Schmitt: “An amazing evening with a shit

The SV Meppen experiences a turbulent time. After the club communicated on Sunday that eight players were positively tested on the coronavirus and enthusiastically violated Eric Domaschke at the ankle joint, they were added during the 1: 2 defeat against the MSV Duisburg: Florian Egerer looked at the red shortly before the break Map, René Guder just ten minutes after restart.

Duisburg had the 2-1 easy game

Although numerous regular players were missing (coach Rico Schmitt rotated seven times) and the guests had two actors more on the square, the EMSL countries defended the 1-1 to the 80th minute. However, the SVM did the Duisburgers in the decisive second goal ten minutes before the end “not too hard,” said the coach, but said, “In this situation, it is always hard to protrude in shortcoming things right away.”

What the guys still have given everything today, with the great audience, was a giant thing.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce cover

Rico Schmitt

Despite the “adverse circumstances,” the Mepper did not give up and came in the final phase even twice almost to compensation. Accordingly, it was proud of Schmitt after the game was on his team, who has been waiting for a success now for seven games: “What the guys still have given everything today, with the great audience, was a giant thing. That was sensational. A mad evening with one Shit result and a to cheap goal! “, Sun the SVM coach.

Meppen guested on Saturday in Magdeburg

That the Siegloss series ends next Saturday, it seems unlikely to look at the opponent and the extraordinary personnel situation. The EMSLÄNDER guests at the undisputed league leader FC Magdeburg, who was most recently against Turkkücü München feathers. For the guest match Schmitt first “collect everything together for the first time, what we have”, and then see who still comes back from the quarantine at short notice.

The appearance against the MSV makes the Meper in any case courage. “We have shown that with eight players, we can still show good games and definitely good for a point in Magdeburg,” explained goalkeeper Matthis Harsman, who was used on Monday evening this season for the first time over the full distance, opposite “Magenta sport”.