Great cosplay by Jinx from Arcane sends you to Piltover

The HIT series Arcane was a huge success for Riot Games. After repeatedly publishing shorter animated short films to her Moba League of Legends in the past, a large-scale Netflix series in the Lol Universe was the next logical step. The first season pursues the adventures of several teenagers who all live and grew up in Piltover. The protagonists also include the Jinx Alias Powder and exactly this figure has now created a cosplay.

Jinx Cosplay sends you to Piltover

The user ravvcorn413 has posted a picture of her arcane-inspired Jinx cosplay on Reddit. In addition, a picture of the series template can be seen and the two are actually similar to confusion. This is mainly due to the big detail , so the Cosplayer not only paid attention to the Blue Mane of Jinx, but also the closed leather top penibel rebuilt. Of course, she also has the tattoos of treasures to dive completely into the role. For the Netflix series, Jinx actually has a complete new outfi T and has, for example, a closed instead of an open top, as it is in the MOBA.

In another reddit post, Ravvcorn413 explains what she has moved to this cosplay: _ “After watching Arcane, I just fell in love with you [Jinx]! And I definitely decided that I will definitely make a cosplay to her “_, she writes in the League-of-Legends subreddit. She says that she has worked on the cosplay for several months ** and has chosen the “sweet page” by Jinx for the first photo shoot. So it is easy for us to look forward to more pictures of your great Jinx cosplay in the future.

More Cosplays from the Arcane Universe

Another cosplay shows the blue-haired assassin in its original outfit, but other figures like the ingenious inventor Viktor from Arcane has already been portrayed by the fans. Anyone who has more desire for cosplay now will definitely enjoy Dr. Robotnik cosplay from Sonic 2.

arcane jinx cosplay try on ft. rolecosplay ♡

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The Witcher The most important information about the start of Season 2

On December 17, 2021, today’s Friday, the starting signal for the Season 2 of the popular series The Witcher will finally fall at the streaming service Netflix. So that you do not crash completely unprepared in the series marathon, we have again summarized at this point all important details.

When is it going to go with the Season 2 of The Witcher?

Everything You Need to Remember before the Witcher Season 2

Netflix has already given the starting shot in the morning hours of today’s Friday. Since 9:00 German time you can watch the new Adventures of Gerald & Co. at the streaming service. As already at the first season are available to all eight episodes on a beat, so you can guide you in a slip (bungee).

Which characters celebrate in the Season 2 of The Witcher your comeback?

Of course, the actor Henry Cavils slips into the role of the Witcher Gerald. The female protagonists Cirri (played by Freya Allan) and Jennifer (Anya Charlotte) are also back with the game as Tries Marigold (Anna Shaffer). In the Season 2 of The Witcher also celebrates Semi, an old companion of Gerald, his debut in the Netflix series. Also, Other witches such as Coin and Lambert have a performance.

How is the story in the Season 2?

The history of the new episodes proposes immediately to the events from the Season 1 of The Witch R. Gerald and Cirri have finally been summarized, their shared path leads them to the castle of the Witcher — to Keyed Morten. However, they are still the nasty Chair and the Nilfgaarder on the track.

The producer Lauren Hiss rich had already explained some time ago that should be the narrative structure in the Season 2 of The Witcher very much more orderly and without constant time jumps. This was one of the biggest criticisms of the fans at the first season. To the attention of the new episodes, we will present you the latest trailer again under the message.

From André left
17.12.2021 at 09:47


In the next League of Legends

The League of Legends World of Runeterra can be used in the acclaimed Netflix series Arcane. If you have come to the taste first, you soon opens a whole new world of video game options: In addition to the already published RPG Ruined King, Project L appears, to which there is now new information and a fresh gameplay trailer. Perhaps the best thing about the 2V2 beatem up represents the possibility to compete against each other as Echo or Jinx.

Arcane fans beware: In Project L you can beat as Echo and Jinx

Thats why its: Project L is a Fighting Game in which you are a duo in the day team. In the best Beatem Pomander, it is important to properly adopt your adversaries. Diverse tricks like Euros help time manipulation techniques, all sorts of weapons and of course the good old day team combos.

The beating game was announced some time ago, but has now gotten a fresh gameplay trailer (and thanks to the Netflix series Arcane also sparked a huge hype).

Arcane: Season 2 Announcement
But best you can see the video with heap gameplay :

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Dream for Fighting fans: Apparently LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (LOL) developer studio Riot Games attach great importance to addressing both genre newcomers and beatem up veterans. The mechanics should be easy to learn, but difficult to master and offer enough depth to enforce properly. Even a flawless net code is already in focus, according to the creators.

Dream for Arcane fans? Also, who knows the League of Legends Universe, the characters and Runeterra so far only from the Netflix-Hit Arcane, could come here to his their costs. Especially because you can play fan favorites from the series like Echo or Jinx here. If you do not know the series yet, you have another good reason to look at you.

When is Project L? That is likely to take a while. Riot promises in the associated blog post that at least two updates with news about the game are to be published in 2022 and wants to report again in the first half of the year. That sounds hard afterwards as if the fighting game would not appear before 2023. You must probably have a little patient.

How do you find the Project L Gameplay, and what do you say about Arcane?