N64 games that we want in switch online

With the arrival of N64 A online switch A trunk full of nostalgia has been opened. From home we have more than 10 games and many essentials of the console such as _ tloz: or _ _ot _ , _ super mario 64 _ or _ lylat wars _. With the promise of the arrival of more every so, we are going to tell you what games of Nintendo 64 we would like to see on Switch. Always realistic because some by theme of licenses will be difficult to see them again in a Nintendo system. Of the 388 games of your catalog we are going to choose the eight that we most want to have in switch.

Super Smash Bros.

N64 with its four ports for controls gave the perfect excuse for fun afternoons. This took advantage of many games as our first request: _ Super Smash Bros _ . The origin of one of the most profitable and known sagas of Nintendo was an atypical fighting game. The goal was to keep the last one on stage as we spotted the rest with the help of very crazy objects. Something that we see today today but at the time surprised a lot. Including it in the service would give the perfect opportunity to play the beginning of what today is one of the largest _ Fan Service _ of the video game.

Diddy Kong Racing

Much more than a Mario Kart with characters of rare because _ Diddy Kong Racing _ proposed an adventure on wheels. The goal was to win balloons to access new worlds and there defeat the final boss in a career. Maybe the campus did not have the same personality of the Nintendo game but forgot when traveling its circuits in kart, hoover or airplane. As a result we had a varied game in which the objects had a tactical component that could help us more than luck. It fits perfectly on the console and if we have _ banjo-kazooie _, also rare, there are possibilities for the adventure of chimpanzee.


One of the great forgotten of the system despite sponsorsing originality. At a time where everything had to be 3D Appeared _ Mischief Makers _ with pre-creed _ DKC _ _ _ and mechanics who reminded _ SMW2: Yoshi’s Island _. As a result of this mixture Treasure gave us one of the most beloved rarities of N64. Visually, colorful waste but the possibilities that the protagonist have and the grip it is what really engages. Consequently, a difficult game sometimes but we would like to have it back in Switch.

Mario Party.

If a game can overcome Super Smash Bros. In piques and laughter that is _ Mario Party _. Another of the most profitable sagas of the company that was born in N64. We stayed with the first delivery for its simple formula that from the beginning gives us fun at racales. Also with its 60 minigames and 8 boards we have more than enough.

The latest deliveries of Mario Party have lost freshness so we want this game in Switch. The only drawback is that it was a game adapted to _ controller _ n64 and the _ joy-cons _ are not the same. We do not imagine the minigames to rotate the Stick without the original command. Those who cost Nintendo some demand.

N64 Games On Nintendo Switch Online The Games We NEED To See NEXT...

F-Zero X

Nintendo bet everything to the gameplay with _ F-Zero X _ and today is still surprising the fluidity of these futuristic careers. Some stable 60 fps rare in 1998, 30 simultaneous ships and great speed sensation made the experience somewhat vertiginous. A game that asks for feline reflexes and a challenge to our skills that make it the racing _ Metroid _ . The songs heavy metal and rock make the set something frantic without giving breath. In addition, in the absence of a f-zero in switch the N64 can cover that hole now.

Pokemon puzzle league

The hybrid SWITCH concept is linked to that of fast items and puzzles are perfect for it. _ Pokemon puzzle League _ updated the concept of _ tetris attack _ with animations of pokemon . The simple formula: join three or more blocks of the same color to defeat the gym leaders. A uncomplicated idea that joined his multiplayer assured us the fun.

We can find better pokemon games on the console such as _ Pokemon Stadium _ but without the _ Transfer Pak _, to import creatures of cartridges of gameboy , would lose attractiveness. Sooner or later you should be added to switch online this colorful proposal.

Perfect Dark.

It is not crazy to see again Joanna Dark in Nintendo although Rare also belongs to Microsoft . With banjo-kazooie have left the door open. Perfect Dark never wanted to be the sequel to _ Goldeneye _ but an ambitious _ FPS _ that exceeded him in almost every aspects. It had influences of _ blade runner _ and _ file x _ and meant the FPS culmination in N64.

Today you may not have aged your graphics well but the variety of missions (unforgettable the level in the Air Force One), its adult narrative and the multiplayer make perfect Dark an essential. Likewise, it would be a pleasure to have Joana in Switch because Goldeneye by the subject of licenses we see it complicated.


In the online switch catalog we have _ operation winback _ of omega force and suppose the opportunity to watch videogames not edited by Nintendo. _ BODY HARVEST _ It seems perfect to discover another of the unknown N64 as well as one of the first _ sandbox . A game that we should value for laying the playable bases of something novel in 1998: freedom of movement. Today it may seem unpicious but it is rather innocent in its development. Even so a remarkable game that we owe a second chance.

Bonus: Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Conker’s Bad Fur Day became one of the most special adventures in the world of videogames. So much that Nintendo refused to distribute it as it did with all RARE Games for its language, approach and rise. That is why we doubt that we see it in online switch since Nintendo did not want to know anything at the time. Although it would become a powerful incorporation of the catalog as it was only distributed in the US and the United Kingdom.

The squirrel plus scoundrel has gone down to history for converting a game of childish appearance into an outstanding adult experience. Nintendo is not the same one 20 years ago and having it, with permission from Microsoft, in Switch Online I would always have time to exculpate. It would also make us very happy.