Rating classification is a misconduct, isnt it illegal?

On the 13th, appeared in the National Audit of the National Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee. is a game of the mafia game genre that 10 users play at the same time, adding to reasoning and mini-game fun, which has been very popular among teenagers and 20s.

However, is serving as a 15-year-old user at the Nintendo Switch, a 12-year-old in the Microsoft Store, a 7-year-old in Google Play, and a 9-year-old user in the Apple App Store. In fact, four classifications of the same game are divided. It is virtually the same game because each market is classified, but the unification of the grade notation is not achieved.

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In the audit of the National Audit, the National Assemblyman Lee Yong-ho asked the Game Management Committee, Is the pre-class classification system meaningless (because the standards are different)? Kim Kyu-cheol, chairman of the Game Water Management Committee, said, There is a purpose of classification, and the standards are different for each country.


Subsequently, Lee said, We should not leave it by autonomous classification, but we have to follow up thoroughly. Kim replied, I agree with a hundred percent.

Representative Lee Yong-ho ordered, We have been piloted for five years (our own classification). Games such as have been impossible to use youth later.