THE LAST OF US PART I Game Play Function introduction video reconstructed for PS5!

THE LAST OF US PART I scheduled to be released on September 2, 2022 as a full remake of THE LAST OF US released in 2013, but how evolved from the original version. A game play function introduction video that shows how you did it has been released.

The video explains the evolved points by the co-president of NEIL DRUCKMANN of the developer NauGhty Dog, Shaun Escayg, creative director, and Matthew Gallant, a game director, and expresses the latest technology and PS5., AI upgrades, etc. are shown along with actual images.

In addition to improvements that enhance these immersion, more people, including permades mode, speedrun mode, Joel and Ellie’s unlock costumes, accessible accessories, and new voice guide mode realized in cooperation with the community. It is said that it is devised so that you can play while feeling rewarding.

The Last of US Part I has already been reported. This work is also developing the PC version.