New World

Valorant: Fusion X and Firepower show their power to advance in Game Chargers

The confrontations in VCT Game Changers del Norte continued on the day number 3 where the squads continue to fight for being able to sneak into the classification for the grand final, with the girls of the female division seeking to climb to reach the first World Cup where they face the best agents around the world to define who will be crushed as world champions.

The first duel of the day placed Akave Girls against Fusion X starting on a map of Haven where the power of Supiree was present when using a neon that managed to be very fast with the casualties to dominate with a 10-2 The score, changing the AG girls from sides managed to take the first round but it would not be enough to react because the fusion could put the closure with 13-2.

For the second map we pass to Breeze where the girls of Fusion x glued strong from the beginning with snowmely giving a lot In the second half the defense proposed by the merger was very solid to avoid letting his rivals answer the series with a 13-3.

During the second meeting we see Firepower against Skullcracker who took a map of bind where we would see the power of Ivy gave guideline to take the rapid advantage in the confrontation that would make the scorest left 7-5, changing Of roles the defense of the Krakens girls would be very good to stop the rival advance managing to send the game to Overtime thanks to Lied that gave good plays, however, the FP girls managed to finish the game with a 14-12.

For the second scenario we went to an Ascent that the cavalry began by hitting strong due to the defense that managed to consolidate as almost impenetrable and that IVY gave initiative with the new account casualties to have an 8-4 in The marker, in the second part the girls of Skulcrakens would have very good rounds but the power of fire would ignite the situation to end their favor with a 13-7.

It concludes the third day of clashes in the Northern Female Division with two series that end up tilted to a single side making clear the power of Firepower that advances to the grand final, now it remains to see what will happen in the Lower Bracket where They face Fusion x against Skullcrake r to define the second finalist squad.