Where to find Omni chips in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Now in full swing, and players are waiting for many tests and quests. Cutters 2.0 was one of the characters presented in battle pass, and the players will need to execute the omni sword quest to earn more. Omnie chips .

These Omni chips can be used to purchase various setup options for the CUCI. Omnie Sword . Players will find them in three different places: Loggem Watrovosk Poi, Mighty monument Landmark, and Sent grove Poi. Quest Omni Chips will consist of the following tests:

  • Collect Omni chips in Mighty Monument (3)
  • Collect Omni chips on the Logjam sawmill (3)
  • Comment Omni Chips in Greasy Grove (3)

Forest warehouse Loggem

You will find three Omni chip on the Logjam sawmill in places shown in the image above. Collecting one of these Omni chips, you can see the other two on your mini card.

Mighty monument

Players will find three Omni chips around the monument of the mighty, east of the POI sanctuary. Follow the images above as a reference to find them. As soon as you find Omni chips, just enter them to complete the quest.

Song Rosch

Similarly, follow the images above to find three Omni chips in a fat grove Poi. Two of them will be near the building of the tao, and the third near the park in the southern part of POI.

reprogram the Omnie Sword

By collecting these Omni chips, players can go to a combat pass to purchase additional options on the “Reprogramming Omni Sword” tab. Options are divided into four sections: colors , security guards , blades And also Sounds . Some options are blocked and open only when players get different styles by spending Omni chips.

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