Netflix mocks subscribers with new free games

Netflix is in a precarious situation since for the first time he lost subscribers, which in turn caused a fall in the stock market. It remains to be seen how the future of the company will be, but the games are undoubtedly a part of it. Netflix has not only been at the forefront of the resurgence of cross media related to the intellectual property of video games, but has also gotten into the business publication business. Meanwhile, it has begun to launch games that are available exclusively for their subscribers. Until now, these have been mobile games, and of less scope and ambition, but, of course, this could change over time. Meanwhile, before the end of the year, subscribers have about 50 mobile games that will be launched through the subscription service for subscribers without additional costs.

What are these games and how good they will be, we don’t know. All we know is that Netflix subscribers will get almost 50 “free” mobile games before the end of the year. In March, one of the best games of this new initiative was launched, a remastering of a highly qualified playstation game.

Until now, these games have been free of microtransactions and ads in the game. In other words, although they are free for subscribers, they are not like other free games on mobile platforms.

Netflix's Gaming Service Now Available in the US - IGN Now

Interestingly, in September last year, Netflix acquired the Night School study, the best known team for oxen_. The study, which is the first to join the Netflix family, is known for its high quality console and PC games. It remains to be seen how an acquisition like this, and the future, will cross with this free mobile games initiative, but you have to imagine that the plan is to join the two. If Netflix can make and launch large -budget TV movies and TV programs, there is no reason why I can’t do this with console games. However, obviously, there are more variables involved because not all who have a subscription to Netflix will have a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section or, alternately, contact me on Twitter. @Tyler_fischer_ and let me know out there. What do you think of the various new Netflix initiatives related to games?


The best One Piece movie will come to Netflix

Little by little, Netflix is ​​becoming the new home of _ One Piece _. Not only the LIVE ACTION adaptation will be exclusive to this platform, but one of the best films of this anime will be within reach of all users in just a couple of weeks.

Recently, it has been revealed that from next April 15 , all Netflix users will have the opportunity to enjoy _One Piece Film Z, _ the tenth film of this anime, which is considered by many as The best feature film of Eiichirō Oda. This is your description:

“When the straw hat pirates rescue a man who is drowning, they have no idea what kind of evil they just received on board! The mysterious strange turns out to be the former Marine, Admiral Zephyr: a madman with a mortal right arm called Battle Smasher. This omen of fatality crazed by pain is committed to destroying the new world, and all the pirates that are in it! “

One Piece Film Z came to the cinemas of Japan in 2012, and on this occasion Oda was strongly involved in production. To this day, the community has pointed out that this is the best movie of One Piece, mainly thanks to the action scenes . At the moment it is only talked about its arrival in Netflix in the United States, although it is very likely that this is also the case in multiple regions.

On related topics, here you can meet the new designs of One Piece: Red. Similarly, One Piece manga has reached a new milestone in sales.

Editor’s note:

One Piece Film Z is one of the best anime films. It is extremely entertaining, full of action, and the feeling of being only filled is not so present. The tape should be seen by all the fans of the series.


Arcane Netflix series to LOL gets second season revealed more plans

For more than six years, the production of Arcane, the series based on League of Legends, lasted. After a released rhythm of three episodes per week, the complete first season is now available on Netflix. So who wants to catch up with the nine episodes full of high gloss animation, can now do that on a beat.

Arcane: Season 2 Announcement

And if you can not get enough of it, you can keep the hype machine warm in his heart: A second season has already been confirmed a day after the relay finding. Would be surprising at the end, would not be…

Are you also interested in topics related to Arcane Games?

When will Season 2 of Arcane? According to the CEO of Riot Games, we will not have to wait for the next episodes for six years, but from a release in 2022 will not be anything. So calculates more with the year 2023. The young Jinx in Arcade of Netflix Source: Netflix

More series of Riot Games

Arcane should not be a single case. In an interview with Business Insider, Shauna Stanley, RIOTS Global President of Entertainment reveals, namely: Arcane should be the starting signal for many stories. We will work with more stories in the style of more stories in the style of Create Arcane. We also probe live action projects and are in contact with writers and show runners.

Why are there no longer series like Arcane?

The LOL series has moved many viewers, especially with their excellent animation. Of course, the question arises, why not all the character tricks, anime & Co are staged as complicated. The answer is available from Adult-Swim Producer Jason DeMarco in a discussion on Twitter: Only for information: The Budget of Arcane exceeds a normal TV animation budget by many million dollars. It is literally one of the most expensive cartoon series at all. I do not take it to you that you compare the series, but Arcane plays financially in another league than the rest of us!

The Lol-Money is spent here with both hands — the result can be seen. Or not? How do you fend the animation of Arcane? Could you delight the story? Are you looking forward to Season 2? Track us in the comments! Of course without spoiler please…

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Tomorrow Arcane starts 3 00 or the League of Legends from NetFlix

Arcane is the first serial Netflix, whose premiere shared transmission will take place only on Twitch. When exactly? November 7 at 3:00 CET.

You have probably heard about Arcane itself — it was hard to hear, since Riot Games and Netflix organize such a marketing campaign. Crossover with various games, Riot Games debut on Epic Games Store, bus driving, inter alia, with Yankee in Poland (spreading below), as well as a mass of other attractions.

The creators of League of Legends confirmed, for example, that they established official cooperation with Rihanna, and it concerns its cosmetic Sent Beauty brand. How would it look like? It is not known, but the brand is to bring beauty and diversification to the world of Runeterra, so everything you can expect.

Returning, however, to Arcane himself, the global premiere of the first TV series Riot will be held globally on Netflix on Sunday November 7 at 3:00 CET. We will only receive three episodes within the first act. The second act will appear November 13, while the third — November 20. Each of the three acts is 3 episodes, so they will be in total 9.

Arcane: Final Trailer
Players who will include Global Arcane Prime Minister on Twitch and, I will have a chance to receive Twitch Drops containing exclusive items to be picked up from the level of different Riot Games.

For premiere watching, I invite you here or later on Netflix. The series, after all, not hare — will not escape! Are you planning Arcane at all?