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4VS1 Asymmetric Battle Survival Horror Game, “Dead by Daylight Mobile

On March 24, 2022, recruitment of the previous experience player of the Dead by Daylight Mobile-Netease “Dead by Daylight Mobile-Netease” and the recruitment of the lead by daylight Mobile-Netease.

On March 24, 2022, a recruitment of the previous experience player of the Dead by Daylight Mobile-Netease “Dead by Daylight Mobile-Netease” and the recruitment of the lead by daylight Mobile-Netease. Japan limited, we will invite you to a 20,000 players! The formal release is scheduled to be April 28, 2012.

# Overview of Preceding Experience and Official Release

# # Release schedule

  • On March 24, 2022, an Android version of the preceding experience (without removing post-experience game data) invited 20,000 players (Japan only)

  • Prior registration of Google Play Store and App Store from March 24, 2022

  • Formal release scheduled from April 28, 2022

# # Pre-registration fee

  • Daily Login Task Clear Rich Reward (Bradpoint, Entity Stone, Authic Cell, Iridest Short, Item).

  • Pre-registration fee will be sent by email in-game mail on April 28, 2022.

# # Season 1 will be opened after the official service starts!

The Season 1 starting after the start of the official service, you can participate in the Asian region’s players.

While checking the ranking board function, let’s challenge the match between other players and the fever.

Since a rich season reward is also available, please expect this too!

# # Implement a new character skin with a variety of variety!

“Dead by Daylight Mobile-Neteace” prepares a lot of new character skins.

4vs1 survival horror game | Dead by Daylight mobile

Get unique character skins and enjoy unique effects and actions!

In addition, limited skins will also appear in the future. Survivor will give a shock to shake!

# # Social features are also enhanced!

In the game, social features are fulfilling with other players and communication.

Make a friend who fits me with quick chat function, chat hole, friend chat, team function, etc., and enjoy the superb’s survival horror!

Dead by Daylight Mobile-Netease Official Site:

Dead by Daylight Mobile-Netease Official Twitter: https: //

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Monster hunter rise

Monster Energy Supercross 5: Available for all players on PlayStation and Xbox available

Monster Energy Supercross 5 Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Optimized]
After the latest chapter of the most popular Supercross video game was available on 15 March for pre-orderers in the Early Access, Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 is now available for all players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC (Steam) final available.

The PlayStation version supports the free upgrade from PS4 to PS5, the Xbox version offers Smart Delivery.

The Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 Launch Trailer can be seen here:

The traditional career mode is now more realistic and more intense than ever before. Players can start their way in the 250SX Futures class while you want to achieve the heights of the glory as a professional in the 450SX class. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 also introduces the Rider Shape System, a new and exclusive feature for career mode, which influences the performance of the drivers in the event of falls or injuries. Training and fulfilling certain tasks are the key to keep your own driver in top form!

Thanks to Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5, players enjoy a new gaming experience that is perfect for hardcore gamers and newcomers. The Future Academy, moderated by the Goat Ricky Carmichael, provides all the information needed for the first steps in the Supercross world. This friendly tutorial conveys the supercross basics to climb the heads from the Newbie to the professional. In addition, many options offer in the game that make the races accessible to anyone to create a gaming experience for any kind of player.

The classic track editor is also back, along with a new function: the rhythm section editor. Players can mix and customize existing modules to design complex prefabricated track sections and then share them with the community.

  • Monster Energy Supercross 5 – 69.99 euros
  • Monster Energy Supercross 5 – Special Edition – 89,99 Euro

And after the incredible success of the last issue, the route editor competition will return and give the players the opportunity to create a route and see how their creation is reproduced in real life and is part of the official championship.

This unique feature is a unique opportunity in the video game industry: a digital route designed by players is driven by genuine drivers in the Monster Energy Ama Supercross Championship 2023.

Compound is the answer for those who want to race with friends, girlfriends or alone in a new, stunning Open World environment. It offers new routes, different cross-challenges and collective objects to unlock additional gears.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 also offers split screen mode to play with friends directly on the couch, as well as online multiplayer with cross-gene matchmaking.

After the incredible success of the last edition, the E-Sport returns to Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 and calls on the players to become a legend in the ESX championship sponsored by Yamaha!


New e sport starts Thinking battle type puzzle game Panelectric advance reservation start

Pan ax Japan Co., Ltd. has started pre-booking for thinking against a smartphone app as a smartphone app on December 1, 2021.

Pan ax Japan Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has started pre-booking of the thought battle type puzzle game Pan electric (iOS / Android) on December 1, 2021.

▲ Main visual

Space recognition ability and Hiram important thinking battle type puzzle game

Rules are simple and simple! Place various shaped panels alternately with the other player in an 8 × 8 square field and win if the other party can not put a panel. While there is a time limit, it is possible to add the space to fill the space so that the other panel can not be placed while securing the space where your panel can be placed by making full use of the rotation!

▲ 対 Match screen

Get the Mass of the tournament reward and replace it to the point of the external point site!

If you win three times in the game match, you can pro-register if you play 10 times. After pro registration is completed, you will receive a gold lot as a tournament reward if you win the top in the online tournament.

The gold mass obtained as a tournament reward is realized in panel that can be replaced with the point of external point sites!

▲ Point exchange from gold mass

Two kinds of compensation for rewards.

· Official tournament held regularly
· Personal meeting where users can always be held

The tournament participation requires a ticket purchase, but with the same ticket, the user himself can hold the online tournament at any time.
First, I will experience the game for free with the aim of 3 wins pro registration !
New e-sports… starts now!

Pan electric starts accepting pre-registration!

Detailed information on Panel is being published in Book Top 10.
By all means, please ask for a pre-registration and wait for the formal service! !

· Android:

Twitter Official Campaign in the Official Account!

Twitter introduces the game content until the start of game distribution, and in the future, we will disseminate various information such as tournament information and battle techniques. In the official account, we are carrying out Follow & RT campaign for game delivery start! AMAZON gift certificate 1,000 yen will be presented for 20 people from the campaign participants!

Twitter Official Account: @ PARECO

Title Overview

Title Name: Pan electric Game Genre: Thinking Battle Type Puzzle Game Price: Basic Play Free (When I participate in the tournament, I’m charged at the time of purchase) Distribution: App Store / Google Play Right Notes: © 2022 Panama X Japan Inc. All rights reserved.