire: Tokyo The little concretion, a somewhat dislayed development in which the dead times and the empty rides end up removing protagonism To the city and its stories, suggesting a way of playing little natural and free, in which optimizing time and resources at your disposal matters less than soaking in traditions and culture that claim so much attention.